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Rumble, Alula, Featherweight, and Zipporwhill all love adventure movies. No wonder that as soon as Crimson Feathers II: The Final Confrontation hits the silver screen, they come to the cinema to watch it before having some fun at the lake...

That is, before they find the mysterious island.

Co-written with Bootsy Slickmane.

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Yay, a fun-filled foal adventure with third-best glasses filly!

Some time later

*trembling in the corner*

What exactly is the pony in the lake. Well written story, I have a general idea that the pony in the lake is linked to that statue somehow. Possibly a water spirit or something.

Glen Gorewood

A local eldritch abomination looking for a host, I guess. We had several ideas, but decided to leave it vague.

Leaving it vague works.
Still the horror is in the unknown, with all the possibilities of what exactly it could be and Alula apparently linked to it now.
Well that brings up many disturbing possibilities.

Glen Gorewood

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