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Gabby has spent her whole life in Equestria under the care of Octavia Melody, the Element of Magic. When a chance encounter with a grumpy scone baker leads her to realise that she knows nothing about griffons, she goes on a journey of self-discovery to Griffonstone.

Standalone prequel to Runic Notation. Takes place in the equivalent of season 2. Edited by SockPuppet, TCC56, and Sledge115. Cover by Cosmic Eclipse.

This was intended to be an entry for A Change of Pace, but I probably won’t be able to finish it on time.

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“Allow me to finish my sentence. For all we know, you could’ve been lost, and they’re still looking for you." Tavi bent down to Gabby’s level, which wasn’t very far; they were almost the same height. She gently reached a hoof out and wiped away a tear that began to roll down Gabby’s cheek. “Gabriella, I understand how you feel. Back when I lived in Canterlot, I constantly dealt with ponies assuming I was a visitor, and my classmates at the School for Gifted Unicorns gossiped about how I ‘didn't deserve’ to be there when they thought I wasn't listening — and those weren't even the worst of it.” She shook her head.

Wait tavi is a Unicorn? I thought she was an earth pony

Trixie’s explosive chili and cinnamon pastries! (Even if nopony else liked them…)

No matter the continuity and no matter her job, Trixie is always an ambitious loser. This is law.

an exceptionally long foreword about the milk black market…”

A foreshadowed plot point, or a simple world building throwaway line? Only time will tell.

I like how Octavia calls Gabby by her full name. Tavi has the hybrid role of Older Sister//Young Mother for Gabby, and word choice is a good organic way of reinforcing that.

duller than one of Tavi’s lectures about runic magic

That’s the second time “runic magic” has come up in this story. It’s either character building for Octavia, or strong foreshadowing that Gabby herself will be using the technique later on. Hype.

I can tell you really like upbeat protagonists. First Silverstream, now Gabby. It’s a strong contrast to all my emotionally burdened worrywarts and really compliments the fast paced globe-trotting premise of this particular story. Looking forward to more.

She isn’t. The premise of Runic Notation is that Octavia went to the School for Gifted Unicorns despite being an Earth pony because she was so talented at runic magic.

a simple world building throwaway line?

It’s this, born from a weird conversation in the Fimfiction Discord server about sapients’ milk.

I can’t elaborate upon anything else without spoiling the rest of this fanfic.

Oh ok make Sense just like a Mage Meadowbrook and applebloom they both like making potion like magic stuff

10487959 Something just occurred to me... have you read issue 90 of the IDW comics? It turns out that Zecora decided go to Equestria and learn potions because she wanted to be the first zebra to use magic. Since runic magic exists and can be used by anyone in this AU, she’d never have that dilemma.

Oh yeah I did remember reading that comic it does make a difference for none unicorn Changelings and kirin to perform magic without their horns so yeah there's so much possibility like I said like applebloom and Mage Meadowbrook

So it kind of reminds me of how Spike wants to travel back to the dragonlands to find out where he comes from ok cool anyway Gabby was delivering mails but suddenly I see met up with glida and she wanted to ask her but she was not in the mood to talk and just like Spike and another universe she really wants to find out where she come from and why she was abandoned so Octavia was worried to let her go but she has to trust that she can do this this is an interesting story can't wait to see how this works

Yeah, this was inspired by “Dragon Quest”. Also, have you tried using punctuation?

Yes I did but unfortunately my stupid voice command doesn't understand me so basically I just let it roll to see how it says even though it sounds stupid Excuse i know 😑

Thats ok it happened to me a couple of times so its good 😊

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