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A cartoon dog in a cartoon world



Vinyl Scratch wakes up to find herself the personal student of Princess Celestia, sent to the obscure village of Ponyville to oversee preparations for the millennial Summer Sun Celebration.

Vinyl can only imagine two possible explanations for what has happened: she has tumbled into an alternate universe where she's Twilight Sparkle, or, after everypony telling her she'd do it eventually, she's finally gone and lost her mind.

Alternate Universe tag is obvious. Missing though, is the Drama tag (oh wait, they have that now--fixed!), and the "She's Finally Gone and Lost Her Mind" tag, which may be substituted by a CrazyPinkie emoticon.

Cover illustration based on a work by ThatsGrotesque. I'd love to see an artist include the versions of the Mane Six from this fanfic, though.

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Let me start off with a dedication:

This story is dedicated to all of the quality assurance and quality control analysts out there, for having the miraculous ability to make the world a better place over and over again, all while being treated by the world as if every mistake you found was your fault.

I haven't had the job title of QA Analyst for several years, but it is still the profession I most strongly self-identify with. I like to compare it with being paid to walk up to proud parents and tell them how ugly their children are--it's an unpleasant job, but somebody's got to do it.

Intresting story. You've got my attention now!

Also, I know that feel. I'm currently a QA Tester on contracting, and I feel bad when I have to log the bug report telling some poor programmer on the other end that his game is broken in the very slightest degree because this one pixel is acting funny. Kudos to you, and all others like us.

Pretty good! :heart: A little unusual, but I'm liking where this is going. How did you do all the dividers and boxes?

So uh... when's the next chapter coming out? :pinkiesmile:

Well, this seems to be very interesting.

Don't worry, Vinyl. When things like this happen, it's best just to roll with it. Everything will work itself out eventually.


Most likely.


Maybe not.

Say, I don't suppose you'd happen to have a dimensional portal on you, by any chance? I'm dealing with a little 'problem' here. You'll know I've succeeded if the Germans lose World War 2 and Wednesday comes after Tuesday.

The blue text is hard to read against the dark background, just so you're aware.

Switched roles. A personal favorite of mine. Ever since I saw Dooplis in Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door.

So Vinyl Scratch replaces Twilight... hmmm... well lets see how this goes.



Whoa. Interesting; I don't know how well the premise will stretch but I like the device of a narrator taking things at face value vs. Viny's internal monologue, knowing that things are *very* wrong.

Yes....just yes.:rainbowkiss: This is beyond amazing and I can't wait to see who the main six are. I may end up making fanart for this once I see a bit more I can't wait. :pinkiehappy:

Not only an interesting concept, but an interesting approach to it by juxtaposing the normal narrator with Vinyl's subconscious realizing something dreadfully wrong. I'm glad I took the chance to read this so far.


Or someone signed the bot up and then got it to spam. :derpytongue2:

I like it. It is interesting. Now make it a ship with Spike! Haha!
One little tidbit that caught my eye:
"She knew she knew, and one that she somehow knew... but she didn't know..."
In that particular sentence, the "knew" and "know" seem repetitive. Maybe you could substitute a "knew" for "understood" or "comprehended".

The story has great potential, though! Keep it up!

1272976 Telling doting parents how ugly (and stupid) their children are? *sighs blissfully* It's a troll's dream career come true... :trollestia: (Roald Dalh liked to do that... read the first chapter of "Matilda")


One Vinyl Scratch, a blind mare from Canterlot who learned to dance to her own tune, now finds herself thrust into an unfamiliar world in which she somehow knows she shouldn't know. Yet is this life to become her own or has she become the unwitting participant in... The Fanfic Zone.

I suppose we'll be seeing The Power of Rock come into play at some point?

Fun story, the music ended exactly as I finished the chapter.

Also, this is surprisingly great. have a favourite.

I approve of this story's concept. Now to actually READ the stor.

Also, get delete the spam comment, please.

I don't read many fanfics, but this one..I've got my eye on it, it's an interesting premise, and well written thus far.
Keep it up, and I think you could have a real winner on your hands!

So, for Vinyl is this... The Best of All Possible Worlds?:trollestia:

Now THIS is an interesting and original concept. Don't waste all this potential! Be awesome! I'm gonna watch this fic. :pinkiehappy:

This looks promising: tracked with great interest!


Excuse me for a moment.


Liked and tracked :3

1273881 Maybe. Depends on what sort of AU Vinyl's found herself in.

Also: Synesthesia in a pony?! Intriguing. :moustache: Unfortunately, my "Watch" button is apparently broken, but I can stick this on my Read Later list. :pinkiesmile:

Huh. Music and magic appear to be inseparably mixed in this world. It would appear that Vinyl managed to wub her way through the space-time continuum. Or... something like that. In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to more. Especially what became of a certain purple mare...

Away with you, vile spammer.

Anyhow. Story is tracked a faved.

1275040 You're not allowed to enjoy fics, you have your own to write!

P.S. I agree with the other guy, that blue text is near impossible to see on dark background.

*Favorites. Watches* This is already very interesting.

aaaaaawwwww yeah! its sequel time :D
also, after reading, is rhis chapter realy this weird or.am i just that drunk again?
edit: wait this isnt the sequel to wyward courier, is it?

1273781 Well everything seems to be in order except I can't rember who the 40th President of the united States was...wasn't Al Gore. DUN DUN DUH!!!!!! Use the portal use the bloody portal!!!

So Twi has become a DJ or did she disappear? o.o


I have a friend who was too good at QA. He finally got fired for finding too many unshippable problems. He was blamed for the resulting product delays! He could've moved immediately to a competitor to do more of the same, but he opted to work in a different field instead.

EDIT: And now I've read the story! Hmmm. It looks good. I'll have to follow it. I just hope that Vinyl doesn't lose too much of who she "really" is to play the role that she's been mysteriously cast into.

After reading "Rainbooms and Royalty" (a much-loved story on here that has Rainbow Dash as Princess Celestia's student), I gotta give this a read!

...Interesting. Your spelling and grammar appear to be good, too. It's probably premature to favorite this, but I'll certainly upvote it. I look forward to seeing what you do with this concept.

I didn't know that Vinyl was blind. Explains the glasses, I suppose.

Good story, anyway.

Wait, what? Okay, I can understand Vinyl being blind (I don't particularly like it, since Vinyl tends to like her music LOUD! and that could cause hearing damage), but not she's suddenly able to see...for some reason? I don't really understand what's going on here...

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*Depending on how life goes.

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