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This story is a sequel to Chaosland is Other Ponies

"Loosely" based upon the Futurama episode 'The Robot Devil's hands are Idle Playthings'.

In an attempt to impress Rarity, Spike takes up a musical instrument to express how he feels. Unfortunately, this doesn't go as well as he hoped, and makes a deal with Discord to improve his chances. This works out brilliantly for Spike and he soon becomes a musical sensation; however Discord is less thrilled, and does what he can to reverse the deal.

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Please correct your Author's Note. It's spelled "loosely". You don't want the first word people see to spelled incorrectly.

Whoops! Thanks for that! Fixed now. I'm usually fairly good with my spelling. I'm so embarrassed. :twilightblush:

We all do that, so don't feel bad. I hope that the traffic to this story picks up. Best of luck.:twilightsmile:

Well I enjoyed it. I got plenty laughs out of it. And it had a nice ending. So I give it an upvote and a fav.

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