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Let's give this writing thing a go...


It is winter in Equestria, but for Second Lieutenant Gallus, he's instead of going to spend the holidays in Equestria or even Griffonstone. He and his loving hippogriff Silverstream are off to her home in Mount Aris to enjoy the Three Days of Freedom Celebration with her extended family.

Hippogriffs give each other gifts on the third day, and for their first holiday as a couple, Gallus wants to get the perfect gift for Silverstream. There is just one problem, that's easier said than done.

One is that Silverstream has a tendency to love everything in sight, what would be the perfect gift for some creature like that? Second, how can a simple griffon compete against Silverstream's Hippogriff Royal Family?

Written for Jack of a Few Trades for Jinglemas 2021.

Cover art by Little Tigress.

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Alternate title for the cover art:
Silverstream learns how to use Force Choke. :rainbowkiss:

If anyone wants a follow-up, I'll consider it.


Really enjoyed this one; glad to see at least two Gallstream fics up this year. Really liked the themes in here and the whole "It's not what it is that matters, but the love behind it" message.

The end with Novo was great too.

or just sore through the sky and go through the clouds.

Only big oops that jumped out at me, wants to be "soar" instead.

I'd be interested in a follow up (Ideally as a second chapter here) with what Novo has in store.

"I find your lack of snuggles disturbing." :trollestia:

This is a pretty adorable story and I really like how gallus really want to find a perfect gift for silverstream and it looks like he found it and just in time for the holiday to visit her home and I really love their chemistry with each other although silverstream has a lot of explaining to do this was a pretty cute story keep up the good work and merry Christmas and happy holidays

Comment posted by Hammerhead deleted Dec 29th, 2021

It only took me nearly a week to find time to read, but WOW WOW WOW thank you so much! I absolutely adore the way Gallus and Silverstream play off one another, and you pulled it off marvelously. I love the message about gift giving too. It really doesn't matter how much you spend, it's all about the meaning. This was a real treat, thank you so much for writing it! Happy Hearth's Warming and Happy New Year!


This was fantastic

Yeah, that ending makes me want more….
Good fun story.

Comment posted by encreed deleted Aug 6th, 2022
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