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A cartoon dog in a cartoon world


This story is a sequel to The Mistress of Dreams

Vinyl Scratch has been caught by the Dream Trap spell and stuck in the shared dreams of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, a spell cast by the Dragon Emperor, who is manipulating those dreams in order to destroy them.

Because what happens to you in a Dream Trap spell happens to you in real life.

When she was first starting to travel through her friends’ dreams, Vinyl thought that Pinkie Pie’s would be the easiest to get through.

When the Dragon Emperor planned on how to shape each Bearer’s dream, he thought that Fluttershy’s would be the easiest to get what he wanted.

Both of them were wrong.

This is the final part of the series that began with “Javelin” and really got going with “The Perfect Little Village of Ponyville”. Created using a revolutionary new technique that allowed me to write this story in my dreams!

Co-written by Fluttershy (aka Hope) when McPoodle wasn’t looking. Shh…don’t tell him!

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Starlight Glimmer has just discovered Maud Pie's first work of prose: a self-insert fix-fic, where the thing being "fixed" by the story is Starlight's own confrontation through time with Twilight Sparkle, and her subsequent reformation.

Inspired by "We Can Do This Forever" by Empirical Deduction, "Twilight Fights Starlight for Eternity" by Diamond Aura, and other stories speculating what might happen if Starlight and Twilight's fight had gone on forever.

Note: The majority of this story is fictional within the world of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The "Alternate Universe" tag therefore only applies if you imagine Maud's story as being real.

Featured on March 18, 2018.

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They called themselves "Markists", and they lived together in scattered towns and cities throughout America. They were distinguished from their neighbors by their colorful skin and hair colors, their doting affection for equines and equine puns in an era where the horse had almost completely disappeared from the popular imagination, and for an ability, verging on the supernatural, of always being able to find peaceful solutions to any conflict, no matter how intractable.

In the year 1985, the world's most popular living physicist and the best-known historian on network television teamed up to uncover the secrets behind this group, before the current standoff between the superpowers disintegrated into all-out atomic warfare. In the center of it all stood two women, living in two different eras, both named Celestia.

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It is a little-known duty of pony princesses to explore alternate realities in search of concepts and inventions that might be beneficial for ponykind. Princess Twilight, in her first such venture, has discovered a technologically-advanced world, full of wonderful devices such as the "DVD" and the "digital watch". Enthused by her initial brief survey, she has encouraged other ponies to travel to this new world to study it and see how wonderful it can be for ponies.

Well, Princess Luna has arrived for an in-depth study, and she finds it to be a lot darker than Twilight's rosy picture suggests. A world so dark, in fact, that it might not be able to bear the possibility that Equestria and its inhabitants are real.

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This story is a sequel to Secret Histories

Pinkie offers to paint a portrait of Rainbow Dash while talking about cartoons and self-confidence.

Inspired by the title illustration by katsumasa, and designed to expand on my characterization of Pinkie in "Parade Coverage" and "Secret Histories".

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For the past eight years, Apple Bloom has been doing anything and everything to earn her cutie mark, but she still doesn't have it, even after her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders found theirs.

Having traveled everywhere in Equestria and beyond to find her mark, she's begun to wonder if she'll have to leave the planet entirely before she discovers her destiny.

It turns out that she's not far off from the mark in her guess...

The cover art is lightly adopted from a work by Biosonic 100.

This is a Doctor Who crossover, with the intent that even those readers with only a casual knowledge of the series will enjoy it. It takes place somewhere in Series 6 of Doctor Who, and several years after the end of Season Four in Friendship Is Magic.

There are three things to note in regard to the character tags on this story:

* It's a Doctor Who crossover, and yet there's no character tag for Doctor Hooves. Therefore, you can think of this as a "Doctor Lite" episode.

* It has "Centaur" in the title, and yet there's no Tirek tag. He's not in it, so don't get your hopes up.

* And finally, the "Other" tag is for this character: Green Dragon

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Dear [ Rarity ],

It is my sad duty to inform you that your services as Defender of Equestria are no longer required. Your employment was terminated as of three hours before you received this notice. Do not bother to collect your belongings.

In consideration of your years of service to the former management, I have decided, out of the goodness of my heart, to grant you a most generous retirement package: an all-expense paid, permanent vacation for you and you alone to [ a flea-bitten circus on the planet Earth, at the height of the Disco Era ].

Have fun!

Sincerely yours,


President and CEO of Equestria Discorporated

The [AU] tag is there because, as the above quote indicates, this story includes a pre-reformed Discord, circa late Season Two.

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This story is a sequel to Accelerando

The ponies calling themselves the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony (along with the lowly Vinyl Scratch and Spike the Dragon) awaken from their long artificial dream. In truth, they are the most powerful ponies in the world of the far future. In this seemingly perfect world, the only problems plaguing ponykind are in their dreams, and that makes The Mistress of Dreams the de facto ruler of Equestria.

But all is not rosy in Ponyopolis, and the only way out of this growing nightmare is by sacrificing one of their own...

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This story is a sequel to Secret Histories

To the precious peace-loving ponies of Equestria:

Has your life lost meaning in a world without Princesses?

Have law and order in your quaint little village collapsed under an endless onslaught of monsters and brigands?

Do you need a hero? Do you dare to be a hero in these dark and uncertain times?

Fear not, little ponies, for if you are brave enough, there is something you can do: Travel to Hoofington and spend a night at the Inn of the Prancing Pony.

I guarantee if you do, your life will change...forever.

This is a story set hundreds of years before "The Best of All Possible Worlds", yet it was written after and influenced by the events of "Parade Coverage" and "Secret Histories". It was co-written with Hope. The cover illustration is largely taken from part of the fan art "First Day", by Harwick.

The "Alternate Universe" tag is because this story explores a different way that the events following the banishment of Nightmare Moon could have unfolded. As for the "Human" tag...well, that will become clear later.

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Trixie returns to Ponyville, hat in hooves, to beg Twilight for the secret of her incredible power. She is more than a little surprised by what she learns.

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