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Friends aren't people who don't piss you off. They're people worth forgiving over and over.


The Pony of Ashfall has been dead for millions of years. She was the "missing link" between prehistoric horses and modern ponies.

Now she's coming to visit me, and I'm having trouble containing myself.

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For lack of popular appeal, I don't foresee your story achieving high ratings, but your writing is excellent, and your original cast and plot are refreshing; I may have to read some of your other stories.

Fantastic work. You've captured the essence and wonder of anthropology and converted it into ponies. Well done! Thank you for this.

I'm so sorry. I don't like OC stories and this isn't my favourite.:trollestia:

Out of curiosity, if you don't like OC stories, then why did you read one where the only character tag was OC, and it was filed in the group "All-OC Stories"? :rainbowhuh:

Uuuuh.......dunno. :coolphoto:

Very impressive piece. i've been lucky enough to see some incredible exhibits pass through the ROM and this is a beautiful expression of the awe they never fail to inspire.

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