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Reports of increased solar intensity come in from across Equestria and Celestia's power seems to be in a mysterious state of flux. Furthermore, there have been sightings of a new alicorn, covered in fire and bringing with it a wave of wanton destruction. How are these events connected and what is the secret of Equestria's past that now threatens to unravel the realm?
Image credits: Twilight, Daybreaker, Background

Story inspired by this image and caption.

Chapters (7)
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An interesting start to this story. I'll be sure to read the rest later. Good job.

This is really interesting. I like the backstory you've developed here for the alicorns!

Well, the shit just hit the fan.

The white alicorn standing before Twilight’s party rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Oh come on...I know you're not fond of me but try not to steal my thunder," she said with a tinge of frustration in her voice.

This made me laugh, in spite of the situation.

But anyway, good work with this chapter. I really like where it's heading, especially with the newest plan that the Elements and the Pillars have come up with. Now of course, there's the issue of it'll actually work...

Oh boy, things are not going well here... :twilightoops:

But still, thank goodness Luna was able to throw off Daybreaker's attempt to transform her. That would have been a game-over scenario for Equestria.

Daybreaker just became the most badass villain, she bitchslapped the T.T.R beam away like a boss!

Before I read this, I must know: Do we get a reason why Discord can't stop Daybreaker?

It's explained.

Besides, Discord isn't all-powerful. Dude gets his magic stolen by Tirek like it's nothing and Tirek even at full strength gets overwhelmed by Rainbow Power.

You know, I had a random thought about Discord's power levels awhile ago. Since I'm too lazy to explain it all at this moment, I'll just summarize it as best as I can for now:

We can say that Discord can suddenly get very, very strong, or relatively weak because logic is useless when it comes to him, but then that would make him a very unpredictable being whose power levels fluctuate based on who knows what. And that'll make for a very difficult execution in a story. So yeah, better to stick with some kind of established limit, at least for normal stories.

P.S. It is difficult to gauge the power levels of the characters in MLP, and that can be explained with the fact that the show isn't very consistent, and cartoon logic. After all, even though MLP has the brony fandom, it is in the end (however some of us might deny it) mostly meant for little girls, and bronies are a second concern; that means the writers can't really be troubled with giving us definitive bases for power levels, seeing as little girls don't really care about such stuff.

There's a Daybreaker tag now by the way, so just a heads up.

I do not think that darkness is indeed something that can be surpressed forever, it is best to acknowledge it and embrace it.

90% fanon lore, 10% story

Thank you for telling me, I’ve been waiting for them to add one so I could apply it to this story.

Wow, what a conclusion to this story! I didn't expect that particular twist in regard to what the Princesses decided to do next. Great work, I must say, i was surprised, but it works quite well.

All in all, great story, and I'm quite glad to have followed it through to the end. :twilightsmile:

That cliffhanger though...

I hope to see the sequel soon

What if Doomguy fought her?

shit would REALLY hit the fan then


Daybreaker will return... but when she does... she will have to face a threat never seen before... The nightmare moon of demons...


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