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Stories about families, friends, the past, the present, the future, the science of magic and the magic of science.


In the Casino Universe, Luna helped Daybreaker get everything she'd always wanted. Turns out it just wasn't what she needed. So she figured it was time to visit Equestria and find some answers. Too bad she landed in a department store, got into a fight with security, and ended up in jail. Yeah. Coming to Equestria was a great idea!

An entry in the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest. Cards: Daybreaker, Nurse Redheart, Smolder, Trottingham, Court of Law. Edited by Totallynotabrony.
Amazing artwork by Mythee and FallingMist.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 7 )

Some very enjoyable soul searching on Daybreaker's part. There are some proofreading issues—the "d'argon lands" stand out in particular—but overall this was a great deeper exploration of Nightmare Knights. Thank you for it.

Thanks for the kind words, and I’ve fixed the d’argon issue (I haven’t looked at the other noble gases, though).

I've always kind of been an argon fan myself. Then again, I am kind of an element hipster.

A true basement gas-ologist, and former member of the band Arcade Fire.

What is the Casino Universe, and where is it from?

It’s from the IDW comic “Nightmare Knights”. As I indicated in the author’s note, it isn’t necessary to have read the comic before reading this story as I included the needed references in the text, but maybe I still need to fill-in more of the background for those who haven’t read the comic.

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