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Anyone interested in some chaos? Really, I have too much.

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No problem, wondering about each other is what friends do. I'm looking forward to seeing or hearing about what you've come up with.

Wow. That sounds interesting! I will read it a bit later!

Again. Thanks for wondering about me! I hope, that soon I will be able to tell you about my fics too!

It's all good, my friend. I've begun work on another story, one that explores the idea behind hybrids in the colorful pony world we're so used to. Expanding on what types of hybrids could be possible, experimenting with something that's not tied to another fandom, in a sense.

Hello! Long time no talk. Thanks for wondering about me!

I am good. Doing different stuff, writing a little bit of everything, and think about what I should concentrate on.

What about you? Sorry, it wasn't me, who asked first.

Hey friendo, how's my favorite Draconequus?

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