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This story is a sequel to Luna's Protégé

Growing up is an adventure. Especially when it takes place under the tutelage of Princess Luna! Under her care, Twilight, Trixie, and Sunset are now friends. However, they're not quite PBFFs, yet. And since they've barely begun being Luna's Protégées, there's still a great deal left for them to learn.

Naturally, since they're still fillies, there will be some missteps, mistakes, and even the odd problem or two along the way. But, it's nothing they can't handle, as long as they have each other!

Direct sequel to Luna's Protégé
Set in the Trio-verse.

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Huh, Changelings and ponies. Has that happened already in Arc 3?

A very enjoyable chapter. Good job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

5883048 The events concerning the changelings is resolved during this story, so yes. Changelings aren't present in Arc 3, yet, because it's still winter. :twilightblush:

A basically friendly Chrysalis is a fun addition to this universe, though I wonder if, to balance things out, Luna has maybe made an enemy of someone that should be friendly.


There's a lot of peaceful folk who could be serious threats... Griffons are probably the biggest scapegoats in fanon, but if Iron Will were to be given a dark past instead of a Randy Savage persona, minotaurs could be intimidating... or taurics in general if you consider Tirek and Scorpan. Zecora's also usually on the side of good, but zebras in general might have issues with the Princess of the Night. Diamond Dogs are always fun, too.

Thank Luna there's coexistence for once, I'm tired of changelings being a constant enemy.

Anyways, great start to the story, and I can't wait for the next chapter, because I know I'll be enjoying this at least as much as your other stories. :twilightsmile:

Gotta love Changelings as allies ... and now I'm expecting the trio to help the integration along.

I wonder what Sunset has against the foalsitter/Cadance. I bet Trixie will be able to have loads of fun if she gets that appearance-changing spell off Luna.


5884877 With how sunset is she might see her as too nice. or feel something off about her magic.

5884877 5886557 or very jealous that Cadance is an Alicorn and Sunset isn't.

5890052 This is the part where I point out that the Cadance on the story's cover is a little different from canon Cadance. :twilightblush:
This is the part where I run and hide from the lynch mob while everyone else tries to figure out the implications of these differences.
Suffice to say, yes, Sunset is jealous, but not for the reason you pointed out.
Also want to quickly add: Cadance is definitely a very important character to this 'verse, and I already have everything concerning the Crystal Empire mapped out.

This is so cute. I like how Luna wasn't all "destroy the changelings" when Chrysalis revealed herself.

Nice chapter, but there's a few minor things you may want to edit, mostly usage of "its" instead of "it's".

“Trixie is sorry, Twily, but its hard.”

“It's like, Trixie knows it when we study, but at test time, its all gone.”


I mean, shouldn't they be using each other titles?

I think that should be "other's".

5883805 Don't tell me she killed Scootaloo!

That's totally what that halo means, right? Scoots is an angel?

she just wasn't use to choosing that over
as she stood on her back hoofs before Crystal
Tell Tale replied, in a manor that made
Then, someponies might get paranoid
knowing Trixie would want to pour through them immediately

1. Used.
2. Hooves.
3. Manner. Again.
4. Some ponies in this case. Try to imagine a parallel for someone and some people. This is the latter.
5. Pore.

Hmm... Could Tell Take not like Chryssy because of his special talent? I mean, his talent is implied. Many interesting events lay in store. And I do hope that one reason on the list to evade the GGG is used or at least attempted. Because hilarity.

Fire bubbles would be kind of cool, although the fact that they are FIRE bubbles probably means that it would be pretty dangerous. Sunny is learning to trust others! Yay Cadence!


Fire bubbles. Sounds like a mega man villain power.

Yes, cute fillies doing more cute things. :twilightsmile:

An enjoyable chapter. Good job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Don't know why you said worst chapter, I'm still enjoying it. :pinkiehappy:

Actually, I thought this chapter was funny enough! Made me smile when I realized what was in the bubbles. Loved the banter between Cadence and Sunset. Had to remember that Cadence is a Pegasus, so hard when all I've seen her as is an Alicorn. But a great story overall!

If this is the worst chapter I'm intrigued how good would "just bad" chapter be. Very enjoyable read.:twilightsmile:

“What's that Spike? It's time for din-din?”


This chapter is the worst and I apologize for everything.

I demand you apologize for your apology, good sir. No chapter featuring character interactions like what Sunset had with Cadance and Spike shall be called "the worst" while I'm around :flutterrage:.

I found the fire bubbles quite amusing, personally. You didn't go over the top with it, either, which was good.

Sunset Let out
that allowed him to eating food any foal
It's fire poofed out in every direction
Sunset appraised the burnt marks on the wall

1. Extra capitalisation.
2. Eat.
3. Its.
4. Burn.

Hmm... I have this bubbling feeling that there's a friendship bonfire going on inside of Sunset. It's small now but eventually it'll claw it's way up like a diamond in the rough and bite Sunset in the butt, infecting her with friendship. That'll be quite the gem to see.

Puns? I deliver.

The fire-filled bubbles were awesome! My chemistry teacher would love to see something like that XD He did the next best thing, which was blowing bubbles with methane gas (from a canister with a funnel-like nozzle on the end for dipping in the bubble solution) and lighting them on fire with a burning wood splint. Those were cool! Spike's fire bubbles sound even more epic.

I love this chapter. It's great to explore how Sunset would be a totally possessive mother figure for Spike, and of course Spike is super cute here. I also like how Luna here is even more secretive than canon Celestia is about things, it does seem to fit her. I think Luna picked Cadance in particular not because she would be the best at watching Spike (though I'm sure she does a great job), but because Luna hoped someone as relentlessly cheerful and loving as Cadance would be able to bond with Sunset.

Seems someone is a fan of "how to train your dragon." considering how many references about that movie/book/show you sneaked in this chapter here. :twilightsmile:

Personally I find this chapter no this whole story good so far. A single chapter focussed on only one of your major characters isn't bad but actually good thing. An entire story especially something that is such a main plot device isn't. But I have enough said about what I didn't like in the previous story. Now back to the good parts of this current one.

The humour is death on. I actually laughed all the shenanigans and more importantly the interactions between all the ponies in all the situations. This is were you truly shine in your writing. :pinkiehappy:

Chrysalis not being evil here was a twist one I didn't saw coming though I did expected Crystal to be her that Luna knew whom she really was and they were friends was really kind of a twist. Well that could have been if the title hadn't gave that twist away. In this case making a title name obscured by not letting the reader forewarned would have actually made the chapter better. For example if you called the chapter "Luna's Friend." then the title would be accurate and yet not spoiling the big secret twist. :twilightsmile:

But that actually makes me wonder whom else isn't evil in this universe? The Sirens perhaps? Well don't answer but do answer me if your planning to use some of the old G1 villains such as the Smooze, Lavan and Grogar as replacements for those villains you turned around or are you planning to make you own villains? :trixieshiftright:

Overall the title spoiler is actually a small nitpick but beyond that I overall enjoy the story so far. Especially this chapter with all the sneak references to how to train your dragon. :raritywink:

Hmmm... I enjoyed this chapter. :twilightsmile:

Still I wonder if something more could have been added. :applejackunsure:

I mean it was clear Trixie was having trouble learning history, I was kinda suspecting you went to the 1.2..3.. testing trope. You know the episode where Rainbow Dash needs to learn the history of the wonderbolts. In that episode we were introduced to the different ways of learning. Perhaps for a later chapter I guess. I mean Trixie is the perfect candidate to have a hard time learning the traditional ways.:raritywink:

Still that is once again nitpicking I like the entire idea that the effort itself was what counted. Once again you shine with the character interaction to their environment. Trixies doubt was also a great thing to have added or that she hides it in the beginning so well. Yes she sound confident but you gave us small hints that she was indeed doubting herself and that she forced herself confidence.:pinkiesmile:

This was a good chapter and can't wait to read the next one with Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Awesome chapter. Wish I could tell Trixie that cramming and stressing are some of the worst things you can do before a test.

Oh, and ...

It pains me when someone says history is boring.

I'm studying to become a history teacher for a reason, dammit!

Here's an awesome pic to leave you with:

That is indeed an awsome pic. Who made it, if I may ask?

Another enjoyable chapter. Great job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Though it was already starting to fade, she was pretty sure it had something to do with Edison Spark and Tesla Coil arguing over whose inventions were Greater and more Powerful.

“It's about being brilliant!” Relative Stein interjected, causing Tesla and Edison to roll their eyes in tandem.

Those names... :rainbowlaugh:

With that, the three of them returned to their room, and during the walk, Twilight and Sunset started discussing the answers given for the exam. As they talked, Trixie started to feel a little confused, as she couldn't recall if her answers lined up with theirs.

This used to happen to me all the time in High School, regardless of whether I'd done well or not :twilightoops:.

Really loved Trixie/Tell Tale's interactions, and the bit with Luna at the end.

I love history too, but given the amount of subjects I don't/didn't like, I really understand where Trixie's coming from.

5928550 History is sooooo boring.

I mean, there are interesting bits buried in there, but as a class that people want you to learn and be tested on, it's the most tedious thing imaginable.


there is a lot going on in that image.

Good chapter the two things I thought were a bit odd were one Twilight called her the clever one and that sir tell tale bonded with trixie first.

I can't really by Trixie as the clever one because you've gone out of your way to make her the dumbest one of Luna's students. I think of her as being the one that has an who understands magic on a fundamental level. She's like an animal using her magic she uses it more out of instincts then actual skill or finesse.

The way you've written Trixie I'd imagine that her studies either be he deepening her connection to magic[ meditation (which would be the complete opposite of trixie)] or for her to express herself and her magic in a physical way [dancing(which would be something up her ally)] or a combination of the two.

The second thing I found odd was that tell tale bonded with trixie. I thought he would of bonded with twilight because she want his job and all.


this really doesn't feel like a trixie story more like a group story with trixie as the main plot device.

5929595 I get the feeling Sunset is the determined one, Twilight is the smart one, and Trixie is the clever one. Trixie isn't going to (deliberately) use trial and error or make a mathematical model, she's going to intuit the answer without really knowing how she got to it.

There will ten questions
You score will rely on how
You concern for Trixie is noted
He opened to book, revealing a

1. There will be ten questions.
2. Your 
3. Your.
4. The.

History can be both boring and interesting. For me it was interesting learning about the different countries and so on but mostly of the Chinese history and their battles. Helped that I played Dynasty Warriors alot. 

It can be boring when the education system is forcing students to remember one specific skewed part of history that is actually more towards religion than our own country's history. Looking at you Malaysia Ministry of Education.

I also keep imagining Trixie sitting on her haunches, have one of her front hooves raised up at an angle, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open just saying "Kay~!"

Also... Trixie could learn that illusion spell in her sleep!


Let's see who understands the double meaning here :trollestia:

I just love the way you write Trixie's dialog. You've turned her into a great (and powerful) character and my favorite in your story. Well done!


Baby Spike is very cute and SS trying to look after him by herself was sweet as well, glad she asked for help.

So did Cadence miss the alicorn train or will she earn her horn later?

Nice chapter, but I am curious about something. Did you get the name, "Hat Trick" from A Pony Displaced?


So did Cadence miss the alicorn train or will she earn her horn later?

That train's conductor is currently banished in the Sun, and that's all I'm saying on the matter. :twilightblush:


Did you get the name, "Hat Trick" from A Pony Displaced?

Nope. I've only read a very small number of fanfics, and mostly stopped reading when I started writing. Hat Trick sounds like a name a pony would have, so I'm not surprised that there's a Hat Trick in another fic. I assure you that any similarities are pure coincidence. :twilightsmile:

Well I like history. What I don't like are history tests. They always ask crap like "what day of what year did this happen?" which is completely useless trivia. Every year teachers give the same lecture that we learn about history so that we can learn from the mistakes and triumphs of our forefathers. What the heck does the fact that Columbus sailed in 1492 have to do with learning from the past? It's completely irrelevant!
I got lucky this year, my teacher hates tests and believes that people learn best when the whole thing is made a story. We learned about WW2 by watching "World War Two in HD" which is a narrated hour long movie of restored film from the actual battlefield and "Tora Tora Tora" which is about the events leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. For the cold war and communism we played communist monopoly for a day. Why is it that new teachers are always the best ones? Why do other teachers work so hard to come up with less effective material?


From what he did he sounds more like Quartermoon the Magnificent (Trixie's grandfather) from the Lunaverse.

God! Trixie was so cute in this one, I felt really bad for her when she failed her test despite trying so very hard.

Good chapter, just a question... Is a Prince Blueblood in this universe?


'Baking the Impossible'. = That book have anything about teleporting bread?


Is a Prince Blueblood in this universe?

Yes. To be appearing in a future chapter.

'Baking the Impossible'. = That book have anything about teleporting bread?

Theoretically, it does. :pinkiehappy:

Hate to say it but, I think you write better when the trio are little rather than when they are grown up. I really enjoyed the chapter!

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