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Unfortunately, Scootaloo died while performing a stunt. Fortunately, her trip to the afterlife wasn't as scary as she expected.

An entry for the May 2021 Original Pairings Contest. Proofread by SockPuppet.

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Ha, I always love a good death comedy.

silverstream and mr. pratchets version of death would get along swimingly

10818161 I've never read Discworld.

Okay, this got some chuckles out of me. Silverstream is certainly more pleasant than her equivalent from a certain Netflix series.

What Netflix series is that?

Short but sweet in an endearingly goofy way. You know, aside from the Scootasplat. Best of luck in the judging.

"Scootasplat" made me chuckle.

Love it, heh. Good luck in the contest

(spoilers) Castlevania

Nice short story! For the bits of dialogue we got, the characters felt right. However, this definitely could have been expanded a lot. You could have shown the scene of Silverstream and friends becoming reapers, rather than having Silverstream describe it; Scootaloo could have reflected more on the decisions that led to her death while talking to Silverstream; etc. Silverstream being excited by the stairway to heaven is a great ending gag, though.

pratchets death is inquisitive, curious, kind hearted in his own twisted way, and prone to fits of sarcasm and dry wit when things are going bad for those around him (example in the games during the more risky chalanges he would often show up to try to encourage the PC to bork it on purpose cause death is just easier, hes not doing it to be mean he legitimatly is being completly honest, it really would be easier for the main charicter to literaly drop dead then continue solving those inane puzzles (some of htem are imposible without a guide)

If the other members of the Student Six had a significant role, this wouldn't qualify for Original Pairings.

but she'd received a singed letter of complaint from someone called Rain Shine.

I'm not sure if this is an honest typo or a truly genius wordplay. :twilightsmile:


I assumed genius when I proofread it.

10818664 10818670
I intended it as "singed". I didn't realise it looked like "signed" until I read Mica's comment several times.



Skydiving was simply exhilarating! She felt a surge of adrenaline as the freezing wind rushed past her, drowning out the sound of her pounding heartbeat. This must be how the Wonderbolts felt!

Poor Scoots. Mega Deth's High Speed Dirt comes to mind

Do it if you dare, leaping from the sky
Hurling through the air, exhilarating high
See the earth below, soon to make a crater
Blue sky, black death, I'm off to meet my maker

You see, it turns out that the Grim Reaper can't keep up with all the deaths in the world, so he asked the Tree of Harmony for help, and then the tree contacted me and my friends in a shared dream asking if we'd like to be part-time reapers, and we all said yes!


This raises several questions. Like what is the state of Equestria and the world at large if the Grim Reaper is recruiting additional lackeys to keep up with the workload?

Also, I imagine the Student 6 will have quite the story to tell professor Glimmer once their respective work experience internships are complete next semester.


I actually screamed at my phone screen when the stairs showed up.


Like what is the state of Equestria and the world at large if the Grim Reaper is recruiting additional lackeys to keep up with the workload?

My line of reasoning was that as time goes on, there are exponentially more living things and therefore exponentially more deaths.

10819134 Dude, it's a PLANET. Do you know how many things die on Earth every friggin' day? On Equestria, practically everything is sapient to some degree, so that's an even bigger workload.

Thousands die just from old age.

There are only 1440 minutes in a day. Do the math. The Grim Reaper would have SECONDS to death with each death before warp-speeding to the next one if we only count age-related death.

If the Grim Reaper wasn't omnipresent, or had some kinda time-dilation mechanism thingey, there's no way it'd be able to keep up.

They're busy wrangling dropbears—"

Letter: Dear Scootaloo's parents. Your daughter splattered all over the ground after trying to skydive. The funeral will not be open casket, as no one wants to look at something that resembles a deer hit by a semitruck on a major highway. Condolences, Trollestia the Eternal Prankster.

Scoot's parents, "You know what this means? We don't ever have to waste time going back to Ponyville anymore! Yay!"

Not QUITE worst parents... but high on the list. :scootangel:

Now I'm picturing Santa serving double-duty as the Grim Reaper.

10819676 Little starving orphan in 3rd-world hellhole on Christmas Eve, "Santa! You came to bring me presents in my time of despair!"

Santa looks at his outfit, "Ooooooo... damn, forgot to change... uhm, no actually a missile blew up your hovel. Buuuuut, good news! You don't have to worry about starving to death!"

Death-Santa is the worst demi-god. :rainbowlaugh:

The four Horses of the Apocalypse


Rain shine??
I need enlightenment...

10824275 The leader of the kirin from the season 8 episode "Sounds of Silence".

OH that's her name. I know all episodes in n out but never looked her name up XD

Hm now if you like Kirins: btw: https://www.fimfiction.net/stories?q=Kirin+in+Cardboard+boxes... < you should give it a try^^

Is that... stairway to Heaven?

Silverstream tried to buy it, but she knows that not all that glitters is gold.

Straight to the point, then, with just slamming us with Scootaloo post-death and Silverstream right after. It's nice on its own, and I don't have much else to say, with it being so short. I agree with SigmaSonicX that it may've been a bit too short, and we could've had more of a glimpse between Scootaloo and Silverstream (before and after death), but I believe that'd go away from pure comedy to something more dramatic.

Thanks for the short jaunt, Nitro!

11307389 I decided not to go into the details of Scootaloo's death because then this fic would no longer be funny.

That's probably for the best. Often the best horror is what happens off-page. It's more visceral than reading. As-written, "ha ha Scoots went splat" works well for some dark comedy.

At least poor Scootaloo probably didn't feel anything hopefully maybe...

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