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In the Casino Dimension, Luna helped Daybreaker get exactly what she'd always wanted. Turns out it just wasn't what she needed. Being long on questions and somewhat short on friends, she figured she would visit Luna in Equestria and find some answers. Too bad she landed in a department store, got into a fight with security, and ended up in jail. Yeah. Coming to Equestria was a great idea!

An entry in the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest. Cards: Daybreaker, Nurse Redheart, Smolder, Trottingham, Court of Law. Edited by Totallynotabrony and Pascoite.
Amazing artwork by Mythee and FallingMist.

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Some very enjoyable soul searching on Daybreaker's part. There are some proofreading issues—the "d'argon lands" stand out in particular—but overall this was a great deeper exploration of Nightmare Knights. Thank you for it.

Thanks for the kind words, and I’ve fixed the d’argon issue (I haven’t looked at the other noble gases, though).

I've always kind of been an argon fan myself. Then again, I am kind of an element hipster.

A true basement gas-ologist, and former member of the band Arcade Fire.

What is the Casino Universe, and where is it from?

It’s from the IDW comic “Nightmare Knights”. As I indicated in the author’s note, it isn’t necessary to have read the comic before reading this story as I included the needed references in the text, but maybe I still need to fill-in more of the background for those who haven’t read the comic.

EDIT - added spoiler text with a fast summary.

This was very cool. I am lucky enough to have read and enjoyed the Nightmare Knights comics, which helps. Thank you!

It makes me wonder, if Daybreaker is redeemed, would her flames quiet down to leave her as just Celestia? I sort of think not, but I couldn't really tell you why not.

Hmmm, good question. The comic doesn’t resolve this, but maybe all those years of being restrained by her collar has actually given a degree of control over her flame. My intent was to show the impact Luna’s attempted sacrifice on her. Given her obvious guilt in her part of her own sister’s death I felt the seed for her redemption was in her to start off with.

What a nice reading i must say. There shoud be a sequel, so much adventures of Daybreaker can be written here.

You may get your wish. I’m already working on a sequel!

It would be nice. Daybreaker celebrates three years since she had appeared in the show but still there is serious lack of stories where she would be a main character. It would be fun to see her studing friendship in Twilight's school and then trying to apply her lessons back at home in Casino or something like that.

Very well written and fun to read. Really enjoyed it.

Glad you liked it, and thanks for letting me know! :twilightblush:

A very good read. Seeing this unique take on Daybreaker was very compelling - a 'bad' pony trying to be better - and seeing her not-quite friendship with Luna from the comics get developed was a winner.

Hopefully one day the comics themselves will bring her back for a proper reconciliation...

That would indeed be an interesting read!

the question arises. How did you manage to detain Daybreaker?
In a duel, she is stronger than Nightmare moon, and as far as we know from the alternative universe, if there are no awakened elements of harmony, nothing can prevent her from seizing power in the world.

forget my previous question. It has just been answered.

I liked this story. I would like to see its sequel.

If you’ve read the Comic “Nightmare Knights” you would have a good clue, but as you’ll find out later: Daybreaker didn’t come to invade, she came to visit Luna.

Too late, I answered! But the key info is under a spoiler tag, so no harm done!

I’ve started working on it, but these days I have to admit to a much slower publishing schedule as my professional life is extremely busy.

Excellent story keep up the good work and I give this story a 10 out of 29 .
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So I thought just go for a visit. I left my best lieutenant, Sunset Shimmer, in charge, and decided to come visit this Equestria, to see Luna and just for a while to drive the loneliness away, until I could once again face the day alone.” I grinned. “And I’d get to see if Sunset would have grown powerful enough in my absence to challenge me on my return!”

Ah. The Sith method.
Sunset Shimmer, the ascended princess of the Sith.

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Given today's announcement that the official G4 comics will end in September, I doubt that we'll see casino Day Breaker again.

edit: The announcement of the end of the comics.

Bummer! I really was hoping to see more of this storyline. :twilightoops:

Pretty enjoyable, some minor errors and strange characterization here and there but overall I had a great time reading this.

Glad you enjoyed it! I would be much obliged if you would have the time to point out the errors so I can fix them.

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