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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".


Chip Cutter is not a popular kid. He just wanders around, looking for new sculpting inspiration. However, when he finds an abandoned artwork on the wall, it quickly leads him to the road to friendship.

He just wishes it wasn’t the scenic route.

Preread by Cinder Vel, RK_Striker_JK_5, and Dragonborne Fox
🇺🇦Translation🇺🇦 by repitter

Vectors used: Background by BonesWolbach, Kettle Corn and Toola Roola by Suramii, Petunia Paleo by pink1ejack, Chip Cutter by DashieSparkle, Coconut Cream by jhayarr23

Chapters (1)
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“Oh, don’t worry about that.” Coconut Cream reached to his saddlebags, opening them. She furrowed her eyebrows, seeing a large rock. She glared briefly at Chip, sighed and threw the rock away, along with a chisel she found next to it.

Chip; Get off. Now.

I love this. Very cute, very funny. Chip owes you one, now! :D

And so it begins.

Huh. This is actually pretty funny and original. Two words I haven't associated with "Luna does X in the feature box / suicide-rape-grimdark-gore-anon-crossover central" that is FIMfiction lately. Apart from their strong language and slightly too mature portrayal, this could have been something from the show. Pretty much replace cu...tie pie with stu*** nning or something and it becomes E-rated. :twilightblush: I especially liked the witty banter between the characters and the world-building around their short appearances in the show.

Well done. Well done indeed. :twilightsmile:

Coconut Cream is a curious individual

Adorable! I want more!

And then Chip knew she wasn't the keeper.

With friends like those, her curiosity may soon be satisfied...

Thanks :twilightsmile: I do what I can.

Cherry Berry is first and her track record includes a penetrating head injury and twelve hours of pulling bone chips out of the temporal lobe. I still have pics somewhere.

"When she was admitted, she was convinced she was on a magicless desert planet and I was a balding monkey."

The health inspector is already making a fuss about Pinkie’s Salmonella test results…

"Mostly because she somehow got a B+."

In any case, wonderful use of a whole herd of underutilized foals. Thank you for it. And I especially love the idea of pegasi competing to see who can get the most hospital visits.


"When she was admitted, she was convinced she was on a magicless desert planet and I was a balding monkey."

Given that temporal lobe injuries may result in Wernicke aphasia, balding monkeys were probably one of the least weird things Cherry talked about... :pinkiehappy:

"Mostly because she somehow got a B+."


Toola Roola sighed. “Oh, what have I done…”

You, TR, just gained a new group of friends, that's what:scootangel:!

So adorable:rainbowkiss:! Nice to see a fic with Chip Cutter, Coconut Cream Toola Roola, Petunia, and Kettle Korn in it:scootangel:!

Literally Who?

Let's see:
Kettle Corn: 3
Toola Roola: 4
Coconut Cream: 2
Chip Cutter: 1 (This one!)
Petunia: 4

Yup, All underused characters in one single story!
That should break serveral records.

Well, I came up with this story when I saw Chip Cutter has a tag for some reason, but no stories. Also, I'm pretty sure I wrote two out of three Kettle Corn fics.

Frankly, it's a shame Petunia doesn't have more stories. She has a lot of potential.

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