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This story is a sequel to Midnight's Radiance

Sunset finally has time alone with Shining Armor. Naturally, she's too distracted to take advantage of that, thanks to what everypony's been saying.
She's the one that saved the princesses. The one that saved Equestria. 'Sunset Shimmer the Hero'.
But Sunset, she just wants to change. She wants to become a better friend, and be closer to the ponies important in her life.
So just how is she supposed to do that, if those very same ponies want her to be the hero everypony believes her to be?

Thanks to Cloureed again for the cover!
Set in the Trio-verse.

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As far as crackships go this is by far my favorite! :pinkiehappy:

A nice little fic, my favorite part so far is Trixie (it usually is), this time appointing herself Sunset's Press Secretary.

One thing: Didn't we leave Sunset at the door of her estranged father's house, about to attempt a reconciliation? Considering it's one day later and she is off to spend Hearth's Warming Eve in another town without him, I take it we can guess the family reunion went poorly. :fluttershysad:

6762567 Things went well, but it's complicated...

Haha, it might be a crack ship canonically but in the trioverse it's super cute and pretty satisfying to see. :)

What you call a crack ship is starting to become one of my favorites. I've read a few fics with this ship and they have all been pretty good. IT's no Sunlight but it is still a great ship.

People down voted this? I would t is at least for a valid reason and not because they don't approve of the ship.

Seems good so far.

Couple typos I noticed:

“If you're in a not-minding-mood,” she began, giving Sunset a teasing smile,

Did you mean to say Shining?

he said, making her adopted a smile.

Should not be past tense.

Thanks for the update on Sunset Senior! Good to know they are slowly rebuilding. Sunset tough-loving Celestia seems totally in character for her. I really hope Celestia starts actively matchmaking Sunset and Shining Armor now, it's good for her to have hobbies. :trollestia:

This seems like a good start for a story and I'm not sure if crackship actually applies in this case.

Sunset's approach worked perfectly on Celestia and they are certainly going to be great friends.

I like it! Good work. :twilightsmile:

You ever notice that when it comes to sequels on this site, each progressive one is less popular than the last? I suspect it's kind of like, let's say a 1000 people liked the first one at its start and upvote, but only 500 actually liked the way it went and ended yet don't remove their upvote, so when the next story comes out, only 500 people bother reading it. Then the same thing happens and a significant chunk of those readers, while upvoting at the start, don't like the ending so that the next sequel has an even smaller reader base.

It's why I've decided never to do sequels whether it be fanfics or published work. If each subsequent book in a series is likely to do worse than the last, I'd rather just release multiple stand alone stories.

6839434 In the end though, isn't it more about what YOU want to write rather than what others think of it? Sure getting validation and praise are a nice bonus but I think that the core of writing is, indeed, writing what you want to write.

EDIT: P.S. The story was great; as always. (Although I'm Sunset fanboy trash and this hit me right in the Dawwws :twilightblush:)

Hmm, I suppose that's true for fanfictions and other things you write purely for fun, but if you ever try to write for money, stand-alone stories are best for starting out. Book sales have a tendency to drop for each installment in a series, and publishers are less likely to publish your stories if you tell them it will have a sequel as that adds more risk from a business perspective. After all, you could die before you finish book two.

Great chapter I like the fact that Sunset is Celestia's knight and that she and Shining are now a couple.

Rainbow Dash, who totally wasn't Shadow Blitz

Subtle much? :moustache:

Well this was cute. Thanks for sharing it with us!

"Crack-Ship"? Nah, I've seen way worse. Hell, I've written way worse. This one is definitely a good one :scootangel:
Although I'm kind of torn on whether I prefer this or ShiningDash...

Well, that was fun and cute. Can't wait to see Sunset getting into shenanigans from being Cellie's knight.

Apparently I forgot to set this to track.

Now that I've noticed, the conclusion is quite good.

Great story and thank you for sharing it with us.
That's people for you, it isn't much about how sequel goes, but the fact that people don't bother to discover and read it.

D'awwww, they're so cute together.

Well, since Shining's taken, Cadance should totally him up with Chryssie. *sage nod*

Break that shell!

I liked it. Sunset is really cool in this fic.

7114314 I like writing her and Trixie. :pinkiehappy:

I loved it! Definitely my favorite portrayals of these characters! :raritystarry:

Wonder what the beta ship is? :rainbowhuh:

Calling it now, Sunset's father gets hitched to a hoity-toity mare that totally isn't a changeling queen.

I like this pairing (in this universe, in most it would be odd). I never much cared for Shining or Cadence in the show, they were pretty bland overall.

I do feel inclined to point out that female knights are referred to as ‘dames’ (pronounced like ‘dom’) not as ‘ladies’. Not many female knights to be heard of, so it’s a little known fact.

“No, not at all,” he replied with a smile, “Kind of feel sorry for the next villain you come across,” he said, getting an unamused look in turn.

“Yeah, just what I need,” Sunset grumbled, “Another foe under my hoof. Then it'll be even more 'Sunset Shimmer the Hero'!”

Not sure that would work on Discord.

“Then I shall take a moment, right now, to feel pity for said fool,” Sunset said without a hint of doubt, closing her eyes and bringing her forehooves to her chest. “Alas poor villain, I pity thee,” she let out, getting a boisterous laugh from Shining, which she shortly mirrored.

The couple continued their playful banter as they drifted to Ponyville. Both of them radiating the purest form of happiness, wearing youthful smiles, as their hearts floated above the clouds.

Discord would say no to that but whatever.

man, i absolutely love how you wrote sunset here.

i enjoyed this story much, much more than

EMidnight's Radiance
Three best friends are reunited after a year of following their own dreams. Just in time to welcome back Celestia, who refuses to lower the sun...
MrAlterad · 37k words  ·  541  6 · 9.2k views

. it felt more coherent and i could follow along the story beats. the characters felt consistent and to me sunset grew in a linear fashion. cant wait to read the next instance of your trio-verse.

"Hope you enjoy this addition to the Trioverse, and I hope you don't hate the crack-ship at the center of the story."

I'm not sure this is that much of a crack ship (in an AU story, for non-AU stories it's pretty trippy). I know there are at least two others featuring this ship.

Comment posted by kitsune_shadow deleted Aug 10th, 2018

I thought the female knight was an Amazon to the level of a lady ... but what do I know?

“Trixie is particularly fond of this one,” she admitted as she pulled out The Daily Radish, “'Sunset Shimmer: Heroine or Vile Enchantress!?'” Trixie narrated with a smile, getting an unamused look from Sunset, “'With her quickly growing popularity, one must wonder if what occurred on the solstice wasn't staged! Is Sunset trying to win over a legion of the youth in order to take over Equestria!? The answer may surprise you!'”

Is The Daily Radish supposed to be a reference to The Onion?

Sunset's eyes paused on that. Keeper of the sun. She'd intended to help Luna raise and lower the sun everyday, learning the spell to do so on her own. With Celestia in the picture, that wasn't really needed anymore. Well, I guess helping get her sister back is fine too, she thought with a smile, before returning the address to Trixie.

I mean, technically, Sunset is still giving Luna the gift she intended, just in a different way than expected. By saving Celestia, Celestia will take on the role of raising and lowering the sun, thus helping to lessen the load on Luna, which was ultimately what Sunset had intended.

Crackship (plural crackships): (fandom slang) A ship that is canonically implausible, bizarre, or humorous.

The ship does fall under the definition of "canonically implausible". And it's not uncommon for a ship in an AU to be canonically implausible. For example, in the Lunaverse, it could be argued that Trixie and Raindrops are shipped. In the Manehattenverse, Spike has a crush on Octavia. In the Flipverse (where Twilight and Spike have a role reversal with Twilight as a baby dragon and Spike Flail as the Unicorn), Twilight has a crush on Time Turner. The Flipverse also probably ships Dinky and Rumble, but that may just be my take on it. And the in AU that I'm creating, the Great and Powerful Trixieverse (but you can just call it "the Trixieverse" for short), I ship Rumble with Ocellus. I'm also using the trope of when the girl likes the boy when he's being genuine, but the boy tends to ruin it by trying to show off and impress the girl. (I don't know what the trope is called, but there's no way it's not a trope considering how often it happens in Anime.)

“Twilight, I ... maay be stealing your brother from you,” Sunset replied sheepishly, getting a blank look from the purple unicorn.

“How would you do that?” she asked curiously, making Trixie throw her hooves in the air in exasperation.

First, Shining Armor, then Twilight Sparkle. Is being dense genetic or something?

Floating about them was an illusionary arrow accompanied by the words 'Finally Going Steady'.

Trixie? Don't ever change.

I'm betting that Tell Tale suggested that Sunset make the decision because he knew what Sunset would decide?

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