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This story is a sequel to Princess Twilight Sparkle's 500th Birthday

Five years have passed since the events of that fateful morning. Smarty Pants and her friends set off on an adventure of a lifetime to discover the secrets of the past when they awaken a… oh wait, that would be spoiling it!

Many questions from the first story will be answered! New questions will arise. Lunch will be had, pies will be thrown, blood will be kept inside bodies because seriously, ew blood, you guys.

- Cover art commissioned by HAK2. Check out his other stuff, too.
- This is a story in the Birthdayverse.
- This story was written and completed (except for the epilogue) before Season 4 of MLP:FiM aired.
- Many thanks to my faithful Pre-Reader and all around super-duper best pony, Blood Lord go read his story, too!

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So an Earth Pony who is the student of the Goddess of Magic and wants to have Unicorn magic like her, a Unicorn who wishes she was an Earth Pony and a Pegasus who is outright terrified of flying.

If this was a Saturday Morning Cartoon a body swap episode would be inevitable.

So, if Rarity is indeed in control of the Crystal Empire then that means Equestria has a total of four alicorns. That's assuming, of course, that Tartarus hasn't changed rulers in the last 500 years.

Already I'm intrigued.


Rarity's an Alicorn?! :pinkiegasp:

2919917 I don't know, is she? I mean, if she's running the Crystal Empire I imagine she's gained immortality. :raritystarry:


We will find out all this and more... Soon!

Looking forward to this!


I owe you the next chapter for pre-reading good sir!

There's only one problem with this story: Princess Twilight Sparkle is NOT immortal. :facehoof:


All Alicorns are immortal in my story. Canonical or not. Thanks for the comment :)

And you know this how, even relating to canon? Unless your name is on the production team for the show, and privilege to stuff others are not aware, I fail to see you can claim this as if it was fact.

2920842 Hey man it's called fanfiction for a reason.

2921258 He's probably referring to the tweet a show staff made saying "Twilight will not outlive her friends."

Honestly that has countless possible interpretations and isn't even canon. I get really annoyed with people like 2920842 who try to "explain" how it is when they themselves have no true way of knowing.

Obviously, Rarity turned into real Crystal so she could be with her true love, Tom. :raritywink:

...unless Spike and Rarity had a kid, and the girl in question was Rarity Jr./The Second/etc. Given that Dragons can sleep for 100 years, a draco/pony hybrid could survive 500.


Haha, I like the way you think. No, it's just plain old fabulous Rarity senior.



Yes it does!


New favorite comment, right here.


Next theory before reading chapter: Spike is sharing his own lifespan with Rarity. He'll only live half as long, but hey, at least he'll share those years with the mare he loves. Sounds like a fare trade to me.



Now there's an idea! Thanks for the comment!

Ready whenever you are. I'm completely done with college for a while. So I should be more alert and have a faster reply then I have had.


Expect it sometime tomorrow or Thursday!

:pinkiegasp: it's here............... F*****************CK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found this and had to go back and read the other one first. By far, not the worst way to spend a midnight snacktime. :pinkiesmile:

And then this story happened. I'm super curious about the results of Smarty Pants's sleuthing, and I'm really curious about Honeycrisp's character in general.

Almost needless to say, fave'd for updates! :twilightsmile:

Eeyup. :eeyup: Terrible, horrible, could-not-possibly-go-right idea. :facehoof: And thus a very good one.:pinkiehappy:


Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it. :ajsmug:

Loved the first story. Found this and read the first chapter. Looks great. Have a thumbs up, a favorite, and mustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

MOAR!!!! :flutterrage:


I am typing as fast as I can!


Thanks for the comment!

The dog must survive. DO IT! MAKE THE DOG SURVIVE! You are the god of this world and you just made a bad if that dog dies. This is a warning. You can tell I'm serious because I took the time to write this on an IPOD!

WALTER! He was a good dog.:applecry:

Probably the Celestia and Luna just trolling evryone around everfree forest

2937763 I warn you, I'll be obliged to gnaw your face off if bad things happen to that dog.
I like dogs. ^.^

Holy cliffhangers Batman!

MOAR!!!!! :flutterrage:

I'm really enjoying this! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Wow... Here's hoping it's just Luna and/or Celly trying to scare everypony away, so they won't get found.

This was a tough chapter for me to write. I hope I have a good balance between story and action. It was my first real action scene and I feel it needs a touch up so some revisions may creep in later, but it won't change the events of the story. They'll just make it flow better.

Thanks for the posts, next chapter soon(ish)!



That popped into my head when I read your A/N. Great prologue btw.

Another good chapter. Is the slithering thing Spike?


That would be telling! :pinkiegasp:

No, Spike's too cool to be 'darker than nightmares' :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

...right? Oh man, now I'm not sure...

Thanks for commenting!




Hellz Yeah! Dark Spikes!

But yeah what ever we end up seeing, I'm sure it's going to be awesome. And I can't wait to see more of Twilight & Smarty Pants.

Btw. How can Sandy have a Dust Devil Cutie Mark if she doesn't / rarely flies?

You're welcome.


I'll totally have to go into her cuite mark story at some point. It's a good one :twistnerd:


Yay!!! Back Story!!! I love back stories! And we can see the tales between her and Smarty Pants [may be it's own fic between this and the previous fic]?


I was planning on opening up the world for other fanfic writers after this story is finished.

Maybe you could write their lost tales!


That's my guess assuming "hiding" still is not a euphemism for dead.

:pinkiecrazy: What can I say? I never expect anything on this site to be optimistic anymore!


I don't know if I'd do them justice but you've done a rare thing for me. You did an OC right and made one that I care about. So for that list is filled with a very short list of ponies:

Soul Shard [because she's mine and a precious filly. Honesty I'm doing the same with her. Allowing other Authors to user her if they'd like.]

Nyx [because Nyx.]

Azure Tomato [inspired and influenced Soul Shard's tales a great deal. From Arx Novo, to other races using magic other than unicorns.]

Smarty Pants [Your OC. Mostly because she's adorable, good hearted, and you're building her a good foundation. I especially loved her Cutie Mark story, being a Twilight Birthday story at the same time. It was especially adorable. And I can't wait to see what you do with her. I might do a fic with her. But I wouldn't want to mess things up [since I'm new at writing and I tend to be dialog heavy [I'm getting better though]].

and finally

Lightning Flicker [Deathpony45's OC because it has potential for greatness, especially when I add Vinyl to the mix.]


Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see where you take this filly, and some day I might take you up on the offer to do a fic with her in it. Although I'd pass it by you first.

Oh no! Walter!:fluttercry:

Now the only way I can see him coming back is as a horrible corrupted terribeastithing. :pinkiegasp::twilightoops:
Cutie Mark Crusaders Version Two, you had better make this all worth it!

Also, this is reminding me of the first two series episodes. Not that that's a bad thing. :twilightsmile:


Really? That's great! I'd love to see your take on them.

Also, I should have the next chapter for you tonight or tomorrow night for pre-reading.

Glorious. Especially with my computer up and running again.

wow I forgot to put this in my read later section:facehoof: I can't believe I have so much trouble with this series:ajbemused:


Glad to hear you're along for the ride. :pinkiehappy:

Chapter 2 will be live tonight or tomorrow as soon as I get it back from my fantastical amazing super great pre reader and make some unrelated updates :twilightblush:

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