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This story is a sequel to Renaissance Pony

Twilight has always dreamed of meeting her hero, Starswirl the Bearded. She finally gets her wish fulfilled on a mysterious deserted world. Together they investigate how they got there, where the world's inhabitants went, and why amongst all ponies, they two were brought to this desolate place. To Twilight's consternation, the more they learn, the sadder Starswirl becomes, until finally she is faced with a devastating choice that would have her betray her mentor, her friends, and even her innermost convictions.

Artwork by Nevina, based on a prior drawing by TotallyNotaBrony (Note: you don't need to have read Renaissance Pony before reading this story.)

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I think I'll be following this one.

Normally I would try and write a serious, thoughtful comment on what you did right and why I like this, but in this case all I can say is...
MOAR :flutterrage:

You could have mentioned this story as an author's note at the end of Renaissance Pony, you know. It would have saved me a few minutes of "Needs more Starswirl! Worst end ever! No comment for YOU!".
So please excuse me if I'm a little cautious for this one.:trixieshiftright:


Good suggestion. I have to agree that I'm also not satisfied with the ending of Renaissance Pony. This idea was to have brought Starswirl full circle to the stage of his life before he arrived in Equestria (i.e. Starswirl in the pre-classical age). The big problem is that canon provides no further information on Starswirl's ultimate fate, so I wanted to leave scope for other Starswirl adventures, such as This Quiet Earth without having to add each one as more chapters to RP.

I am debating writing another "epilogue" to RP, your thoughts on the issue would be appreciated.

No eaters. Big "Uh OH!" if you read The Change novels.

No eaters. Big "Uh OH!" if you read The Change novels.

No eaters. Big "Uh OH!" if you read The Change novels.

3990656, 3990657, 3990658

Yeah, those whacky eaters are a hoot, ain't they?

sporting a dark blue main


nor the lay-lines

ley lines or ley-lines.
These kinds of stories do draw me in. Following for sure.


Thanks for the edits!

why did the chapter have to end :fluttercry:

Reading this chapter I realized-- Starswirl refers to Twilight as Princess, and Twilight hasn't been asking him to call her Twilight. Every other fic I've read has Twilight asking ponies to call her Twilight instead of Princess. I have to wonder what the reasoning for that is in this story. Has Twilight been a princess for a while, and is more used to it? Is it because she doesn't have a personal familiarity with Starswirl?

I'm not sure why I find this so interesting.

Away, great story so far! Eagerly searching for hints in the text for what happened to the humans, only to see

Danger: Nanomachines

I think were have pretty decent idea about what happened now.


Starswirl refers to Twilight as "Princess" when he wants to be more formal. Twilight invited him to call her by her first name, but he is her idol and maybe she's too in awe of him to complain more than once about it. :trixieshiftright:

her eyes grew wide. “No Magic!

No need to capitalize there.
Leonardo was familiar with bullets, yes, but: a) bullets as Leonardo knew them were simply lead balls, and b) not all bullets retain their shape after hitting their target.

armed military personnel would likely stick together if you had one shot per reload. So he assumed there were many guns fired, and not just a few


Thanks for the edit. Will fix.

Starswirl may have wondered about the shape a bit, but his increased experience with aerodynamics since becoming a pony would certainly provide clues. The bullets were not being significantly deformed on impact because they were embedding in walls that were made of a type of very stiff foam material. This is also why they sunk so deep into the walls.

Exactly so. In the early days of firearms musketeers lined up and fired together, so the pattern of fire would actually seem quite natural to Starswirl from his time as Leonardo.

Would Leonardo know this meaning of "nano"? I don't think so.


Leonardo's native language was Italian. The word 'nano' means 'dwarf' in Italian, and so is a word with which he would have been familiar, although not in the modern context of 1 billionth.

This is going to be unpleasant for poor old Leonardo.


Dun, dun, DUHHNN!

However, this story isn't over yet. And we still don't know who brought them to This Quiet Earth, or why. :trixieshiftright:

Very true. Still, finding out that your homeworld, which you have spent most of your life trying to save, is now a barren wasteland would be hard on anyone I imagine. Anyway, can't wait for the next update!


Eeyup! :eeyup:

Opposite of a spoiler: The Dark tag on this fic is there for a reason.


Didja figure out the name of the API matrix manufacturer?
Hint : their current line of products are called the Magic Accelerated Cantrip Integration Nexus Total Orchestratation Spell Hexifier. :trixieshiftright:

Reclamation? Biscuits?

I wonder what flavor the Soylent Biscuits are. Eh, it probably varies from person to person.

Wow... That was depressing. Please excuse me while I go and cry in a corner.


The Dark tag is there for a reason. But Discord's now in the picture. What's his interest in Humanity?

Yeah, the squick factor these past few chapters with the reclamation unit has been a bit too high for my tastes. This turn of events promises more answers and less Soylent Green, however.

Judging by Discord current demor, he either whent there expecting a lot of practical joking for himself, or he got stuck there by meas similar to SStB and Twilight.

Must be horrible to be fully aware of where Soylent Green comes from.


But if you grew up with it, wouldn't it just be 'normal'?


Or he has other purposes in mind. Or no purpose at all. He is the avatar of chaos after all. What is humanity to him?

Humans are pretty chaotic and if he found the right person, he could have his own little puppet to mess about with.


That begs the question: does Discord do what he does out of malice, or does he simply not care about the consequences of his actions? Is he looking for a patsy or a playmate, or is what he really craves just an audience to appreciate his humour?Does he create hurricanes for no other reason than he wants everyone to see him as the eye of the storm around which the whole universe revolves? Or is he just looking for yuks? :twilightoops:

Discord is the representation of someone who lives by YOLO.

Maximilian Sachs. I like.

Looks like this world suffered a black goo incident.


The Quiet Earth is the result of multiple environmental disasters, and some cosmic bad luck. And maybe not everything is as clear cut as it seems. :twilightoops:


Also, didn't see that coming.

Genetics, how it works?:ajbemused:
but I still don't like where this is going


Maybe the Alicorn forms are something beyond genetics. Or maybe they're they are what happens when genetics and magic meet! Maybe Discord knows more than he's letting on.:twilightoops:

“But he was just a foal.” Although Starswirl couldn’t see her face he did see the glint of tears dropping from her face. “And he died – alone.”

:ajbemused: :facehoof:And you're shocked?

"Everyone dies alone, Eragon, whether you are a king on a battlefield or a lowly peasant lying in bed among your family, no one can accompany you into the void…"
-Eldest,Christopher Paolini

:raritycry: So sad!
:pinkiesad2: No parties in heaven
:trollestia: Don't remind me.

Nice quote there.

The draconequus pointed down from the lectern at the alicorn mare with obvious affection.
“I created her!”

There had better be good explanation/reason for this! Otherwise, it's kinda of iffy, BS sounding.


This is Discord. BS is his thing – except – there's always an element of truth in his bovine scatology! But just what did he mean by that? :trixieshiftright:

Discord looks down at Twilight, his furry arm mysteriously missing its paw. He breathes noisily.
"Twilight! I AM your father! Search your feelings. You know this to be true."

Twilight gags. "Oooo, that's disgusting! Why don't you try selling that line to some other princess, you weirdo!"

C'mon Twilight Ya gotta save the Earth! :pinkiesad2:



I have to say that you have done some amazing Noprize worldbuilding here. I am impressed with your supporting show references, references to other works (including mine) and the overall way that you have fit the puzzle pieces in so as to create a powerful, plausible scenario. Kudos!

This is quite a situation, and a very imaginative construction overall. Wow. Wow, I say.

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