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Magic and Confetti - MrAlterad

Trixie loves foals. She enjoys making them laugh, seeing wonder and awe in their eyes. Taking one as her assistant, however, is proving to be more than she ever expected.

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2.3 - That Mare Sure is Popular...

Sid looked on, invisible to all. Or, at least she had. Now, her eyes were on the grapes scattered about by the sales-mare's reckless vermin scuffle. The lamia swayed side to side, trying to convince herself that just one wouldn't hurt. She was also trying to convince herself that just one was one too many.

She then flinched when a pony stumbled over her tail. Sharply pulled from her mental quandary, she noticed the pony looking around confused. She also noted that Trixie's carriage was on the move, leaving her behind. Eyeing the grapes one last time, she sighed as she turned her back on the succulent, tempting, intoxicating mouth watering morsels.

Unbeknownst to the lamia, her tail had other thoughts in mind, taking a branch and dragging it along. The tripped up pony eyed the apparently self-moving grapes, shaking her head and mumbling about seeing things. Sid was oblivious, her eyes locked on the happy filly on the roof.

She'd been told that her weakness to grapes was a rare trait among her kind. That fact brought a smile to her face; it was a trait Reina shared with her. To Sid, the filly had truly discovered something wonderful. Something that she probably wouldn't fully appreciate, until she was older.

Sid then winced as something bit her tail, making her look back. Confusion assaulted her as she witnessed a raccoon running off with a stem of grapes. She rubbed her tail as it skittered away, two questions nagging at her: Why did it bite her, and how'd it know where her tail was?


“Reina, are you feeling ... lightheaded?” Trixie asked as she glanced to her assistant, getting a hiccup in response.

“It'ss only light becausse I'm sso high up!” she replied.

“Well, that's one way to put it,” Trixie said with a frown, levitating away the grapes and juice-filled barrel from the filly.

“Yeah, okay,” she said as her eyes followed the floating fruit. “Better to- <hiccup> better ssave for later.” Her gaze then narrowed for a moment. “My s’ss ssound like grandma’ss,” she pointed out, before laughing. It was an odd, hissing laugh, which Trixie couldn’t help but find cute, and unsettling.

“Reina, is this really your first time trying grapes?”

“Uh huh. Never heard of ‘em before today!” she said as she threw her hooves up. Trixie's frown deepened as she noticed the passerbys giving her troubling looks. Looks that said 'Did you give that filly what we think you gave her?', and that just wouldn't do.

Pulling the cart aside, Trixie brought her assistant down from her cloud.

“Wheee~” she let out, legs spread out in flight, a fit of giggles escaping her as she touched the ground, looking to Trixie with big, half-lidded eyes. “Trixie. Your eyess are really pretty.”

“As are yours,” the mare replied, her horn glowing as she prepared a spell she just happened to know. A spell she most definitely did not learn to remedy certain conditions that a mare of her age and importance would never have...

Her spell ready to go, Trixie hesitated as Reina glanced to the side.

“Momma really loved daddy'ss eyes. I kinda misss hi- <hiccup>.” She then frowned slightly, making Trixie tilt her head for a moment, before casting her spell, covering Reina's body in magic, the filly's body tingling. The spell ran its course for several seconds before the glow faded away.

“There, you should be thinking straight again,” Trixie said with a nod, making Reina blink, before she started to blush. “Ohhh? Is somefilly feeling a little silly now?” she said with a smug smile, making Reina look more distressed.

“I- That was...” At a loss of words, she simply glanced to the side, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

“That was an … experience. Sadly, you'll have to wait out the headache. Trixie's cleansing can't clear that out,” she said with a sigh, “Apparently there's no spell that can. So you'll have to bear with it,” she added, making Reina appraise her.

“What headache?” she asked, tilting her head.

“You don't have a headache?” Trixie inquired, getting a nod from the filly as she smiled. Trixie's eye twitched, and in a blink, she gave her assistant a light bonk on the noggin. “Ow! Why'd you hit me?”

“Because life isn't fair,” Trixie said curtly.

“Oh...” the filly replied, her frown melting as she glanced to the side.

“Now, as adorable as that was, Trixie can't have you on any grape-juice in the middle of the day. Especially now, for we’re on the prowl!”

“On the prowl?”

“Are we hunting antlions!?” Tiko added. “It feels like forever since we've had antlion.”

“...What's an antlion?” Trixie didn't like the implications of Tiko's words, and had a feeling her question was only going to usher in more concern.

“It's this really big bug that has a lot of legs and giant pincers. It makes traps in the desert,” Reina said matter-of-factly.

“How big is ‘really big’?” Trixie asked, making Reina eye her for a second, before pointing at the carriage. Trixie briefly paled. “W- Well, good thing Equestria doesn't have any of those!”

“So, what are we on the prowl for?” Reina asked, giving Trixie an eager and determined look. She was fired up. Trixie cleared her throat, her gaze sweeping the street they were on, before nodding to herself.



“What's a customer?” Tiko asked, getting a sigh from the mare.

“Look, just trust Trixie on this. We'll make a few bits, and once we're good again, we'll go see somepony else's show to broaden your view.”

“Uhh, okay!”

“Good, now follow Trixie's lead!” the mare exclaimed, the filly eager to help.


“Come one, come all! Be swept in awe by The Great and Powerful Trixie's wisdom~!” Reina exclaimed energetically, fully in costume, standing a stone's throw away from the carriage.

The cart's stage-less side had its canopy extended, curtains drawn around as a wall, forming a makeshift room. In this ambiently dark space, Trixie sat, a crystal ball resting in a bundle of blankets in front of her.

“You there!” Reina singled out a stallion that’d been lost in thought for several minutes, getting a confused look from said pony, “Yes, you! You have a question that needs answering!”

“Well,” Tiko began, perched over Reina's shoulder, “It's your lucky day! Don't be a dum-dum. Get the answer! Just talk to that dum-dum—“

“Just talk to Trixie~” Reina cut in, “She can answer any problem, for a small fee,” she added, extending an open hoof as the stallion considered her. “Skeptical?” she pressed as she got closer, her voice in a low tone, “Have no worries, if you're not satisfied, you don't have to pay. So come on, what do you have to lose?” she inquired, the rim of her hat hiding her eyes from the stallion, giving her a sly appearance. He looked from her, to Trixie, before nodding to himself.

“You know what? Sure, why not?” he replied, taking a deep breath, before walking past her, getting a small bow from the filly. Reina watched as he sat before Trixie, a satisfied grin on her lips.

“Trixie was right, it is getting easier!” Reina said to Tiko, letting out a small laugh.

“And it only took three hours of practice and a dozen failed pitches to get it right!” Tiko added sarcastically.

“Yeah, and you almost messed that one up!” Reina chided, “We lost three others thanks to your name calling!”

“How else are they supposed to know they’re dealing with a Rank One dum-dum?” The doll asked in a valiant tone, getting a sigh from Reina, before she slithered closer to their customer.

“Now tell Trixie, what is eating at you?” the showpony asked in a mystical tone, waving her hooves over the crystal ball as it gave a small glow. “What question burns in your heart? Is it about somepony special, or, is it something that troubles you?”

“W- Well, yes. I mean, no! Yes it's about a special pony,” the stallion flustered out, “I want to tell her how amazing she is, but, I'm afraid she'll turn me down.”

“Is that all that ails you?” Trixie asked in a warm tone, getting a small nod. “Fret not, good stallion!” she added, horn glowing for a moment. Her crystal ball then shimmered, the stallion's gaze caught in it.

Reina saw Trixie make a small gesture, making the filly look away, her eyes peeled for whatever it was that stallion was being distracted from. The filly then blinked when a nearby pigeon let out a hoot, flying away in annoyance as a feather, caught in magic, was pulled from it. “Yes, I know your remedy. Your heart lacks courage, but have no fear, Trixie can grant you all the courage you'll ever need! For a price.”

“I'll pay anything!” the stallion replied, pulling out a bulging sack of bits, presenting it to the mare. She was surprised for a moment, but quickly hid it as the feather drifted closer.

“For this many bits, Trixie will grant you her most powerful remedy! Now, close your eyes,” she asked, the stallion quickly doing so. Trixie then pulled the feather over the ball, its grey and white strands changing color, shifting to shimmering gold. “Now, look upon this token,” she commanded, his eyes opening, and widening as he saw the golden feather glow bright. “This feather has been in Trixie's possession for many moons, its power offering many that little push they needed. For your generous payment, this magic feather, radiating bravery, is yours to keep. Carry it on you, and you'll be able to let your heart sing out!” she assured confidently, the feather shining with her words.

“I- Incredible! Truly amazing!” the stallion said, the feather's shine reflecting in his eyes as he picked it up.

“Go now. Say what you wish to this special pony. If you find this feather's power insufficient, then you may take back your bits.”

“I- I can already feel its power! I think I'm going to do it!” he exclaimed as he placed the feather over his ear, getting a smile from Trixie. He then gave her a very determined look, “Trixie Lulamoon, I am madly in love with you!”

“Eh?” Trixie said, her mystic persona faltering, hat tilting over as she gave him a slightly surprised look.

“It's true! Ever since I saw your show in Ponyville, I’ve been traveling Equestria, just to see you perform!”

R- Really?”

“Yes! Dropped my job, sold my home, and left!” he explained with a wide, proud grin, “Your shows are just so- so amazing! No story you’ve told has been repeated. The way you really get into it is energizing. And your magic! I’ve never seen another unicorn that could do what you do!” Goodness, Trixie was starting to blush!

“Th- That’s really flattering.” She then blinked. “Wait, so you’re stalking Trixie?” The showpony asked with alarm.

“I- That’s not quite right…” he said as she glanced to the side, his enthusiasm dying at her tone. “I mean, I’ve followed you city from city, like a groupie!”

“But you just said that you were madly in love with Trixie,” the mare pointed out.

“I- I think I am...” the stallion suddenly looked unsure of himself, his confidence starting to cave, getting a concerned look from the mystic. She then adopted a small grin.

“Your words make Trixie happy, they really do,” she said, turning his frown around. “Alas!” she began woefully, “Trixie has captured yet another heart. Sadly, her own is not hers to give, even if you wished it yours.”

“It, isn't?” he asked, suddenly looking concerned.

“An arrangement from years past binds Trixie. She is betrothed to the noble, Blueblood. An agreement made, without Trixie’s consent! Were it not for that, then perhaps…” she let the sentence hang as she looked to the stallion. He adopted a small frown.

“Arranged marriages in this day and age…” he said, glancing to the side for a moment, before giving Trixie a confident look. “Thank you for this feather, my beloved! Thank you, for hearing me out. Now, I know what I must do,” he said in a very serious tone. He then turned around, making her blink as he ran off.

“W- Wait! Trixie never got your name…” he was already gone, to do only Luna knew what.

“...Was that normal?” Reina asked as she looked off towards the galloping stallion.

“No, it wasn’t,” Trixie said with a sigh.

“Though, I guess it’s a good thing he left,” the filly said with a considering look, making Trixie raise an eyebrow.


“Yeah,” Reina said, giving Trixie a very serious look, “He loves you. He could have given you cooties!” The surefire look in her eyes, along with her words, prompted Trixie to start laughing. “W- What’s so funny?”

“If it’s cooties you’re worried about, well, Trixie got those years ago in a silly dare.”

“Eh?” Reina blinked. A mischievous grin flashed across Trixie’s face, and in a swift motion, she pulled close to Reina, and planted a quick kiss on her forehead. “Ehhh!??”

“And now you have them too,” Trixie said curtly, “better to catch it young.”

“Nooooo…” Reina said as she started rubbing her forehead with the blanket, sending the crystal ball rolling away. Trixie caught the ball as she started laughing.

“It’s not funny!” Tiko let out, “This is serious business!”

“Better look out, Tiko, or you’ll be next!” Trixie said slyly, making the filly flinch, giving the mare a guarded look. Trixie then let out a happy sigh.

“Still, I’d be nice to have gotten his name.” She then lifted the bag of bits, a troubled look on her face, “He gave us far too much.”

“...Why’d you lie about the feather?” Reina asked, keeping a respectable distance between herself and Trixie, a bothered look on her face.

“A story is easier to sell than saying ‘this is from that ugly bird over there’.”

“Was it easy to do your magic on it?” she inquired curiously, getting a sly smile from the mare.

“Very easy, since Trixie only put a very weak heat enchantment on it. It’ll always feel warm to the touch.”

“Huh? You mean it didn’t make him brave? You tricked him?”

“That’s right,” she replied smugly.

“That doesn’t seem fair…”

“Which is why Trixie’s bothered by this,” she added as she jingled the bag. She then took out a small number of bits, before hiding the rest away inside the carriage. “If he didn’t go running off to Canterlot, he’ll be at Trixie’s next show. We can give him the rest when he does,” she said with a nod, before giving three bits to Reina. “Here’s your share.” The filly took the bits, a mixture of pride and concern in her eyes.

“Should I have these, if we’re going to just give him back his money?”

“Would you rather not?” Trixie asked with a raised eyebrow, getting a thoughtful look from the filly.

“I, I think I’ll keep it,” she replied. Trixie then let out a small sigh.

“Do you think he ran off to challenge Blueblood?” she asked, getting a shrug from her assistant, along with a ‘I’m just a filly’ look.

“Was that a lie too?” she asked, now giving Trixie a cross look.

“Of course it was! Trixie wouldn’t be caught dead with that stuffy colt!”

“Oh ho! The truth comes out!” a strangely deep yet effeminate voice cried out, making Reina and Trixie exchange confused looks. “Poof!” A small plume of smoke suddenly formed ahead of the carriage, making Trixie frown, quickly getting to her hooves, her magic pushing Reina behind her. “You spiteful woman, just like a vixen! Harpy! Witch! You easily claim the hearts of others, before tossing them aside.” The smoke started to clear, a dark silhouette forming in its center. “Truly. You. Are. FABULOUS!”

Trixie blinked in confusion as the smoke cleared, revealing a tall, provocatively well built stallion. He had a great deal of make-up on his handsome face, including lipstick, and he was pointing at Trixie in an odd pose.

“What the-? Wh- Who are you?” Trixie asked in a flustered tone, getting a deep chuckle from him.

“I am Onno, the Showstopper! Sparkle!” A plume of glitter exploded out from behind him, the sun’s light reflecting all sorts of colors around. “Maybe you’ve heard of me, oh Great and Powerful Trixie?” he asked with a toothy grin. Before she could reply, he pressed on. “No matter! What’s important is that you are here, in my lovely city! Tell me, you wish to perform here, yes?” he asked, making Trixie take a moment to clear her head, before giving him a guarded, but confident look.

“Trixie shall, tomorrow. Then, we’ll leave the following morning to the east,” she explained, Sid’s unseen ears perking in response.

“Ahh, intending to catch Cloudsdale as it drifts by!” he said energetically, his words making Trixie take a mental travel note. “Quite the traveler you are! Just wonderful!” he added joyously, before spinning on his hooves.

It was then that Trixie noticed that several passersby had stopped what what they were doing, giving both of them their attention. “And who are you, little miss? Don’t see many of your color around these parts,” he said as he looked to Reina. The filly blinked, not sure if she should answer what was clearly the strangest pony she’d ever encountered. Trixie considered Onno for a moment, adopting a small smile as she gave Reina an assuring push.

“I- I’m Reina. And this is Tiko,” she added as she pat her doll.

“You look funny!” Tiko pointed out, making Trixie cover her smirk as the stallion let out a loud laugh.

“That I do! This here, this, is the face of theater!" He struck another pose. "Make-up and gusto and bravado! All to hide the terrible truth!”

“Truth?” the filly asked.

“That it’s all an act!” he explained, getting a short laugh from Trixie. “The wiley vixen is amused! Most excellent.”

“Onno is an odd name for a pony,” Trixie pointed out coyly, “Is there more to it?”

“Well of course there is!”

“And just why would you call the Great and Powerful Trixie a vixen?” she asked in a playful, hurt tone, “She’s done nothing to earn such a name.”

“A slander of lies if I ever heard one. Truly, the mark of a magician,” he said, without an ounce of doubt. “Not that I mind! A vixen or a matron, hero or villain, the stage cares not! The audience shall applaud regardless!” He then eyed Reina, “What of you, young one, what song do you sing? What role do you portray?”

“Well, I don’t want to be a vixen,” Reina quickly replied, getting a laugh from him, and a frown from Trixie. “I don’t know about being a saint either. Can I just be me?” Trixie blinked at that, looking to her assistant, before adopting a proud smile.

“Oh ho~? You wish to play on stage as yourself?”

“Isn’t that what Trixie does?” Reina asked in a confused tone.

“Trixie is Trixie, on and off the stage,” the mare stated, before looking to him. “Trixie is curious, Onno, is this your performance, or do you actually use a stage?”

“Oh, this?” he asked as he motioned to all of his handsome self, “Consider this my way of greeting a fellow artist of high esteem! Trixie Lulamoon, Disciple of the Moon. Student of the Princess herself! Truly, it is an honor!” he said with a deep bow, making the mare blush. “And yes, I do have a show later, if you wish to see me shine!” he said, getting a nod from Trixie.

“Reina needs to see other showponies at work, so yes, we’re for seeing you ‘shine’.”

“Hah! Doubt! I love it!” He then pulled out two tickets, giving them to Reina and Trixie. “It starts in two hours. I’d be quite depressed if you missed it!”

“Fine with you?” Trixie asked the filly, getting a hesitant nod in reply.

“Most excellent! I look forward to your show too, Trixie. So as I leave, I say to you: Welcome to Tall Tale, where the stage is always shining, and the audience is always cheering! Flash!” And with that, there was a flash of light, briefly blinding everypony, as Onno twirled off, leaving behind many an amused mare, stallion, and one confused filly.

“Umm, do you become weird like Onno if you get cooties when you’re older?” she asked, making Trixie blink at her, before spitting out a laugh. “I told you, it’s not funny!” she said indignantly, her words being drowned out as Trixie doubled over, her humor on display for all to see, making Reina blush in embarrassment. The filly hugged her doll as the mare continued on for a solid minute. Trixie’s sides were aching, as her joy slowly died down.

“Oh gosh, the things parents tell their foals,” Trixie said as she wiped some tears from her eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Reina asked defensively, getting a short laugh in reply.

“Don’t worry about it,” the mare said, straightening her hat and cape, before appraising the ticket Onno had given her. “...His name isn’t here,” she said, surprised. Reina frowned at her for a moment longer, before letting out a sigh.

“What do they say?” she asked as she looked over hers.

“They’re tickets for a duet. Some band called r.A.R.u.” She then pointed to a pair of names on the ticket. “Don’t know what Onno intended, but he gave us tickets to see a concert for Coloratura and Sonata.”

“A band?”

“Yep, it’s going to be a show filled with music.”

“That sounds like fun,” Reina replied, an eager smile on her face.


Onno continued on through the theater district, waving and gretting at any mares, or stallions, that smiled at him. Reaching his destination, he grinned to himself when he noticed the long line of ponies forming outside, eager to be filed into the concert hall. With practice that would catch the vigilant off guard, the flashy and handsome stallion ducked down into an alley, disappearing from sight.

“I wonder how well their performance will be?” he asked out loud as he made his way to the back door. He then stopped, his eyes widening as something taut wrapped around him. It was firm, but not crushing. Adopting a smile, he loosened his knees, making him topple over, taking the invisible assailant with him.

Sid let out a small ‘oomph’ as she fell. But, she wasn’t going to be bested that easily. Laying still, Onno’s smile widened as the world went dark. A pair of hooves had closed his eyes.

“Guess who?” Sid asked, getting a friendly chuckle from the stallion

“Cottonmouth? Is that you?” he replied coyly, prompting Sid to tighten her hold.




“Oh! How could I forget! Bushmaster!”

“Onno…” Sid said, sounding a little impatient.

“Heh. Hey Sid. How’s my favorite garden viper doing?”

“I’m not a viper,” she said, half playful, half whining. “So, how’ve you been!?” she asked as her invisibility faded, revealing a mare happy to be with an old friend.

Author's Note:

My work schedule was wonky this week, so I'm kinda happy I was able to get this chapter out on time. :twilightblush:

I wouldn't be surprised if the stallion that declared love to Trixie was named Seth.

Rara and Sonata!? Yes. With all these OCs, I needed to add some canon characters in somewhere!
Regarding Sonata, the mirror was never made in the Trioverse, so a certain other trio was never banished.

I think this chapter is a little funnier than average, but I may be wrong. Either way, thanks for reading!


Now I get to figure out how to write a musical concert in story-book form. Why do I do these things to myself? :raritydespair:

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Comments ( 5 )

I liked this chapter it was funny and Onno was amusing.

I think this chapter is a little funnier than average, but I may be wrong.

Well Trixie sure thought so.

Huh, I wonder how did the sirens' story develop in this verse.

Pfft. Always good to see random characters turn the tables on Trixie. Can't help but expect some unfortunate things to happen in the near future though. Trixie might have to explain to Luna why a random groupie assaulted Blueblood.

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