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Kettle Corn and Skeedaddle spend some quality time drawing circles and summoning immortal beings.

Preread by Bootsy Slickmane

Russian translation by repitter:
Google Docs

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Comments ( 8 )

So remember kids! Always practice drawing your circles :pinkiecrazy:

Never draw a square :pinkiesick:

What would the artists of Equestria do?

"I HAVE RETURNED! WHAT- You just started another piece, didn't you."

"Yep. It's for a children's book this time, The Dopey Dragon. Hopefully the publisher will like it."

"Remember to keep your inkpot away from the paper. That way, there's no chance something like last time will happen."

"Of course, Satan."

"Should I tell my minions to skip your calls for the next few days?"

"Yeah, that sounds good."

...What the hell do you smoke to come up with this stuff, Samey?

Nothing. That's the strangest part...

Draws triangle, summons Bill Cipher.

That'd be the end of the world as we know it...

Funny. Just one thing:
She did draw a full circle,
Back in Marks and Rec.

Jam on the table,
She drew a perfect circle,
But nobody came.

I'm not complaining.
Just thought I should point that out.
This story was great!

The lines touch in this one, but they're not quite aligned.

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