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Shortly after the Human/Covenant war, one of the remaining Prophets seeks out Equestria, thinking it an ancient Forerunner world. Captain Veronica Dare and her Squad of ODSTs investigate the Covenant's interest in Equestria.

First two chapters copied and tweaked from my DA, Kaiser-Khronos

Cover by COBilly on Deviant Art

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 127 )

Very good, can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile: also just want to know, well we be seeing the last Spartan alive in this at all?

218939 Thanks a bunch! Quicker response then my DA... :raritydespair:

sir i believe its ODST orbital drop shock trooper

Could you get rid of the all bold text in the second half.

218948 Actually, its Orbital Drop Shock PONIES.

218962 I just don't know what went wrong... :derpyderp1:

I fixed it, thanks.

218948 Sir, I believe it is ODSP, Orbital Drop Shock Pony.

Shortly after the Human/Covenant war, one of the remaining Prophets seeks out Equestria, thinking it an ancient Forerunner world. Captain Veronica Dare and her Squad of OSDTs investigate the Covenant's interest in Equestria.

First two chapters copied and tweaked from my DA, Kaiser-Khronos

i was referring to your description as you can see it says OSDT's investigate not ODST's

I'm liking this so far, glad I found a fic to keep the halo fan in me pleased. You have my watch on this, so far so good.

Side note, I enjoyed ODST, had a good story and firefight was fun.

Second completed chapter and I'm shouting to the heavens "F*BLEEP*ING FINALLY!!!" Someone FINALLY seems to be able to get that Halo feel and mesh it well with ponies! I mean, others are either too choppy, too droll, does not capture the feel of Halo, or something else that just makes the attempt boring for me to read. I will be following this closely.

One note though. Towards the end of the chapter, you started combining different character's texts in the same paragraph. Might just be an accident, but I need to point it out.

Remember, when a different character talks, they get their own paragraph.

219193 you shouldn't its just that i am a crazy halo fan so yea lol good fic though


I think I just came.

AWESOME, a Halo-MLP cross-over that works very VERY well! :pinkiehappy:

I would give you a baker's dozen of cookies but all I have are these stars and tracking things :pinkiesad2:

eh oh well. *this comment is now stars*

218943 Unfortunately no. I want this to be an all ODST/Pony affair. If the Chief shows up, well, he'll kill everything, cuz, you know, he's the Chief. :twilightoops:

225693 oh well, but then who knows they could find him in the last chapter for all we know.

good job the first part of chapter one was slightly confusing for me but then i got it there are humans and ponies so now my brain can think straight anyway how will the ponies fight back against the covenant? (been nagging me since i began the story):eeyup:

hmmm this is becoming more and more interesting sad as it is this story made me want to play odst again but anyway this is really coming along well looking forward to future chapters.:eeyup:
(might i add first:yay:)

253569 Thanks abunch. It almost pained me to put Fluttershy through that but hey, I needed a reason for animosity between the ponies and the ODSTs.

Interesting. The ponies are rather racist and judgmental, not to mention self-righteous as hell. Not really surprising for these kind of fics, I've read enough to know that. What IS surprising to me is the fact that you actually had the ODSTs call them out on it. Good on you.


That is the best pic I've seen for this situation.
The one question I have is, Where did you get it?

258563 As stated in the description, OCBilly on Deviant Art. With his permission, of course. :pinkiehappy:

I read this in my head with their actual voices. 20% funnier.

Awesome, another chapter! :pinkiehappy:

And I do hope the ponies and the other races on the planet don't just go up and deny that nothing is wrong and all that other stuff, because I think that without the Princesses and if they are caught off guard due to not even getting ready for an attack, the Covenant will completely or just mostly destroy Equestria...wouldn't want that to happen but eh, it's your story and stuff, ya do what ya wanna do and stuff. I say "stuff" too much. :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome story anyway.

Loving it so far!


I demand more.

278010 Probably get another chapter up this weekend.


279182 Good. By the way, I started a group for bronies who are fans of Halo. Wanna join? It could get your story more publicity.

281516 Sure. Send me a PM. I plan on reading your Haylo this weekend, too. Might inspire me. :twilightsmile:

355592 I promise to have another chapter up this weekend. I know I haven't done anything in a month (save that Rarity story :duck: ) but ODST shenanigans will continue soon, I swear! :twilightsheepish:

All I could think of, MOA BURGERS

367976 Sorry it took so long. Hopefully I can shell out another one within a few weeks instead of a month. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, if a brute chieftain can take down a dragon like that, well, lets just say I am a alot more impressed with the tackle maneuver the troopers pulled in that cutscene.

368183 Well, he just knocked it out. I could see a gravity hammer doing that...of course it was all the plasma grenades that killed it.

Still, he knocked out a legendary beast with a single blow.... That's impressive.


Not like he did it single handedly. The other covies softened it up first.

Still, he had the guts to run up to a massive alien creature (to him) and give it a smackdown. That brute has balls.


I demand more.

373765 You never say anything else! :raritycry:


373765 Because I have nothing bad to say. Now give me more or this relationship is over! :raritydespair:

375930 No...if you leave...I don't know what I'd do. Who knows what'd happen to the ODSTs... :pinkiecrazy:


377186 Pinkie will bake them into cupcakes. Duh.

Cupcakes reference .
What has the world come



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