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Welcome to Equus Metamorphosis Universe!

Imagine a world where it's possible to bring your wildest dreams to life thanks to advancements in robotics and technology. Imagine always having a friend there for you. One that you made to your own specifications. And imagine you could be anything you wanted to be, as long as you were wearing to change your body in a very drastic, technological way.

These are the stories of the "Equus Metamorphosis" universe. They are significant because everything written in them can actually happen.

One day, we can have our own robotic companions with advanced AI.

One day, we can have our own exosuits and transform ourselves into whatever we want.

One day, that future will be what our humanity becomes.

But for now, we dream and imagine.

Rules of the Group:

[ 1 ]: All stories submitted to the group folders must be hard science fiction stories that follow the basic concepts of the "Equus Metamorphosis" universe, such as

(a) There are robotic companions who can exist in our world (dubbed Pod Pals)

(b) Characters wear robotic suits (dubbed Meta-Frames)

(c) The story involves technological advancement that is usually very positive, but can be somewhat negative (just not dystopian-level negative. This is a more realistic future)

(d) Because this is on fimfiction, the story has to have a robotic pony or pony-suited character in some major or supporting role.

(e) You can have literally ANY character from ANY other universe in this world, because of the process of making robotic bodies of virtually anything. Example: The original storyline has the Peter Capaldi Doctor in chapter 1 as a Pod Pal.

(f) No explicit sex. Come on, if you want to do that, you've got many other story universes to work with. You can have characters mention that sex occurred or imply that it might happen, but never describe it. Basically, don't do anything which would earn a "sex' tag.

(g) Romance, however, is adorable and perfectly fine <3

(h) "Gore" stories are highly discouraged. You're going to need to really sell the idea to me to make it work. Fights and conflict don't have to be gory to be interesting. They just have to be intense. :)

(i) There is a folder for stories that break the hard science fiction rule. It's called "A Multiverse Event Has Occurred."

(2) If you're unsure if a story fits in the group, just send me a private message (Boardgamebrony).

(3) Make sure you put your story in the appropriate folders. We're going to have them divided by genre and possibly some separate hard-to-define concepts.

(4) Be nice in the forums. You can have debates. Just be civil about it. No name-calling, no personal attacks. Minor infractions get a warning, Major infractions can be a warning or instant ban if it's obvious that intent was there to purposely cause disruption.

(5) If you want to roleplay in the forums, make a separate thread for it. Hey, maybe you'll get story ideas that way. :)

(6) Fan art you make (as long as it's PG-13 to G in rating) has a very good chance of being posted on the main page here, as long as it's respectful and not intended to offend in any way. :)

(7) Collaborations between writers is also allowed in the stories. Heck, it's encouraged!

(8) If a certain rule is not covered here, but you want to ask about something, then private message me (Boardgamebrony)

---- ----

Current Featured Stores in the Group:

Equus Metamorphosis

A young human with a degenerative bone condition must undergo a technological transformation process in 2072 Corpus Christi, TX. Thankfully, his robotic partner Pinkie Pie is there to guide him through the process and his new life...

The Support Group for Robots, Augments and Meta-Frames (RAM)

2061: While protecting her son during a riot, a mother loses her hand in an attack. A support group of robotic ponies and humans help her come to terms with her situation as they share their own traumas and issues. They try to help her find peace...

Icarus Rising: Saint Jensen and the Church of Augmentation

2066: A new church appears in Texas protecting augmented humans and robotic companions hurt by humanity. Robotic Leader Adam Jensen enlists the help of several robotic ponies and supporters to help others. But some humans won't stand for this...

---- ----

Supplemental Resources:

I've created a supplemental timeline for the story universe which goes from 1985 to 2072.

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When you get that creative inspiration, just let us know! :D *hugs*

Mr.9 has made the seen I hope that I can do something.
these stories world.

410916 Hey, I'm in that group! It's only for cute things like cuddles, hugs, and fully-blown romance stories, which I actually quite like. Besides, the similar group changed to ponification.


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*Hugs* <that is the best we can currently do with our level of tech :P

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410912 How can I reach through the monitor and hug thou? Actually, I dislike touching my own family, I don't think I can touch you for a hug even if we near each other, because something. That is a symptom of sensory processing disorder, even though I haven't been diagnosed.


Naw you're fine! Heck, if you can help someone, go for it! :D *hugs*

Also to anyone reading this, I'll try to check the forum daily, but apparently I'm not receiving notifications when someone writes in it O.o

So... a group based off of some absolutely amazing stories. When anyone else joins, I'll advertise myself as an editor for any possible stories they may want to write, because I'm an editor. Course, the main stories are well written, and there's really no need for an editor for those because they are, for the most part, err free, only occurring occasionally. Of course, if someone asks me to edit, they should also be fine with me occasionally replacing words with larger words because I'm an egghead.

Not sure if there's a rule against advertising one's self.

Also, I'm too lazy to write my thoughts elsewhere, look it over, and then copy it over.

Wait, there's something I want to ask, so that'll go in a forum thread thing...

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