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Ruling over the Crystal Empire has required Cadance to do many things, but one day she discovers a matter that needs her more immediate attention. One of their guards has decided to retire, and when she asks him why, she comes to understand something important. Something she'd always suspected, but that nopony until today has said to her.

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This was simple, but as always, quite nicely done. Thank you for writing this.

Well done. :fluttercry:
And it's a nice subtle way to bring up PTSD. And pointing out that there's those who will help and that people who care will notice.
Let me just give you a slow clap for this one.

At first I thought the guard was leaving because he had feelings for Cadence. Still, I enjoyed the story.

All I can say is really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up in this one-shot. Despite the briefness of the chapter, it was still a pretty-well executed addressing of the issue of PTSD.

I like the concepts in this one, especially since it's about PTSD and you managed to describe that effectively. The idea that Celestia would set up some sort of rehab place in Canterlot works well too: sometimes they do things with the ponies that make me wonder how they aren't all traumatized by the constant villain attacks...

Children's show.

Kiiids' shooow...
Kiiids' shooow...
Holy fuck
It's a kiiids' shooow!

The crystal ponies have always been the prime examples of post-abuse trauma on this show - which is what makes Sombra being let loose on them again so unforgivable.

There is no shame in needing help. In fact, it is courageous to ask. US Veteran Crisis line here, list of international crisis hotlines.

Thank you for drawing attention to this.

Cadance nodded. "It was a wound that took along time to heal for him. But, with help, it did heal. I was there for him. I stood by him through every difficult moment, just like he stood by me when I had times remembering my imprisonment by that same Queen. Together, we worked through it, just as lovers should."

A long time

That hit in the feels.

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