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Sunset Shimmer, Prized student of Princess Celestia, Finds a prophecy that will ruin the 1000th Summer Sun festival.

Now not only tasked with organizing the festival, but making friends, The owner of the sharpest tongue in equestria must find a way to save the day, For the night will last forever.

Chapters (2)
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When's the next chapter coming?

this been december 2014?

dude you should continued more this is great!

“I tried to warn everypony! I tried to say, ‘Nightmare Moon is coming, hide your foals, hide your mares’

You don't have to come and confess
We're lookin' for you
We gon' find you we gon' find you
So you can run and tell that,
Run and tell that
Run and tell that, Moonbutt
Moon, moon, Moonbutt

5680813 I'm actually in the process of writing more as we speak.

You should replace Twilight Sparkle with Sunset Shimmer in Celestia's decree lines.

you should add more ^^ this is the first season of remakes

Biggest issue I see with the story is the grammar. There's a fair amount of missing punctuation, inaccurate capitalization (either capitalizing where there shouldn't be capitalization or lack of capitalization where there should be some) and also cases of incorrect paragraph spacing (i.e. only a single line break in some cases instead of two, and in at least one case a sudden line break midway through a sentence).

Might want to try to get an editor of some sort for it to fix up these issues.

5718528 Well, Truth be told, Chapter is one of the weakest thing I have written, and I promise you that I do plan on running my chapters through a proof reader from now on.

On an unrelated note, Thanks for reading, it's nice to have another Sunset AU writer give me critique! If you haven't, Read the second chapter, it's much better as far a grammar goes.

I love Sunset's spin on the encounters! It's hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I loved this. It's not a word for word copy but with sunset in plase of twilighht. Sunsets sass is fantastic

Sunset called again, “Okay yeah, that was uncalled for, but seriously, we need to get moving.”

Well at least shes learning lol

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