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Evident Disaster


Following the events of Owl's Well That Ends Well, Spike runs further then he intended and finds himself lost in the depths of the Everfree. A mysterious assailant was to blame, and now he finds himself in a place far from home. A place known only as the wasteland... But Spike finds himself under the care of a stranger and his band of travelers known as the Misfits. This unique gathering of strangers are on their way to a place called the Capital Wasteland in search of their own answers and drag Spike along.

Will Spike ever return home? And will he ever see Twilight and his friends ever again? Only time will tell as Spike travels the wasteland. A wasteland he now must call home.

Artwork: I commissioned Avante92 to make this image for the fic specifically.
If you're interested, here's his blog: http://avante92artblog.tumblr.com/


Please read this:
Firstly I know there's a lot of drama about anthro's for the love of all things pony please don't argue with me when i make the characters anthro.
There isn't many fics with ponies in Fallout not counting FO:E cause that's a fusion crossover
I'm making this in the way it tells a good story not a canon one but just a good story

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Those sentences are running from something, but I can't tell what.


Following Owl's Well That Ends Well, Spike runs from home further than he intended and finds himself lost in the depths of Everfree till he blacks out from a mysterious assailant and wakes to find himself in a place far from home, his first steps into the place known as the Wasteland isn't welcoming

Run-on sentence. Should be more like:

Following the events of Owl's Well That Ends Well, Spike runs further then he intended and finds himself lost in the depths of the Everfree. A mysterious assailant was to blame, and now he finds himself in a place far from home. A place known only as the wasteland...

finally, every time i search a fallout fic its always OC character.................so thanks guy you've proved to be a competant writer and i'll see you tomorrow..........oh yeah take this.


1625719 Thanks man, but this isn't FOE sorry, but yeah i sorta noticed there were a lot of potential in Fallout stories why none were ever pursued like mine i still get confused about it.

Hmm, it's okay; I don't even mind making everyone an anthro. Mind if I add this to the Mojave Express? So far, it meets the standers and I can see potential for the is story. It has that unique taste to it.

You have good ones. :raritywink:

FO:E sucks and Fallout rules. It's a fact.

1706342 People would argue that. I really am not feeling up for a debate on what universe is better, so i'll avoid it.
Fallout Equestria had potential in some places, i thought they'd do it like the fallout games, well at least they tried, but they really limited themselves when they started it out, and a lot of new canon has either been ignored or just left out. Hopefully there might be some retcons for all the new Season 3 and Season 2 content for FOE.
As for Fallout, i loved it when i was a kid, and i still love it now, as much as its lost the grimdark eeriness about it when i played it. Hopefully Fallout 4 would do better because i really miss going into buildings and fighting ghouls and super mutants and such. But i'd like a enclave perspective, the Enclave did things with good intentions, just not good leaders.
(That's all i could think about.)

I wouldn't call "Kill everyone in the wasteland and experiment on humans." good intention.
The Enclaves are the ones who put the Vault experiments in place. So they could use the data from the experiments to colonize another planet and leave earth(and everyone other then themselves) behind.

1706409 The Enclave isn't entirely evil, if you know the Fallout New Vegas quest for the Remnants, there was purpose behind actions and not all of them knew of what their government planned. Besides how many of those who fought had families? In my opinion nothing is ever so clear cut, and of course i think Bethesda didn't have enough time or resources to dedicate more into the Enclave, they had to focus on a lot of other elements and such. I doubt they could split off significant amount of things for making more story for the Enclave.

The remnants are just old soldiers. They aren't the ones who made the decisions. Dick Richardson and Eden are the real big bads.
As for their intention, "rebuild America and destroy all mutations" sure sounds great. But they can't even see the difference between a super mutant and a slightly irradiated wastelander.

1706430 Kinda what i was pointing to, though i wonder how many more branches there were of the Enclave. Also i have a feeling the Brotherhood of Steel has its own dark little secrets, i've had this sneaking suspicion that things are going to get awfully :derpytongue2: when they meet with the west.

According to Fallout Bible, some of them escaped to Europe shortly before the war but lost contact with Navarro afterwards.

1706454 Cool, who knows there might be more things to come. But as long as those conservative fans don't try and just limit the game to the USA alone. Why is it that a number of gamers would rather prefer the game sticking to just America?

Personally, I think a Fallout game set in China or Europe would be awesome.
But they must change those horrible Chinese voice actings. (I'm a Chinese myself and I can't understand what they're saying half of the time.)

1706557 LOL I'm korean. Same i didn't like the VA for that, hmm also we need Tara Strong to do a VA for a character someday, that'd be awesome :rainbowkiss:

Gou Su Pow, Mei Guo Lao!
I still don't understand what the hell does that mean to this day. My best guess is "去死吧,美国佬!"(Go to hell, Yankee!)

Soon, hopefully, been busy also my B-day just passed.

good job, with this, i woder how the ponies will recok to the westland

1722560 Who knows, Spike's on his own for the most part.

1722581 spike will be a badass, but the ponies

A they get killed but carzy ass humman

B they get killed by animals

C spike will be a big and older bad ass teen and the ponies jews dorp how big he get

am still waiting for an update

Ah, I just remembered that this fanfic still existed, oh crap. Its been that long? Huh. Well I'm working on 6 others at the moment on FF.net and I have school starting again soon enough. Sorry about that, had to prioritize all of my new work over older ones.

2493875 i know that feeling am working on 7, but am suck on my corrut one heres the link


Comment posted by M-Tails-P deleted May 15th, 2013

Am just going to sing this now while i wait.

LOL I loved that song, but needless to say. The chapter is coming along, funny enough I completely forgot to pick this up. Which is sort of sad since I haven't been very active, I got my own problems to deal with at the moment.

So is there ever gonna be an update?

I can cot white for more updates.

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