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A multi-species class sees the statue of the Elements of Harmony in Canterlot, and learns about their various good deeds from Twinkleshine.

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“It means that he took over Canterlot,” said Rainy Beau patiently.

But that's not what a siege is. A siege implies a surrounding force, limited supplies, and the use of fortifications.
Heck, from the movie, it was barely a battle.

10130222 Good point. I thought “siege” sounded dramatic, and I swear I’ve heard it used elsewhere. I’ll change it to “invasion”.

To be fair on the part of the Movie, we only followed Twilight who escaped the city within a few minutes and we only saw places she went.

We dont know what was going on elsewhere in the city or how long it took for the city to fall since we didnt see it again till a couple of days later.

I do agree it ws attacked not seiged as it isn't built for a seige.

10130252 How long is the movie supposed to take place over, anyway?

You know, till Twinkleshine said so, I thought all of the girls were dead by this point. Only when it said Twilight is still around did I get it.

10130292 This fanfic is based on a scene in “The Last Problem”.

Thats a good questions, i know we saw one day night cycle not counting Storm King playing.

Possible a second night time when they reached mout aris.

Hard to say exactly as can mostly just judge by the sky being dark or not and the show has always been weird with time

And who was moving the sun?

Unknown, inconsistency standard for the show though.

Not sure the point of the question.

Actually if we do continue we may want to move to PM so we aren't taking up the comment section of the fic with a discussion not about the fic.

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Wow that was nice story and having Twinkleshine been doing lately

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