• Published 19th Apr 2015
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The Fillies of Canterlot Castle - MrAlterad

The young Twilight, Trixie, and Sunset are taught by Princess Luna in her castle. Exposing the fillies to everything that comes with being the Princess of Equestria.

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1. A Canterlot Visitor

In a particular room of the castle, one that had no hidden doors to secret hallways, were Luna's students. With their weekend just beginning, they were now free of class activities for the next few days. The comfortably cool air outside their room was ripe with the smell of flowers, the songs of birds ringing through the air, evidence of another beautiful spring afternoon. So, naturally, all three of them were preoccupied with homework, or to be more specific, studying. Not that Twilight minded.

The three of them were looking over material for a history exam on Monday, the first real exam they'd be taking as Luna's protégées. Twilight herself was grading a practice test that she had Trixie take, and she was finding her supply of red ink start to run out, to her exasperation. Completing her task, Twilight noticed that Trixie was playing with the spell they were taught this week, a spell that caused plants to grow.

I really need to get that down before Tuesday. Twilight thought to herself with a nod as she got Trixie's attention. As she approached Twilight, Trixie's ears fell, as she didn't even need to look at her results to guess how she fared.

She tried so hard, and yet... Twilight thought as she adopted a worried look. Even with my help, passing that test is gonna be rough.

“Trixie is sorry, Twily, but it's hard.” She admitted as she looked over the results of the practice test Twilight had given her. “It's like, Trixie knows it when we study, but at test time, it's all gone.”

“Well,” Twilight began, trying to push away her doubts as she put on a reassuring smile, “The exam isn't till Monday, so we still have some time-” Twilight paused, her eyes widening as she looked to her friend. “Trixie, what if I went with you to your home? To help study, that is.” She asked, and Trixie put a great deal of thought into it before shaking her head.

“Trixie thinks we'd play more than study.” She pointed out, and Twilight looked like she wanted to argue, but was interrupted by Sunset.

“She's got a point, Twilight. You haven't been to her place before, right?” Sunset asked, and Twilight nodded, getting a sigh from Sunset as she adopted an annoyed expression, “So your first weekend there will probably end with Trixie's parents doting all over you, and Trixie being too excited to study.”

Well, that would be distracting, for both of us... Twilight thought as she looked to Trixie, who seemed to be considering something before nodding to herself.

“This is a big deal!” Trixie stated, adopting a determined look, “So, Trixie will stay at the castle instead.” Sunset and Twilight shared a look at her statement. If she followed through with that, it would be her first weekend skipping home since becoming one of Luna's. Something then dawned on Trixie. “That is, if Twily stays too,” she added, giving a Twilight a sheepish grin. Twilight didn't even pause to consider it.

“Well, it can't be helped.” Twilight replied, giving Trixie a reassuring look, “I'll stay.” A look of realization then welcomed Twilight as she looked to her two friends, “Wait, that means this'll be the first time we've all stayed at the castle over the weekend.” Twilight pointed out, prompting Sunset to roll her eyes as she shook her head.

“Like that's anything special.” Sunset replied.

“Well, maybe it is?” Twilight wondered as she glanced over her notes again. She then mentally winced when she recalled that the castle was now truly Sunset's new home, as she refused to visit the home she grew up in.

“Should we have some fun?” Trixie asked wide-eyed, getting a very quick response from Sunset, prompting a sigh of relief from Twilight, who was worried she had upset her.

“The difference between this,” Sunset began, “and the both of you going to Trixie's, is that I'm here to keep you on track.” She finished with a determined, and slightly sly smile.

“Ahhh~~!” Trixie wailed, “You're no fun!”

“You do want to pass the history test, right?” Sunset asked, giving Trixie a hard look.

“R-Right!” She replied hesitantly.

“Then the fun can wait till-” The blaring sound of trumpets cut Sunset off, immediately drawing their attention to the room's balcony, which overlooked the front of the castle.

“That sounds sort of like what they play when Luna returns to the castle.” Twilight said.

“But it's different,” Sunset pointed out, “does that mean-”

“Somepony new!?” Trixie asked, failing to notice the slightly annoyed look Sunset was giving her. Without waiting for a reply, Trixie ran to the balcony to their room, opening it up and heading out to look over the castle's front garden below. Twilight quickly followed her, just as curious as Trixie, while Sunset took her time, dragging an slightly bothered aura with her. As Twilight looked down into the garden, her mouth fell open as her eyes took in their guest.

It's a princess! Twilight thought in surprise, finding the notion strangely novel, considering they've spent almost everyday for over a month in the care and tutelage of Princess Luna.

The princess in question was taller than Luna, which Twilight also found surprising. She had a white coat, and almost grayish blue mane and tail. Her mane was quite long and straight, with a strand of it running over her face. She was wearing a small, four pointed golden crown with little bulbs on the crowns tips. And she carried an air of authority about her as she approached the castle's entrance with two bat-pony guards at her side.

“So, have you heard of any other princesses besides Luna?” Sunset asked after looking over the visitor.

“Well, there's that mural in the library, but besides that, not really.” Twilight admitted as her mind raced through the new possibilities this guess presented. Sunset nodded to herself, turning to leave the balcony.

“If Luna didn't feel like telling us about her," Sunset began, "then she mustn't be that import-”

“Oh! Trixie has an idea!" she let out energetically, "We should say hi~!” she declared, failing to notice Sunset pat the ground lightly with a forehoof in frustration, muttering something about being interrupted three times too many beneath her breath.

“Trixie,” Sunset started, trying to keep her cool, “We should let Tell Tale and the guards-”

Trixie was in her own world, ignoring Sunset's words as she excitedly turned around, and started galloping out of the room, running past the notes she was suppose to be looking over.

“Come on Sunny, Twily! Let's say hi!” She yelled over her shoulder as she left, a big smile on her face.

“Trixie!?” Twilight cried out, moving to chase after her. She made it three paces before she felt tingly all over, her body wrapped in an emerald aura, her hooves no longer touching the ground. Twilight looked to Sunset, her confusion becoming concern as she noticed the small scowl on Sunset's face. Sunset stood there for several moments before letting out a very heavy, and almost exaggerated sigh, putting Twilight down as she approached her.

“Twilight, can you stop Trixie from making a foal of herself?” Sunset asked, “I, I think I've had enough of her for today.”

“But, I'll never catch up to her now!” Twilight declared, masking her own annoyance at Sunset's behavior. I was going after her in the first place! Twilight wanted to say, but kept it to herself. Sunset looked at her, giving her a surprised look, before shaking her head.

“Twilight. You can teleport, remember?”

“Oh.” Right. Twilight thought as she felt an odd urge to face-hoof. She had the easiest time with teleporting of the three of them, she just wasn't used to choosing that over, well, walking. Twilight was about to use her magic, but hesitated as she looked to Sunset. “So you're not going to meet the Princess?” Twilight asked, and Sunset quickly shook her head.

“No. Not with Trixie, anyway.” Sunset admitted, glancing to the side, “I know we're friends now, but, I'm just not used to the whole thing. I just need to cool down, or I'll end up picking another fight. I don't want to ever repeat what happened last week.” Sunset declared, getting a concerned smile from Twilight.

“Sunset, if you don't want to fight her, then you won't.” Twilight pointed out, getting a small, uncertain nod from Sunset.

“Well, I'm going to check on Spike, mind telling me all about it later?” Sunset asked, and Twilight nodded. With a small smile, Sunset started towards the exit, then adopted a slightly bothered look, “Though, I guess I'm trading Trixie in for her, instead.”

Her?” Twilight asked, “You mean Spike's foalsitter?” Twilight asked, a little confused by Sunset's tone. Sunset nodded as she left, and Twilight found herself wondering what problem her friend had with the foalsitter. I mean, she seems nice to me, Twilight affirmed to herself. The sound of Sunset clearing her throat then caught her attention, reminding Twilight of somepony she had to stop.

“R-Right!” She let out as she gathered her magic, picturing the bottom of the long stairwell Trixie would have to go down to reach the first floor. In a flash, Twilight was there, and she quickly looked around to find her enthusiastic friend.

She was surprised to spot Trixie talking to Sir Tell Tale a little down the hall. Luna's bookkeeper and Trixie both looked to Twilight in unison. Trixie looked a little winded, while Tell Tale looked amused with whatever it was the two just discussed.

“So you wish to see our guest too, Twilight?” He asked with a knowing look, getting a small nod from Twilight as he proceeded down the hall. “Then by all means, let's greet her.” Trixie and Twilight exchanged an excited look, and moved to the bookkeeper's side. “And Ms. Shimmer?” He asked, prompting Twilight to shake her head as her ears fell. “I see.” He said in a neutral tone, which made Twilight look to him. He noticed her look, and simply shook his head. “If she wants nothing to do with foreigners, that's her choice.” He simply stated, but Twilight was under the impression that Tell Tale was disappointed.

“Is Luna gonna greet Princess-” Trixie began, then paused as she adopted a confused look, “Princess, uh, what's her name?”

“Princess Crystal,” Sir Tell Tale explained, then adopted a slight smile, “She rules over the Badlands.”

“Oh!” Trixie replied, sounding as if that was enough for her, while Twilight adopted a contemplating look.

The Badlands? But nopony lives there. Its too hot and dangerous! Twilight thought, now wondering if the books she read on the Badlands were right. However, Twilight didn't get much time to dwell on this information, as she found that they were now standing before the visiting alicorn, to Twilight's surprise. I- I need to pay more attention to my surroundings! She thought, not for the first time, or the last time.

The Princess was standing before Sir Tell Tale, her two guards at her side as she gave Tell Tale a conflicted look. Like she just saw a book that was put back in the wrong part of the library, and didn't have the time to put it where it belonged. Sir Tell Tale himself had abandoned his smile, looking conflicted as well, giving Twilight the impression that the two knew each other.

Well, he is Luna's bookkeeper, so that makes sense-

“Tell Tale.” Crystal stated curtly.

“Crystal.” He replied in kind, the brief exchange radiating with a level of familiarity that surprised Twilight.

They didn't use titles? Twilight considered as Trixie moved to Tell Tale's side, poking him to get his attention. She looked to him with eager eyes, and he nodded as he stepped aside, getting a smile from Trixie. Tell Tale made a hoof-gesture to Crystal's guards, who gave a subtle nod as Trixie's attempted to clear her throat to get the Princess's attention.

Trixie's horn glowed, and with a poof of smoke, she set off a series of colorful fireworks as she stood on her back hooves before Crystal. Trixie's cape blew in a conjured gust as she gave Crystal a hearty greeting, who was completely caught off guard with the presentation.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie welcomes you to our castle, Princess!” Trixie let out with a beaming smile, the conjured wind blowing her hat off. Twilight mentally groaned as Crystal's cheeks flushed lightly, her demeanor shifting from surprise to something more warm and inviting.

“Well, that's certainly a welcome!” Crystal declared, clearly amused, “You must be one of Luna's new students. Well met, Trixie, I am Princess Crystal,” She then adopted a sly smile as she placed a hoof on her chest, “And I assure you, that I am even greater, and more powerful!” Trixie looked at her wide eyed, then adopted a sly smile herself.

“That's okay! Having two Great and Powerful ponies in the same place is simply...” Trixie paused for a moment, unable to find a fitting word.

“Amazing?” Crystal finished, getting a quick nod from Trixie.

“Right~!” She affirmed. Trixie's smile then started to fade as she appraised Crystal, seeming to notice something that took up Trixie's focus. Twilight then felt her fur briefly stand on end as Crystal looked to her. Remembering that she was standing before royalty, Twilight immediately bowed to the Princess, who let an exaggerated sigh.

“I can't have Luna's students bowing to me, that would just be rude.” She stated with a annoyed look, confusing Twilight as Crystal helped Twilight back up. Sir Tell Tale then bowed lightly to Crystal, who blushed lightly as she glared at him.

“Welcome back to Canterlot, Crystal.” He said, masking a small smile as he stood tall.

“You didn't need to bow either-” Crystal began, her eyes then narrowed, “You did that on purpose, didn't you?”

“I'll admit, I did find your reaction amusing.” Tell Tale admitted, getting an annoyed sigh from Crystal. “As she has said, this is Trixie, Trixie Lulamoon,” Tell Tale explained as he indicated the blue filly, who gave her brightest grin, getting a small blush from the alicorn in turn, “She's quite nimble with magic. And this is Twilight Sparkle, who has quite the thirst for knowledge.” Tell Tale finished as he indicated Twilight, getting a small nod from Crystal.

“It's nice to meet the two of you.” Crystal began, seeming to want to say more, but keeping it to herself as she looked to Sir Tell Tale, “I see you're in good health,” Crystal said in a slightly exaggerated tone, “so I guess congratulations are in order.”

“You're too kind, Your Highness.” Tell Tale replied, in a manner that made Crystal and Twilight unsure if he was mocking the princess or not. Tell Tale then adopted a slightly concerned look as he looked to her. “How are things in the family? Anything we can help with?” He asked, prompting Crystal to glance to the side briefly before shaking her head.

“The family is ... fine. But, there are important matters I need to talk to Luna about.” Crystal stated, prompting Tell Tale to briefly adopt a worried look as he nodded.

Wait. Twilight thought as she looked between Tell Tale and Crystal, Are they friends? I mean, shouldn't they be using each other's titles? She wondered as she moved up to the stallion.

“Um, Sir Tell Tale,” Twilight began, getting an unexpected look from him and Crystal, “Are you two friends?” She asked, causing the two to blink in unison as they processed her question.

“Us? Friends?” Crystal asked, sounding almost offended as she looked away, a little confused.

“Well, Crystal and Luna are friends, but...” Tell Tale explained, adopting an uncertain look. It took a moment for Crystal and Tell Tale to regain their composure as an awkward silence fell over the group. Twilight briefly wondered if she had asked a bad question, but her doubts were dissuaded when Tell Tale cleared his throat. “Well," he began, looking to Princess Crystal, "if you have something important to discuss with Luna, then I'll need to get a number of things.” He then looked to the fillies, Twilight was eyeing him curiously, while Trixie was still appraising Crystal. “Trixie, Twilight, could you leave Crystal and Princess Luna alone for the rest of the day?”

“'Kay~!” Trixie quickly replied, getting a surprised look from Twilight. Twilight briefly wondered how long Crystal would be staying, before also nodding her head. With that, Tell Tale gave Crystal a nod, and she returned it, as he headed off. Trixie and Twilight did so as well, Crystal giving them a fond wave as they returned to the stairwell. Trixie then stopped, getting a confused look from Twilight as Trixie was considering something. The blue filly then nodded to herself, giving Twilight a smile.

“Twily, Trixie feels something about the Princess. She's got some magic that's hiding something!” Trixie explained, making Twilight tilt her head in confusion.

“Magic? So she's covered in a spell?” Twilight asked skeptically.

“Uh-huh. It's like,” Trixie's brow furrowed as she tried to figure out how to describe it, “It's like all over her, and it makes her look different.” She then hesitated, “At least, Trixie thinks so.”

“Wanna ask her about it?” Twilight asked, and Trixie quickly shook her head as she adopted a mischievous smile.

“Trixie's gonna follow her and see if she ends the spell!”

“W-What!? Why!?” Twilight asked in shock.

“Shhh! Twily, not so loud!” Trixie replied as she placed a hoof to Twilight's mouth. “Trixie wants to 'cause it's fun!” Trixie declared, and started to move around the corner, then she looked to her hooves in alarm. Her horn glowed briefly, her hooves glowing in tandem as her spell was cast. She then tapped a hoof on the ground, and there was no noise from it. She then looked to Twilight with a smile, “Wanna go with Trixie?” She asked innocently as she peaked around the corner, seeing Crystal continuing down the hall, Tell Tale no longer in sight. Twilight looked to Trixie, seriously considering her question.

Sneaking around, that's bad! We'll get in trouble! Twilight worried, looking to Trixie, who was radiating confidence. But, she's so sure of herself right now. She's completely different from when she got the test results. Twilight considered, not liking the idea of stopping Trixie and spoiling her good mood. Well, if I'm with her, I can help, right? Twilight reluctantly concluded, giving Trixie a nod, who gave her a very happy grin, and to Twilight's surprise, a small hug.

“Thanks Twily. This is fun! So trust Trixie!” Trixie affirmed as she eyed Twilight's hooves, her horn glowing. Twilight felt her hooves tingle briefly as Trixie enchanted them, and feeling Trixie's spell being effortlessly applied made Twilight blush, a small part of her admiring how easily Trixie made it look. “Okay,” Trixie began, “Follow Trixie! Trixie is really good at this, so we'll be fine! 'Kay?” She asked as she tilted her head, and Twilight nodded, putting faith in her friend. They then quietly snuck around the corner, quickly darting to another hiding spot as they got closer to Crystal, who was continuing down the hall.

They did this several times, Twilight's attention becoming more focused as her heart raced each time, fearing they would be caught. But, Trixie was true to her word, and before long, Twilight found a smile on her face, unaware that she was having fun. The strength of the pounding in her chest spooked away the worry always close to her thoughts, and she found herself excited to see what lay at the end of this unexpected activity.

As they proceeded through the castle towards the library, Twilight noticed when they snuck past castle guards that Trixie would either distract, or ignore certain ponies. One stallion gave them a small nod as they snuck by, finding their entire operation amusing. Twilight for one felt as if her heart was going to jump out of her chest when their eyes met, and was thoroughly confused when he let them pass without saying a thing.

The only part of Twilight that could force its way past the booming in her chest, was her curiosity. As Crystal was getting close to the library, Twilight took the opportunity to ask Trixie a question when they reached another hiding spot.

“Trixie, do you do this a lot?” Twilight asked, surprised by the finesse Trixie showed, seeing that though the filly couldn't manage a mock history test that well, was still quite skilled. Trixie looked at Twilight, a little confused.

“What, play?” She asked, tilting her head.

“This is playing?” Twilight asked in surprise.

“Yea~! We're hiding, and the Princess is it!” Trixie explained with a smile, and Twilight was suddenly unsure if Trixie's motives were still the same as when they started. Trixie was clearly enjoying herself, and Twilight was under the impression that Trixie forgot why they were following the princess.

“Oh! She found Luna~!” Trixie chimed out, prompting Twilight to peek around the corner. Princess Crystal was standing before the library, in front of Princess Luna, and Luna was giving her a warm smile. With a small motion, Crystal dismissed her two guards, and in short order they flew away, past the fillies, leaving the two alicorns alone. Once again, as the guards passed, Twilight felt her heart freeze as she feared they were spotted, but they passed without incident, and her heartbeat returned to normal as she took in a deep breath. Though, she could have sworn that they had spotted her and Trixie.

This is so weird! Twilight thought as she appraised herself. Her hooves were shaking, but she didn't find the entire experience to be unpleasant. In fact, she realized that she was still smiling.

Smiling, because they hadn't been found. Wait. I'm enjoying this? Being the filly she is, this was her first time playing 'hide and seek', and she found herself looking to Trixie, who was eyeing the princess's with a determined look. This is completely different from O&O, but, it's kind of fun! Twilight thought with a smile as she peaked around the corner as well.

“Chrys,” Luna began, her lack of formalities even more pronounced then Sir Tell Tale, “it's been what, half a year now?” She asked in a soothing tone, getting a conflicted smile from the white alicorn.

“Hmph, not long enough if you ask me.” Crystal replied, blushing lightly as Luna briefly hugged her, looking away as if the entire exchange hadn't happened, “Your kingdom didn't burn down while I slept, so that's good, I suppose.” She stated as she glanced to the side.

“I've missed you too.” Luna replied with a hearty smile.

So she is Luna's friend! Twilight affirmed to herself, suddenly feeling guilty for eavesdropping. Despite her guilt, however, she found she couldn't pry her eyes from them.

“I do hope this is just a social visit.” Luna added, which made Crystal eye the ground as she shook her head.

“Of course it isn't,” she began, a little annoyed by that fact, “It's about the Feeder's Well-” She added, then seemed to recall something, as she immediately cut herself off as she shook her head. “But we can talk about that when Tell Tale returns.” She affirmed, and Luna nodded, a concerned look briefly showing on her face. “So, I met two of your students, Trixie and Twilight. I thought there were three of them?” She then gave Luna an aside glance, “You didn't already misplace one, did you?” She asked, and Luna simply shook her head. She then appraised Crystal, letting out a small sigh.

“The guards are gone, you can be as you are, if you'd like.” Luna offered, making Twilight and Trixie share an intrigued look.

“Well, I'm not to fond of this look anyway. Honestly, how can you stand these feathers!?” Crystal exclaimed as she gave her wings a flap, “They itch all the time!” she bemoaned, then, her body started to glow and shift.

Her fur disappeared, replaced with hard black chitin. Her horn changed shape, shifting into something more sinister and curved. Her golden crown turned black, and her wings were traded out from feathers to insect-like webs. Twilight took the transformation in as she stared wide-eyed at something she thought was simply legend. A changeling.

A changeling!? Aren't those supposed to be monsters!? Twilight wondered as she took a step back, while Trixie stood her ground.

“Okay,” Trixie began, her ears falling in disappointment, “Trixie thinks she can't do that,” she admitted. She then adopted a confused smile as she appraised Crystal, then looked to Twilight. “I've never seen a pony like her before!”

“That's because she's a changeling, Trixie.” Twilight explained in an alarmed whisper, “A changeling can change to look like anypony. And from the old legends I've read, they feed off of the love of ponies.” She added skeptically. Her fur then stood on end as she heard a familiar stallion clear his throat from behind them.

Twilight's heart skipped a beat, and her ears fell as she turned around, seeing Sir Tell Tale giving them a very disapproving look. Sir Tell Tale! We're in so much trouble... Twilight thought, all traces of her earlier excitement completely gone.

Sir Tell Tale tapped the ground with his forehoof a couple times, then pointed to the princesses, the message quite clear as Twilight and Trixie abandoned their hiding place, exposing themselves to the others. Luna and Crystal were looking to the fillies, their attention drawn by Tell Tale's tapping, and Crystal looked completely flustered as she gathered her magic, but Luna stopped her, shaking her head as she gave her friend a reassuring look. Trixie and Twilight followed Tell Tale up to Luna, and there was a moment's pause before Luna spoke up.

“Well, I guess the secret's out.” Luna affirmed in a slightly amused tone, getting an annoyed look from Crystal.

“You make it sound so trivial!” Crystal stated as she let out a sigh, then looked to the fillies. “Hello again, Trixie, Twilight. As you can see, I'm not a pony.” She looked to Luna, who nodded, prompting Crystal to continue, "My true name and title is Queen Chrysalis, and I'm the mother of the changelings."

Mother of the changelings? A queen? Twilight thought as she looked to Chrysalis.

“So, the legends of the changelings were true?” Twilight asked sheepishly, looking to her teachers. “You know, about them feeding on love...”

“That's right Twilight, the legends are true.” Luna replied, then gave Twilight a reassuring smile, “But long ago, we found a way to coexist.” Twilight considered that for a moment before looking to Chrysalis.

“Luna, Chrysalis, I'm sorry we eavesdropped.” Twilight began, her ears still down as she cast her eyes to the floor. “Trixie wanted to play, and I decided to join her.” She explained, unintentionally leaving out the actual reason why Trixie wanted to follow Chrysalis.

“I was wondering why my guards seemed amused when they parted.” Chrysalis stated, prompting Tell Tale to adopt a considering look.

“Trixie,” Sir Tell Tale began, getting a worried look from the blue filly, “Why did you want to follow Chrys?” Twilight and Trixie blinked, his question reminding Twilight of how insightful Tell Tale was.

“Uhh, well, Trixie felt some odd magic on Tally.”

“Tally?” Twilight and Chrysalis asked in the same time, prompting Trixie to point at the queen.

She got that from Crystal? Twilight assumed as Luna and Chrysalis shared a slightly surprised look.

“You could feel that I wasn't a pony?” Chrysalis asked, getting a quick nod from Trixie.

“Then, I suppose the fillies learning this secret was inevitable.” Sir Tell Tale added. Twilight and Trixie shared a look, and Twilight recalled Luna mentioning that there was coexistence between ponies and changelings.

“Um, why are the changelings a secret?” Twilight asked, prompting Chrysalis to adopt a slightly pained look.

“That's complicated.” The changeling queen replied, glancing to the side, “Not all of my children are fond of our current coexistence, so we keep to ourselves to make sure no one tries anything that would upset me.”

“And I don't want my subjects to be fearful of the changelings,” Luna explained, “that could lead to poor decisions in the future. Ponies and Changelings are both children of Equestria, and we believe we can live in harmony.” Luna then nodded, and Twilight saw a fire in her eyes that was almost infectious. “We've been building towards that future for some time now.” Luna firmly stated, looking lost in thought as Chrysalis nodded.

“Trixie,” Sir Tell Tale began, getting her attention, “if you tell anypony about Crystal's secret, I will know.” He said sternly, making Trixie look to him wide-eyed.

“Hey! Don't you use that tone with her!” Chrysalis replied, getting a nod of agreement from Luna, prompting Sir Tell Tale to adopt a surprised look.

“My apologies, Trixie, Princess Luna, Crystal.” He replied as he looked to the others, he then cleared his throat, adopting the tone and posture he took when he was teaching. “Still, this is important. Trixie, Twilight, in this castle are many secrets. Living here, you are bound to unearth a number of them, just as you've stumbled across Crystal's secret. I don't doubt you'll find others, by purpose or by accident. As Luna's students, it's your responsibility to keep the secrets of Canterlot within the confines of these walls.” Sir Tell Tale explained as Chrysalis mumbled something along the lines of Sir Tell Tale being an idiot for telling the fillies there were other secrets in the castle. The fillies shared a curious look before turning back to the stallion.

“Why?” Trixie asked curiously. Her one word question confused Twilight, not sure what Trixie was truly asking of Tell Tale.

“Why must it be kept?” Tell Tale stated, and Twilight suspect he said it for her benefit, “Because secrets can be terrible things.” He confidently replied, then looked to Trixie, “Trixie, what do you think would happen if you told somepony about Crystal?” Trixie looked between Tell Tale and Chrysalis for a moment before shrugging.

“Trixie doesn't know.”

“Twilight?” Tell Tale asked.

“Um, ponies would wonder why it was a secret?” It was one of the first things she wondered when she learned it, after all.

“And her subjects would lose some trust in their princess.” Chrysalis stated with a slightly disappointed expression, “Then, some ponies might get paranoid, wondering if somepony they know is a changeling or not.”

“...So, it's a secret, 'cause if ponies knew, they'd be unhappy?” Trixie asked, getting a nod from Luna.

“When the time is ready,” Luna began, “I'll tell everypony the truth. But, that time is still years away.”

“And the other secrets?” Twilight asked.

“Well, not many of them are as big as this one,” Tell Tale stated, “but secrets are secrets. We're trusting you to keep them to yourselves, and I'm hoping that you won't disappoint that trust.” He stated, getting a firm nod from Twilight as Trixie considered something.

“What about Sunny?” Trixie asked.

“I think she already understands this,” Luna began, then looked to Twilight, “Though if you'd like, you can share what you've just learned with her.” Twilight briefly considered that before giving a quick nod, looking forward to that encounter.

“Now, it's about time you two head off, for real this time.” Tell Tale stated, getting a disappointed look from the fillies, “Now now, Crystal came here for an important reason, and we shouldn't put it off any longer.”

“Okay,” Twilight and Trixie replied in unison, both sounding dejected. Trixie then recalled something as she turned to Luna.

“Hey, Luna.”

“Yes Trixie?”

“Can Trixie learn a spell like the one Tally uses?” Trixie asked, and Luna considered it briefly before nodding.

“There is a spell unicorns can cast that can mimic it, yes.”

“Really!? Can Luna show Trixie?” Trixie asked enthusiastically, getting a smile from Luna.

“Tell you what Trixie, show me your best effort on Monday's test, and I'll do just that.” Luna offered, and Trixie faltered for a moment, before adopting a fiery look in her eyes.

“Okay!” With that, she looked to Chrysalis, “Later Tally! Hope we can talk later~!” And without waiting for a reply, Trixie turned around and bolted off to the stairwell. She tripped halfway through her gallop, before getting on her hooves, rubbing her face, and continuing on, making Twilight shake her head with a smile.

“It was nice meeting you Queen Chrysalis. Can- Can we talk about changelings later?” Twilight asked hesitantly.

“I suppose I could, when I have time.” Chrysalis replied, looking as if the entire notion was a bother. Twilight faltered for a moment, then noticed that Sir Tell Tale was giving her a reassuring nod.

Adopting a smile, Twilight waved to the three of them before gathering her magic, teleporting back to her room, arriving well before Trixie did. Looking back over her notes, she reorganized them, knowing Trixie would want to pore through them immediately. As she did so, she found herself wondering what secrets were hidden within this castle, and couldn't help but picture something along the lines of hidden treasure. Treasure such as hidden books of power, or long lost crystals of legend.

The notion of tracking these secrets down made Twilight feel conflicted, but she still held a smile. Luna and Sir Tell Tale were trusting them to keep those secrets, and Twilight couldn't help but notice, that her teachers didn't forbid them from looking for them. I wonder ... if Sunset would like to play hide-and-seek sometime. Twilight thought to herself, as she waited for a determined Trixie to arrive...

Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay, it took me a lot of time to figure out how to start this story. I then had to revise this chapter several times. I hope you enjoyed it!
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