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Today is Princess Twilight Sparkle’s 500th birthday, and her most faithful student, an earth pony with a familiar name, can’t wait to celebrate!

- Cover art by ErinKarsath, used with permission. Check out her DeviantArt page.
- This is a story in the Birthdayverse, and you can find the sequel here.
- Many thanks to my faithful Pre-Reader and all around super-duper best pony, Blood Lord. Go read his story, too!
- This was written during the season 3 hiatus of MLP:FiM.

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Hmm. While its not bad, I can see that there is a lot of potential in it. I like stories that go into the future, but I'm really picky about them because there are some that just get weird. But it is always interesting to me to see a set of characters from something that I enjoy and then someone's version of "this is their future". Grim Tales on Snafu-Comics is an example I'm thinking of.

I can see that there was a couple of things, grammatically speaking that was off and some words that were missing. If you want help as a editor or someone to bounce ideas off of, then I would be happy to offer it. But once I get my own projects rolling, I might become unavailable. I don't know yet.

Smarty Pants... the pony? This sounds like fun. :twistnerd: Can't wait for more!


Hey, I'll take a 'not bad' :)

I know I am in dire need of a solid editor, and if you are willing then I am happy to have you on board!

I agree with you that many of the future ones tend to go off the rails, but I don't think this one will end up doing that since it's so short.

And thanks for being my first comment.

Okay, that was really cute.... HAS ALL MY 1 LIKE!


Thanks! When I came up with the idea, did a look-see and couldn't find anyone else with the same idea. I knew that I had to tell the tale :)

This is a great story. I didn't notice any mistakes, really, but then again I wasn't really analyzing as I read. One thing though, you should write out numbers. Not 500, but the smaller numbers, such as 'two.' It's proper to at least write out numbers under twenty. It's a bit of a writing pet peeve of mine when people don't fully write out small numbers. (2, 3, 4) It disrupts the story for me.
Otherwise, it is great! I can't wait to see what Smarty Pants' past is.

IM INTERESTED IN PRE-READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An earth pony? As her student? :ajbemused:

I like the story. :pinkiehappy:

Tell more. :rainbowwild:

Et tu, Heartbutt?

Oh, Cadence. You do realize this means war, don't you?

(Cadence) I don't know what you mean, cakebutt. :D

*Reads description* "Mweeerh, another dimsy wismy one hundred word writer who-
*Takes note of the one thousand plus words mark achieved(which is, in most cases, my mininmum of words before I even look at a story)"-I will give it a shot..."
*After reading story* "Hmm, that story wasn't half as bad" *Reads the comments* "Writer claims it was a short story? So it is not a dimsy wimsy overconfident writer!"
*Realises he has literally made this account five minutes ago and shouldnt be giving any critique* "I wish to apply for the pre reading function... If that's alright with you..."

I agree with Blood Lord. This was a charming example of a more mature princess Twilight, but I don't see where you are going with this. Unless Smarty Pants does something to really test Twilight in terms of patience or manners or recovering from potentially embarrassing social situations... I just don't know what to think of it yet.

Still, you almost have more views than both of my stories put together so you must be doing something right. If you would like to forward a link I would be happy to take a look at it.

will spike be in this?

There are just enough things going unsaid here to make me think I want to hang around to see them said.

So I shall.

Will give constructive crit. later. Currently suffering from diabetes, D'aww syndrome ,and teh feelz. Good job.

Also a ruptured spleen. It was funny.

Looking forward to more :)


Great question! I can't answer that :)

This is very well done, I would like to read further.

Et tu, Heartbutt?
This line makes me LOL so much. Great work, I impatiently await the update!

...not even in the story itself? :duck:

And now that I have used that emoticon, what is your stance on the Sparity ship? Any chance of a Kirin/Qilin/DragoPony showing up later on?



I simply adore Rarara, darling. And Spike is my second favorite dragon of all time after Figment (showing my age, here).

But there will be no shipping in this fic.

Thanks for the comment, though! :)

2851436 you are so young, it is funny to me.

God damn I feel old, and there's only three people in these comments that have been here longer than me

This is adoramazing, and yes, to describe the quantitative cutisitcy of your story, I had to make up two whole new words. I love it, please continue soon.

This is so adorkable! :pinkiehappy:

I heard "Sunbutt" used to describe Celestia in some fic somewhere. And now Cadance is Heartbutt. I like this trend.

Smarty Pants (the pony) is adorable. All of the energy of Pinkie Pie combined with Twilight's ability to panic and blow things out of proportion... fun stuff!

I don't know which, but one fic called Twilight 'Sparklebottom', before he found out her name

This is looking very promising, I do hope the next / rest of the chapters are going to be lengthier though. I don't care much for <2k chapters, not enough time to get me pulled into the story.

// Sphex

Starting now, in my HiE fic, Twi will call the protagonist fuzzface, and he will call her starbutt.

It is decreed.

2852684 This is the best possible outcome.

good start look forward to more well done

2851874 hey! I made this account yesterday, but I have been around in this since late 2011! DO NOT UNDRESTIMATE ME DAMMIT. (I feel so tempted to use a flutterrage emoticon here, but I won't because I have surpressed the excistence of flutterrage to the far, deep depths of my mind, right next to cupcakes and my little dashie)

2854192 and I've been around since 2012 January, we're not all that different you and I.

2854348 MUST.NOT. MAKE.REFERENCE.TO *HMMPH* EQEUSTRIA...GIRLS----bwah buck it, what is there to lose

I know this entire song.... I got bored last night :facehoof:

2854743 CADANCE, PLEASE! I got bored a few nights ago, thus I made the decision to watch the movie 7 times. I regret nothing.

2854591 oh s*** that was entirely unintentional, but hey the aesop of the movie worked

Wow, for your first story, You're pretty good! :pinkiehappy:

I can already see the great stories you'll be posting... ahh, so relaxing :pinkiesmile:

I don't think I'm quite right here, but is Smarty Pants being alive, in pony form, and talking to her just a figment of Twilight's unstable mind?

I see plenty of potential, will be keeping an eye on this one.

there is some serious potentual in this, with just this chapter though it gets the like, fave and follow

I like this fic.

It's exciting.

oh yes, there is also story that reminds me of this story true-true-friends-until-the-very-end granted, it is on a different arc but it still has a bit of deja'vu to it


Interesting. I didn't find that in my search. I'm not going to read it until I'm done with my story here, but I'll be sure to give it a look once this sucker's complete.

Smarty Pants is Related to Fancy Pants, am I correct? :twistnerd:

This chapter was glorious!

The Princess put her down and walked towards her private washroom “Very well. Come along, little one.”

If she had said my little pony there I would have felt that the cycle was complete.

Anyways fun story so far. Please continue it.

That was fucking adorable, you sure as hell made this 17 year old smile.


It said that in the last draft, but I didn't really want to close it there. There's one more chapter and a short epilogue to follow, for now I wanted to close with something that made folks wonder where the next chapter was without using a cliffhanger.

Thanks for the comment :)

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