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I really should find an avatar. I'm tired of being Cancer Pony...

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It pleases me that you favored My Friend Tenty. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

And thanks for that, too!

1447894 You're quite welcome. Naturally, I had to follow that up with Renaissance Pony. :twilightsmile:

And thanks for the fave on This Quiet Earth!

1413636 Well.... don't feel too special about it just yet. Once I noticed the site provides convenient "you have this much unread stuff in your favorites" info I started using favorites as a "read it sooner than 'Read It Later'" list. And, being a newb, I didn't know other people could see that I've faved something. :twilightsheepish: So, sorry for potentially being slightly misleading.

<some time passes>

Ok! Now I've read through it. Commence feeling special now, 'cause that was pretty damn awesome. Too bad I can't Like a story any harder than the usual +1.

Looks like you've had a pretty good amount of discussion in the comments too. Nice.

Thanks for the fave on The Patient!:twilightsmile:

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