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This story is a sequel to Kinds of Love

A series of side stories set after the events of Kinds of Love. This is the second story of the Kinds of Love series.

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Yes! I love it, man. Very funny, cute, and well-written.

You may want to add Big Mac to the tagged characters, though. :ajsmug:

Twilimac? Macinlight? Hmm. The last one sounds... Explicit. :eeyup::facehoof: Besides. We all know that Twilight always comes first. :twilightblush:

The story is off to a solid start, I chuckled a few times reading it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Those jokes were so bad...oh well, I got a laugh out of this!

Oh what fun is to be had ahead? Maybe Fem!Mac x Boy!Twi?

I'm glad you made Shining Armor out to be someone all the girls want. It always bugged me that he is never mentioned as being someone all the ladies go for. I mean he's Rarity's dream only without the title.

Nice short story to be honest. I can't wait for the next.

I'm enjoying this so far. Looking forward to more.:heart:

Let's see if you can pull these ships off, though.

Well, guess my old standard of MacDash is out of the loop. Hmm...

Applejack and Thunderlane?

Fluttershy and Aloe?

Rainbow Dash and Braeburn?

Rarity and Doctor Hooves?

Pinkie Pie and Caramel?

This is shaping up to be a good story. I don't know though about the stakes. I know it sounds like fun, but it can be hurtful when Cadence succeeds.

Standing guesses to ships:
AJ/Flim or Flam
RD/I'd say the only character who has yet to have been shipped with Rainbow is one of the Canterlot elite...so yeah, one of them.
PP/Time Turner
FS/Creepy Jelly Guy
R/Tom the Rock

Shining did the best move ever made in the end of the chapter :rainbowlaugh:
clever, clever guy

this shall be more and more amusing as the chapters progress, can't wait!

Let the games begin...

I'm hoping for a Cadance win.

As for the pairings. Hmm...

Fluttershy and Spitfire
Rainbow Dash and Cheerilee
Pinkie Pie and Doctor Whooves
Applejack and Fancy Pants
Rarity and Gilda

I realize you named them after the phrase "Spic and Span", but you might want to seriously consider renaming them if their names are going to be used separately.

One of my favorite Pinkie ships! I approve.

Also, the image of Twilight and Shining snuggled and reading a nerdy comic is adorable beyond words. Nerd Siblings are Best Siblings.

Nice chapter. To be honest i thought she would have ended up with Cheese. Anyway, i can see that Shinning is going to lose this bet. Man. But for Rainbow dash, I say have Soarin or Thunderlane. If not, I can't wait to see who she ends up with.

“You know, all of her friends of single and Hearts and Hooves day is this month. Ma-”

all of her friends are single; and also, will whoever wins/loses the bet will be stuck in said forms, huuuu... FOOOOORREEEVVEEERRR!?!?!??!?

Okay, so I do not possessive some extensive social network.


He's going to end up coming back to our room drink,


Cute chapter. I liked Spic and Span, nice to hear their backstory.

Please say you'll have some F/F ships? Most male ones aren't realistic in any sense, and with 488 females to 264 males F/F relations make more sense. That and most M/F ships are horribly contrite and forced [I mean Pinks and Pokey Pierce, are peeps serious?]. I'm reading the next one. I seriously hope to all things holy you don't do that pairing. And do a ship that makes sense [Pinks and Spike would be adorable].

Decent M/F I guess. But will they all be M/F or will you have F/F as well?


*Shivers* At least you'll make them believable and it won't be the forced garbage that alot of peeps try shoveling is it? It's not that I'm against M/F, it's just that most of it's ham-hooved, forced, and because a persons against F/F with a vengeance. Although when it's done right it can come across well enough. Although canonically there are more females than male.

4451506 Ah, well, so much for my idea. FluttershyXNurse RedHeart someday your love will be known.

4451310 I thought the Pinkie and Pokey notion came from a line of thought that went like...

(a) Pokey's special talent is getting mares pregnant dealing with children. Thus the cutie mark of a safety pin.
(b) He loves Pinkie's Parties.
(c) Pinkie also loves children.
(d) Therefore they should date!

ok now this is just stupid , doesn't feel like anything to do with the kinds of love universe and their established character personalities , doing a task for a reward (which im sure can apply to some extent for punishment as well) only decreases one's ability to do that task if it takes any amount of cognitive ability to do and this has been scientifically proven for a while......

what's more , why would they even agree to do something so ridiculous? i thought cadance was supposed to care about sentient creature's affections for each other , not make a competition over getting ponies paired up......

Alright, but there were quite a few wrong words and awkward sentences.

Again, more typos that seem as if they should have been easy to catch.

Also, was not Rainbow already dating some stallion?

They turned to the window just in time to see a rainbow streak flying through the sky.

Wasn't Rainbow already dating?

“Didn't you and Thunderlane only last like, two months?”

Oh, she did. I guess that puts Thunderlane out unless Cadance wants to try and repair relationships that could be unhealthy.


No his talent is having a sharp horn. And when we first see him he pops balloons with his horn [as well as the only time we see him] while dancing. He litterally is a walking disaster for a pony who has lots of poppable things in her parties. Would not work.

Cadence really needs a better cutie mark than the one she has, like a FedEx or UPS logo. That gal be 'shipping all around the world. :twilightsheepish:

FlashDash is the perfect anime, no questions asked.

Very cute, but kinda rushed. Like, they hardly spent any time together. Of course, I have no clue how you could have fixed that short of writing a nearly 10K chapter, so I can't really fault you.

Still, this chapter was a success if for nothing else the thinly veiled EqG criticism. I REALLY hope they give Flash some character in Rainbow. Rocks.

Well this is going to get awkward very good I can tell

4594205 Agreed. What we saw of Flash in EqG made him seem fairly likable but I want to see him do more than just kinda be there.

Wow...I guess I could be okay with this. FlashDash is really a cool name, and even though I am a Flashlight fan, this could work. Can't wait to see more.

And then Cadance blew a raspberry in Shining's navel.

As she was putting makeup over an accidentally blackened eye, one thought crossed her mind.

"Totally worth it."


(I know, not part of the story, but it should be! :-P )

I can actually see that ship. Great job. I'm gald this story updated. Good luck with future chapters.

I feel like FlashDash should be a song. A Pinkie Pie song.

FlashDash, so sweet and tasty, FlashDash, don't be too hasty!
FlashDash! FlashDash! FlashDash!!! FLASHDASH!!!!!

Instant K.O.!!

Alternate chapter idea:

"Oh, but I already have a boyfriend," said Fluttershy. "He should be here any moment."

A giant white pegasus shows up at her door. "Yeeeeaaaahhhh!"

4770140 Ah, Flutterbulk. It's almost as wordy as Fluttermac, but louder.

I find myself in an odd situation. On the one hand, I want all the girls to find love. On the other, I really want Cadance to lose the bet, just because she was so sure about herself, bordering on smug.

Good chapter, 4770140. While I would have loved me some FlutterBulk, this was a lot of fun. :ajsmug:

Nice story. I was scared you were actually going to have Shinning lose the bet then. Great little story about Fluttershy and her realizing about her stage fright.

Woot! Kinds of Love: The World just became the second story of mine to get featured on the front page.


Edit: Well, that was short lived. Still awesome though.

I actually planned to have him involved in the chapter at first. He was going to ask Shining Armor for help in wooing Fluttershy after Fluttershy turned down Blues. But, then I decided that I just didn't want all of the mane characters to get boyfriends back to back like that.

Ahh, Blues the saxophonist, gives me the most excellent flashbacks to Tangled Up in Blues.

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