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Let's give this writing thing a go...


It was a typical day in Griffonstone for Gilda and Greta, just trying out some fresh Griffon scones when their other friend Gabby arrives after being away for a few months.

Nothing was out of the usual, at least until the two discovered Gabby was carrying a baby with her. Not just any baby, but a dragon baby, and she says she's its mother.

This just leaves Gilda and Greta with a few uncomfortable questions they feel they cannot avoid.

This story is based on this series set in the Alternate Universe created by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen.

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Very stiff but cute.

Sounds like it could be more than a One-Shot.

Let me get this straight: Spike and Gabby are official, doing it 24/7, found an abandoned egg to raise, and still came out perfect in the end?!

Given that in canon, the Final Song has a "blink and you'll miss it" camio of a Gryphon with Spike's color scheme, just about anything will fly. Official is now weirder than fan fiction.

Hellah yisss

Looking back at that moment, I think that was a hippogriff. Either way, this is from someone else's AU. May not be my preferred Spike ship (that's Spike and Smolder) but I didn't want to pass up a funny scene in my head when I saw the comic.

I agree I want more of this

Since Smolder is with Ocellus as well wonder if they share him?

That... is... adorable... and AMAZING!
Also that comic's art style reminds me of the artwork that was used for freeport.

Aww I kind of liked the idea of a baby dracogriff

Not officially, but maybe or maybe not. That's the magic of headcanons and AUs! 😺

Surprisingly I made up a species I called terrador that are drogon griffi hybrids

Congrats dude! Another hot poppular story :D
I just wish Yona had succeeded too.

It’s official, I am a Gabby x Spike shipper!

Lol this was a pretty funny story and pretty cute too so spike and Gabby adopted a kid a dragon baby that's pretty sweet and it was pretty funny that both Gilda and Greta are having problems of saying that of thinking something I don't know but it's cool that they're happy for Gabby so that's cool the ending was pretty funny lol

Funny ending gag, I approve:rainbowwild:

I’m a simple man. I see the Spabby, I do the smile :)

Haha love it, short but very sweet. I also now have a craving for sour lemon scones...

A great story, the development that you had with the characters in the beginning was great, I felt like I really know them. However, the best part was the "hints" they were hilarious. Keep up the writing!:derpytongue2:

“Yeah, it would have been impossible for us two to make our own baby, although that hasn't stopped us both from getting frisky at night,” she said, followed by a wink.

:pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

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Curious and having not noticed the creature in question before myself, I just went and double-checked--Hammerhead's right, it's a hippogriff, and is technically a recycled character, as the griff in question actually first appeared in "Surf and/or Turf," so it's doubtful they were specifically intended to be seen as related to any specific someone like that.

That said, the hippogriff does bear a pretty similar color scheme to Spike (albeit some shades paler), so if one's so inclined, it definitely wouldn't be a stretch for someone's headcanon. :raritystarry:

Just me suffering “multi-shipper ‘syndrome’” lol—

(Sparity and Spabby thoo which to choose? :fluttershysad:)

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