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Everyone needs time to breathe now and again, and the princesses are no different. Cadence was happy to use a request to speak at the School of Friendship as an excuse to get in a relaxing mini-vacation in Ponyville.

The issue with that plan was using "relaxing" and "Ponyville" in the same sentence.

Set in Season 8, just before "On the Road to Friendship." Rated Teen for references to alcohol, violence, and certain biological functions.

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Early in her training, Celestia had told Cadence that envy was an inevitable part of the alicorn condition. There would always be those who felt she did not deserve her power, whether because of genuine disapproval, ignorance at what she had endured at Prismia’s hooves, or simple thirst for power. Even now, she wasn’t sure which camp Sunset Shimmer had fallen into.

Knowing Sunset? All three. Dialed up to a hundred.

And yet both strike such similar chords when one meets them.

Ha~! And revelation of what exactly she meant at the end!

“At the very least, don’t go by color coordination.”

Really, how many successful couples have that as a sign? Historically, it's more contrasts? Cadence and Shining, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Twilight Velvet and Night Light...

"Thanks, Your Highness. I'm sure Flutters won't mind me crashing at her pad for one night... probably."

She can always blame Rarity for it. Heh!



taking other step

"taking another step" ?

feeling at the wind currents with slightly spread wings at the emotional atmosphere with stranger senses.

Seems like a word's missing before the second "at"?

Nice little fluff piece, got a couple of smirks. Cadence is fun to work with, but I feel like you could have done more with her here aside from being an observer. Perhaps a sequel in the future?

Good start. I watch where this is going.

Neece #5 · 1 week ago · · ·

While also wanting to both be her and with her, obviously :trollestia:

If I'm being honest, it took an embarrassing amount of time to get this much out. Behind the scenes, one of the main reasons for this story was restarting my authorial momentum. I could definitely build on it in the future, but for now, I'm just glad I was able to get something out.

Yeah, I can respect that. Sometimes you just need a good light to kickstart the engine. And it's certainly not a bad light in the slightest :raritywink:

I can definitely attest to the 'embarrassingly long time to get it out' vibe, too...

Never let Rarity matchmake anyone. Ever. Or do anything else outside her talent, because we all know there's a 50% chance she'll incorporate it into things somehow.

Loved this story :heart: I very nearly facepalmed when I realized it was Zephyr and it all suddenly made sense :rainbowlaugh: You've got a knack for making super good stories out of random or canon-made circumstances, and I will read every single one of them :pinkiehappy:

“Romance?” Cadence said flatly, because it wasn’t like she reigned over her own sovereign territory or anything.

If she thinks she has it bad, she should remember that Shining Armor, in spite of his military standing and advanced abilities in magical defense, is known to most ponies as "Princess Cadence's husband."

"This is definitely one of the worst lovers' quarrels I've ever seen." Almost as bad as that one couple in Canterlot with the ancient cursed amulet. She wondered what had ever happened to that archaeology postgrad.

With the mention of Prismia, I know you're going outside of the cartoon for references, which is why I assume I don't get this one. My first instinct upon seeing "archaeology" is Daring Do, but I don't know whether that's right.

Zephyr grinned up at Dash. Even Cadence had to suppress an urge to punch him in the muzzle.

That describes Zephyr Breeze to a T.

Matchmaking by color coordination. If there's a more Rarity disaster, I don't know what it is.

Still, considering it involved Zephyr Breeze and Lightning Dust, this definitely could have gone worse.

:moustache: I'll punched Zephyr in snoot if it makes you feel better?
:raritystarry: Spikey you'll do no such thing,
:moustache: Can I punch him if it makes me feel better?
:rainbowlaugh: I'll punch him and make everypony feel better
:flutterrage: Discord put my brothers flank back on his back side! Right now Mister!
:twilightoops: I did not expect that
:moustache: Made flank head look 80% better
:duck: be nice Spikey
:rainbowhuh: he was being nice. I don't kiss butts

I was confused, I was flumoxed. I didn't know where I was or what was happening.

I loved it, do you have more?

Beautifully and hilariously written -- I can certainly appreciate Rarity's intentions in getting rid of two pains in Dash's flank in one go, but I had to stop for a fit of the giggles at the color coordination. I do have to wonder what other couples she would have set up -- Pinkie Pie and Pacific Glow? It's a good thing Shining Armor is already married -- I don't think he and Vinyl Scratch would get along. Overall, absolutely brilliant.


Cadence waited for a few moments, looking, smelling, feeling at the wind currents with slightly spread wings and at the emotional atmosphere with stranger senses.

...I may have to steal that headcanon for eldritch!Cadence.

I doubt even Sunset herself could say which was the primary reason.

Thanks for the typo catches.

Rarity's big problem is that she tends to patch holes in her personal experience with what she's read. That works well when she's using detective noir. Not so much with trashy romances.

The intent with the postgrad was indeed Daring Do on one of her earlier adventures. There's no canon reference there. Sadly. I may have to build on that idea...

If she thinks she has it bad, she should remember that Shining Armor, in spite of his military standing and advanced abilities in magical defense, is known to most ponies as "Princess Cadence's husband."

He knew what he was getting into when he married an alicorn. If Shining was the kind of pony who needed the recognition and adoration of the masses, I doubt Cadence would've fallen for him in the first place.

Wrecking half a dozen houses is definitely getting off lightly. Thank goodness Rarity arranged the date in Ponyville and not Cloudsdale.

Not in this particular flavor, but plenty in the rest of my catalogue.

Glad you enjoyed it! And feel free to make use of Cadence's empathic sense yourself. I like the idea of her being closer to changelings than anyone's comfortable with. (And Sunset, for that matter.)

Reese #16 · 1 week ago · · ·

Aye, I did enjoy it; thanks. :)

Loved the creative expletives. I can also see insurance companies setting up empty houses as disaster bait.

This was a good laugh, it’s nice to see Cadance, the princess of love, interact with a hopeless romantic pony like Zephyr. Also consider Lightening I’d basically Dash with restraint it’s not surprising what she would go full force in coursing Zephyr so much pain.

Also Ponyville having spare houses encase some get destroyed in a disaster not only make total sense but also much money ponyville has to keep them full functional

There's so much unexplored potential with her. Heck, there's unexplored potential throughout Equestria. That's why I'm still writing ponyfic. :derpytongue2: Hope you enjoyed this.

That's my second favorite thing about Cadance!

Yes, there is! That's my first-most favorite thing about Equestria!

And I very much did!

"Um. Your Highness. Highnesses. Sirs.” She hesitated when she got to Rarity. “… Countess?”

That got a smirk. “I am technically a knight-errant of the realm, but I appreciate the gesture.”

See? I love this!

It's kind of amazing that this whole fic takes place just outside the train station, it feels like it goes much further abroad.

There were a few errors I saw that could probably be cleaned up by a quick prereader with a fresh pair of eyes. Not too bad on that front but a little distracting.

That said I adore the the idea that the Belle's are genetically predisposed to critical failures with specific activities. Makes me wonder if it's a specialized malady or if it's generalized to "more enthusiasm than good sense".

If Cadance can't help Zephyr maybe Flash can?

love this story. Always afraid each new one might be your last so always glad to see more

Your mention of an archeology grad student seems weird, cause like It's got to be Daring Do, but she was in college with Twilight Velvet. Cadence isn't already cradle robbing with Shining Armor is she?

Oh. Umm. I'm not sure...

Dash and Dusty making nice...

Just think about that for a few moments, gentle readers...

While y'all are working that out, I'm just gonna head over here into the nuclear fallout shelter...

She has to go a bit younger...

It's eventually going to go all Arwen and Aragorn after a century...


Pinkie Pie:
"We've all been there..."

I meant to comment sooner.

This was a nice fun story. Really liked the interactions, especially with Cadance and Zephyr. That is overall, not just with each other,

“Who exactly you try to pair up?”

Missing a verb there.

Regardless, entertaining bit of insanity. Took me a while to figure out who Zephyr's... I guess theoretical paramour was, but it provided me an entertaining thought process while I did, roughly along the lines of:

"Huh? Same colours as him? Who has... and whirlwinds as a way of dealing with things, who's... oh. OOOH! Oh, that was a mistaaaaake."

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