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I read. I read a lot. I also watch a cartoon about talking ponies. (I'm not usually so serious XD) On another note, I love, and am proud, to be crazy!

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Other Pieces of Writing By Me! · 1:51am Jan 4th, 2016

So, as well as my writing here, I enjoy writing about other things than ponies (as amazing as they are). I think some (most) of my other pieces of writing are better than the stuff I write here, not that anything I write on here is bad! :ajsmug: But, seriously, I, personally, think that my other work is a tad better. If anyone wants to read any of it (Though I kinda doubt that :fluttershysad: ) here is a link to my page! https://www.wattpad.com/user/Emerald147 <---- Right there! Thanks guys!

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