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Now with a SEQUEL!!

An unexpected event happened in Crystal Empire and quickly spread all over Equestria. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to the youngest ranger in the Army Ranger.

When he and his friends are sent to Afghanistan to fight alongside each other and their main objective is to capture one of the ISIS base in a town, they suddenly got teleported into the 'beautiful' land of Equestria, where they met with colorful talking ponies. But everything didn't seem as beautiful as it looks like.

The rangers now are going to fight with a villain that his mission is to conquer Equestria. Luckily for them, they have technology far more advanced to fight the evil one. So, nothing could go absolutely wrong right? I hope so.

Rated T because contains hard languages.

(Undergoing edited)

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You can look for a proofreader and editor to fix your grammar mistakes. You can find a proofreader at The Proofreader Group and an editor at the Looking For Editors group.

I can also proofread bits of chapters for you if you'd like. I can't proofread full time though, as I do have other things to do in life. Just PM me to let me know if you want to have a chapter proofread.

Thanks for your advice man I really appreciate it. Damn I really bad at English didn't I? XD

I'll try my best though and again, THANKS!! :D

Still working on it bro! DONT WORRY

"This thing is called a weapon, this particular one is called M4A1. Its an assault rifle, meaning that it is used for attacks in the front lines, whether its offensive or defensive. And this..." He says while pulling out his magazine and pick one of the bullet, "This is a bullet, the bullet goes into a clip along with other bullets; the exact number in a clip depends on the type of gun and the clip itself. The clip fits into the gun and feeds the bullets into the gun,


This is a good story so far, and I can't wait to read more of it.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks I just need some time to refresh my mind. But I will assure you guys that I will finish this story no matter what! 😊

Hey there just a tip from someone who isnt a native English speaker either: I type my stories in word and let the grammercheck do it´s best and apart from some swearwords it doesnt recognive it always showed me what I did wrong and then after one chapter is finnished I copy paste it into fimfiction, hopefully that helps you

Welp there goes my stupidity 🤣
Thanks for your advice mate, it really helps me A LOT!
Again, THANKS!

Comment posted by Madhatterbrony deleted Apr 21st, 2020

Private Daniel chuckles at their discussion. They were his best friends, no he consider them as his brothers. Brothers in arms. They've been fighting alongside each other for five years. Yep, Private Daniel here joined the Rangers since he was 12. And now it means he's a 17 year old boy. Damn, time sure flies fast.

Now I'm not a military expert but I know that you have to be 18 to join the rangers.

Yeah my bad but I already thought about it. It'll explain about all of it about his past and why he joined the ranger since he was 12. At first, yeah it was a bad idea, but adding a little oddity would be a little fun right? 🤣
Thanks for your comment dude!! LOVE YA
Stay tuned for the chapter!

Nah, your English is pretty good. It's just a lot iof the grammar stuff.

Thanks bro! I'm working really hard in this 🤣
I will appreciate your proofread though, that is if you want 😊

Damn, nice chapter anf also we need more Abrams and a uh 1 d or a blackhawk

I already planned more than that brother! 😁
Stay tuned for the chapter because this is gonna be a big hit!

Hey you need help with anything just give me a Dm, or friend me on discord at Fallout 111#9257 and I'm willing to always help anybody

Thanks brother but I'm gonna rest a day or two but, the next chapter is almost complete, I will publish it today I promise!! 😊

Damn, that was unexpected, at least for me xD, you left me with a lump in my throat, Compadre!

By the way very good story!

Told ya this is gonna be a one heck of a story!! 🤣

Thanks for yer compliment though! I always appreciate it!

Uff men I can't wait to see what happens next!

Welp I was still working on it!

Thank you for reading the whole story though! 😊

Duplicate the Abrams, we need many Abrams, and humvees ... Yeah duplicate everything

Whoah easy there buddy 🤣
I was planning to add some choppers in the story *spoiler alert*

Like I said, I will make moar of them just you wait for the right chapter. Patient is the key to everything and it was all still in my progress 😉

Hope you enjoy the story! Btw the next chapter is almost done!!

Bravo six goin dark.
I don't know, but I feel that the next chapter will make me remember that phrase Captain Price HAHA

The 17-year-old is already in the army if you mention something like this where I live, they would say something like this:

"Don't talk nonsense better go to study instead of saying those things."

Yep, just havin' a wonderful time in my life where my imagination is going haywire


Bruh we need an f18, the independence, the Iowa, and hueys


Dude I like your spirit though but I don't think that the battleship will be added in the story. It's too... crowded. Sorry.

Me just vibin, love the story still and we need HUEYS!!!

I'll make a note for that 🤣

Okay I have to make that chapter 🤣

Thanks for all of your help though! I appreciate it sooo much!

Meh I got a lot of stuff to do so sorry for making you waiting brother. I was so tired I didn't even get a nap for almost like... what 2 days now 🤣

But I'll make sure this story will finish though

Nah I still gonna make this though. Rest isn't gonna stop me for continuing one chapter per day 🤣

Where is a heli at, also I'm betting it has something to do with a tragic event on America in 2001

This chapter recorded me in a Cod Mw3 cinematic.

Good chapter friend!!

I think these guys will end up as Metal-01 in MW3 xD

Hopefully fixing some of the errors along the way

I will brother!

Thanks for reminding me!! You're awesome!! :rainbowdetermined2:


Hold still my friend, the next chapter is still in progress.

You won't drop napalm on them. ;D

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