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Because sometimes even a villain should get the chance to have a happy Christmas with her family.

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Aw, not as emotional as I thought it would be, but a good story nonetheless. :pinkiesmile:

Looks like someone got the better of Adagio, good stuff man. :ajsmug:

That was a cute read. And really, this seems like the perfect sort of setting to have an extant Santa. Of course, Christmas existing has a whole boatload of other implications, but I'm not going to dig into those and spoil the moment. Thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

That's Sweet. :twilightsmile:
Are Santa stories a fad now? There's this one and then that one with Sunset and Santa. It must be a fad!

I found this story rather enjoyable. Thanks for writing! :twilightsmile:

It's nearly Christmas. Of course Santa stories will be a fad.
But it's a fad I can easily support! :pinkiehappy:

5356624 We should form a cult, all write Santa stories and submit at the exact same time, so the "New stories" will be flooded with Santa stories! :pinkiecrazy:

If anyone's going to see the little slivers of good in someone, it's going to be a certain jolly old elf.

5356780 Or Mr. Rogers.

Anyways, I needed a heartwarming fic before I leapt into the battlefields of DotA. *to my flaming, multi headed demon dog* ONWARD, MY GLORIOUS STEED!

Every time a bell rings, a siren gets to sing!


Well yes, him. He's awesome.

That was sweet.

Aww, this is such a cute story! Good job!




Naughty Santa
He'll get in trouble with the other supernaturals if he gets caught doing this

Yay, Santa!

I'll take a cheese danish and a cookie dough milkshake.

Read at the exact moment I took my first bite of the cheese danish I swiped for my late-night snack, :twilightoops:

Synchronicity FTW, :coolphoto:

Honestly, that's all I can say :heart:

So sweet! :rainbowkiss:

Majin Syeekoh

7/10 needs more sledgehammers.:trollestia:

Good story. There is potential for a sequel, I think.

Great Job :twilightsmile:

Great story! Adding to my favorites!(and I might end up making a bookshelf just for the holidays)

Aren't you the one who made the one with Sunset?! :derpyderp2:

Majin Syeekoh

5358550 I have no idea what you're talking about.:twilightblush:


Such a sweet, heartwarming story of redemption. If there's hope for Adagio, I guess there's hope for each of us!

Mind if I correct your mistakes? (Uggh...) :facehoof:

Very cute indeed :pinkiehappy:

silly santa no being ironic allowed but good story

That was pretty cute.

“I would reply that preventing a young lady from enjoying her sugary treat would be a what's evil.”

>be a what's evil
u wot

*proceeds to take over the world*

Who knew that saying that you love someone very much would give you mind control powers.

"Dear Santa, I really love my mommy.
Can I get my doomsday weapon now?"

They still don't have their magic back. They just sing well now.

5359309 Well fuck. Back to the drawing board. Maybe I'll manage to make a stick man this time. Never can get the arms right. Fucking sticks.

This was a sweet little story.

And you have to add in a ton of lens flare as well when they're exploding.

Yes! Yes!

Mind control powers are one thing, but whosoever thinks those harmonies should be destroyed has no soul. Seriously. Destroying those things is a crime. Thanks for making this happen!

...unless, of course, their powers are back. I, for one, embrace our Siren overlords! :pinkiecrazy:

I shall always refer to Adagio as Dagi, now. :yay:

I feel you Adagio. You know if I never became a brony, I never would have started writing again. That and drawing were some of my favorite pass-times as a kid, then one day the spark was gone. Video games became my biggest interest since, and I was doing absolutely nothing creative. I was a wreck, that was my strength. My talent that I just lost. It wasn't until I watched Friendship is Magic and saw the My Little Dashie mini movie that I was able to start again, and I couldn't be happier now.

Merry Christmas, Adagio. Enjoy your gift. It's for the better that it's back.


She turned her attention from the danish to the old men and took note of his expression.

old man

Yes, I totally feel for Adagio. Although your siblings/cousins/relatives can be obnoxious, annoying, impulsive, irresponsible, argumentative simpletons :twilightangry2: , but at the end of the day, (guess what) they're family. They'll stick with you no matter what. :twilightsmile:

now we just need them to go out and sing christmas songs.

Dear God am I feeling?? I do not like this feeling!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that will be my new screen background.

Thankfully there wasn't a specific law in place when it comes to brainwashing the masses with magic, so she didn't fear legal retribution.

Time for inane nitpicking!

Using magic to control people’s minds actually can be labeled as a crime under current law. To control someone’s mind, even with magic, you have to be adjusting their brain’s neurons to at least some degree. This could quite easily be considered an act of battery. There’s an explanation by actual lawyers about this here. Then again, I suppose it's not unreasonable to assume Adagio wouldn't be legally aware enough to know that. And who knows how different the laws are in the Equestria Girls universe...

On the story itself, while I believe we’re supposed to assume they can sing now but can’t mind control people, it would have been nice if this was a little more clearly stated in the story itself.


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