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Please READ the description first:
This story is indeed AU, though not by a whole lot, less as AU as my previous Stargate crossover. Hope you enjoy the past 6 weeks of toiling...

Artwork by: mercscilla on DA

In 2011 a small fleet of ships dispatched from Atlantis arrive in an strange mystical reality when a mission on the hunt for Genii leader Augustus Kolya goes horribly wrong. The Atlantis expedition force now stranded in this new reality must find a way back, but also take the time to explore this strange world of Magic and Ponies. Join Sheppard, Carter and others in their adventures.

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The Arcturus Fleet under the command of a newly promoted General Carter is stranded with elements of the Atlantis Expedition in another reality when they escape narrowly from a Wraith ambush. The fleet of Arcturus now searches for a means to return to their own reality, but while they do so, they discover a world where magic and talking creatures similar to ponies exist.
With the magic of friendship, can first contact be achieved?

PS: I have decided to go with anthro, please review and tell me if I should go to normal pony based fic.
Also credit to the artist for the cover is jonathanp45 on Deviantart.

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Over a thousand years ago, a dark entity known as Nightmare Moon rose and brought Equestria into war with itself, but thanks to the powers of the elements of harmony and the creation of the machines called mobile suits, Celestia defeated Nightmare Moon and banished her to the moon. But over a thousand years have passed, and Celestia fears the return of Nightmare Moon. Meanwhile the wheels of time turn across the world, Nightmare plots for her return to her homeworld. And Celestia waits vigilantly to meet her.

But one colt is to be the greatest factor in all of this, Ray Swift, a young colt living on the Helios colony is dragged into the war as Nightmare Moon makes her move against Equestria from the shadows, join the Astral Legends as they step down into the annals of history.

Yes this is going to be anthro ponies, and other races.
This will be a little based on every gundam series, so don't be surprised when you see mobile suits of all sorts appearing in this. But this is following the primary storyline of 0079, at least trying to in some sense.

Artist is Avante92, and I commissioned the picture for this.

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Following the events of Owl's Well That Ends Well, Spike runs further then he intended and finds himself lost in the depths of the Everfree. A mysterious assailant was to blame, and now he finds himself in a place far from home. A place known only as the wasteland... But Spike finds himself under the care of a stranger and his band of travelers known as the Misfits. This unique gathering of strangers are on their way to a place called the Capital Wasteland in search of their own answers and drag Spike along.

Will Spike ever return home? And will he ever see Twilight and his friends ever again? Only time will tell as Spike travels the wasteland. A wasteland he now must call home.

Artwork: I commissioned Avante92 to make this image for the fic specifically.
If you're interested, here's his blog: http://avante92artblog.tumblr.com/


Please read this:
Firstly I know there's a lot of drama about anthro's for the love of all things pony please don't argue with me when i make the characters anthro.
There isn't many fics with ponies in Fallout not counting FO:E cause that's a fusion crossover
I'm making this in the way it tells a good story not a canon one but just a good story

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Mankind has destroyed the Earth, the age of Reason once a time of peace, had ended in tragedy and the human race only remain in a scattered colony on Mars, in their exodus their children remember the world that had once been and are taught a terrible lesson of man, why men should have progressed not regressed. And sadly with this war had consumed the human race and obliterated them all to this, science and technology and philosophy was all that was left to propel mankind forwards.

The human race now must stride forwards into space, and hopefully towards a future, but with this future comes great challenges some of which will decide if man is ready to face the great unknown. As man separates it becomes to realize the dangers of what the future may bring. But amidst this another threat arrives not from this new frontier but from its past.

Amidst this chaos... can man find peace with itself before it finds peace with others? Or is history truly damned to repeat itself and plunge mankind into eternal chaos and misery?

This is a rather long story, and also ponies don't show up until around the second or third chapter so keep that in mind.

Also Cover Art is from:
jamga on DeviantArt
His art is awesome!

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"The way to salvation is through the path of damnation..." Supreme Commander of the Helldivers 33rd.
It is the year 2551, in the depths of the galaxy, a war between mankind and the covenant rage on, both sides are determined to win at all costs, and neither is going to back down. For the human race it is survival against a hostile alien threat. For the covenant it is victory for their gods and the ascension of their races to godhood over all.
But in the years of the war, soldiers grow tired and many seek to end the war soon, but their efforts result in bloodbaths across the stars. After so many years the human race manages to cripple the covenant and break the deadlock which had been holding them. And now they are on the doorstep of the covenant. But when an accident during a campaign sends the lives of marines to a place that war is but a memory, how can they adapt? And what dangers follow thse marines?

This story will involve some drama. Swearing, a little violence and action, but not much, at least not until i decide to change the story or adjust it.
The characters are anthro so please keep that in mind, and also note that the image used is from STTheo of Deviantart who i asked with expressed permission about his Helldiver units and their designs, which i altered for my OCs, so keep that in mind. And we might see some other things come around as the story progresses. So i'm not sure how it will go.

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During their showdown with Nightmare, the 6 elements of harmony fail to defeat the dreaded corrupt Nightmare Moon and are soon confronted by a grim fate. However Twilight Sparkle uses her last essence of magic to save her friends, and faces the Lunar Queen who then decides upon a much cruler fate than death. Born as a pony of a stolen life, Starswirl the daughter of Nightmare Moon and Twilight is born. However there is more to see in Starswirl than meets one's eyes.

Please do not judge from the description, I made sure that there's no grim tale about the fic, and I keep in mind everyone's opinions. Also i have moved this from FF.net, so updates will be rather slow.

Chapters (9)
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