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I love reading, I play guitar, and I write. And that is about my life-story.


Rumble is twelve. For almost five years he has lived in Ponyville with his brother Thunderlane. They have a new life with new ponies, a new family, far from their first home – but Rumble has never seemed to fit in amongst his peers in Ponyville or Cloudsdale. The end of his last year at the Ponyville Primary School is approaching, and with it what Rumble hopes will be a new lease on life: a distant secondary school where he might start afresh and finally find his place.

But life isn’t as simple as that, and Rumble knows it. As Rumble approaches his goal, storm clouds gather and the path he has chosen for himself seems unclear. Foals he hardly knows begin to finally reveal their true colours, and Rumble must decide what he really values in life, and whether he can put his trust in the ponies that once left him in the dust.

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I didn't get a notification for this updating/restarting. :fluttercry: The writing seems better than what you had before (at least from what I can remember), I assume your going to take it slower this time. Just one question, is the crystal pony going to make an appearance in this reincarnation of the story?

Yeah, I have this planned out better and I’ve improved at writing in the meantime. I’m having a lot more fun writing this way too, and I like Rumble better when he isn’t constantly snarking at everyone in his head.

I don’t know why you weren’t updated, I did make a completely new chapter. I hope it didn’t happen to too many others.

Safira The Crystal Pony herself may reappear, but if so she won’t have they same sort of significance to Rumble’s story. The part she played in getting him to tell a bit of his history will be handled differently now. She’ll probably still work at the hospital though – and if not, in another important setting that comes up later – and the hospital is still a pretty important place. However, I really love the idea of other pony species like Crystal Ponies and Luna’s Bat Pony guards, and Zebras are pretty interesting too, so that sort of thing will come up a bit later.

Oh man, I didn't know you were doing a rewrite! Hope to see more of this.

Woo! More chapters, please!

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