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Elusive adores his little princess, Spines. However, dating a dragon comes with some unique challenges such as making sure your furniture is flame retardant, always keeping extra gems around in case Spines gets hungry... or how to handle your girlfriend's growth spurts.

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R63 Sparity? Yes, please.

Also, why the hell wasn't I following you?

Aryame #2 · Oct 22nd, 2014 · · 19 ·


Awwww. Just a one shot? I was kinda looking forward to reading all about Spine's perfect day. And of course Elusive's eventual temptation and whether or not he succumbs. Cannon on the stage and all that.

Thumbs up for doing it from the female side of things.

Aryame #6 · Oct 22nd, 2014 · · 13 ·

Not a gender-swap fan and not a Spike+Rarity fan. The mixing of the races is a desecration, after all.


And that's your opinion, and a very unpopular one at that.

Because popularity is a good measure of quality.


No, because most people, including I, have actually read it instead of saying "I'm not going to read this" to something that you don't like when you see it.

Great idea for a story. I hope there are a few more chapters in this story so Elusive and Spines and adapt to one another. Great idea for a story.

Who says I didn't?


Your comment. It sounds like you didn't read it.

Even if I find the concept abhorrent, I'll always skim a story before opening my mouth just in case it's a trick story and the short description was dishonest.

i give a month before she trys to jump his bones

Why it only a one-shot story... :applecry:

Weird spot to end at but whats here is pretty good.

5173197 If you don't like the ship, don't make a rude comment about it. Simple as that :ajbemused:

Well this'll be interesting:trollestia:

MFW "I'm not a fan" is a rude comment.

5175134 I'm don't care you not a fan. I'm taking about that comment you made when you first got here.


Nobody don't like that.

If u don't like gender swap and the shipping then why come here and post the comment? Just ignore it and keep scrolling

On a side note, liked the story, would like to see more of this, even though its just a side story

Not bad, not bad at all. Though I agree that it should be more than a one-shot.

Wow, not bad. You actually managed to make one of those three a real sentence. Good job.

Because I do what I want, and "don't liek don't l00k!!!1111" is a terrible argument in the first place.

Still a little awkward for me to read this kind of stuff but still good:pinkiecrazy:

This story is a really nice and I recommend this for anyone who wants to take a small break from all those ridicously overreated stories.
Nevertheless, great job man!

This story is a really nice and I recommend this for anyone who wants to take a small break from all those ridicously overreated stories.
Nevertheless, great job man!


Interesting. But it doesn't seem complete. Did I miss that it ties into another story somewhere?

The story it's going to tie into is still in the planning stage. I kept this as a seperate side story set in the same timeline since the story that's coming stars different characters, but it will show the aftermath of this story.

Good, but definitely rushed and by far feels incomplete. You say you plan for a sequel or something similar? That's fine, but even then, Stories should feel complete and unrushed even if they have a powerful sequel hook and are part of a series.

The first half of the story, with Spines talking about the spell, didn't really impress me. A lot of the dialogue sounded overly dramatic, like it was coming from a soap opera.
The next half I liked a little better, with Elusive and Spines being all cuddly with each other. I could feel some warm fuzzies, so it was written effectively.

Pretty decent story overall.

Glad to see this story made it to Barb's cave.

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