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On the anniversary of the day he erupted from his mother into the world, Rumble is treated to an "interesting" roster of experiences, courtesy of his friends and family.

It's a shame he never asked for this.

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I'm getting too old for this shit...


what a shame.

You really need to learn how to hit the audacity refuge faster, because you didn't make it fast enough and the fic just came off as unpleasant.

5383793 good
growing up is unpleasant

Ay, Reggie. Ya done it again. This is just like my life! Minus the ponies. And the older sibling. And replace the birthday punches with regular punches from cops. Good times...

Screw growing up. That is all.

-Kirb, possibly on drugs.

Also his canon name is "Teacher's Pet". I'll take "Truffle Shuffle" for 400, Alex...

LOL, Rumble and Thunderlane's mother was just perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

A bit less than I expected, but you still got some laughs out of me, so have a fav. :)

5391231 thanks Bad :heart:

Oh god this was hilarious xD! Love it!

Geez, what a horrible birthday. :twilightoops:

Spotted this:

But it was already too late: the dest had slipped into his nose holes, and he could feel the tickle. The backed up mucus that lurked inside his sinuses like some sort of horrible slime-leech began to tingle, and his eyes cross as he prepared for the expulsion.

I think that should be dust.

6296755 you're right, let me fix that.

Poor guy. Hopefully, Scoots came over in the next day or two and cheered him up.

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