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Best line ever - "You can shine no matter what your're made of."



One calm night in Ponyville, Spike visits Rarity.

Spike has something to say.

He takes a deep breath.

11/29/14: Did a little editing, let me know if I screwed it up.

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5274920 You mean like a sequel?

5274941 yus. Either new chapter or SEQUIL either one is ok with me, :P

:fluttercry: These are tears of warmth, joy, and love, because this was a beautiful, touching, and heartwarming story. finally, Spike has released his true feelings for Rarity, letting her know that he loves her with all his heart :twilightsmile: :raritycry: And for him to tell her that if she would to meet a stallion other than him, he would shake their hoof showed great maturity for the baby dragon :moustache:.

I'm truly happy that Rarity told him yes though and gave him a loving, and passionate kiss.

"...I saw an alabaster mane that no soot or dirt could ever stain. And I saw a purple mane that flowed like water and looked as soft as silk."

Mare? Sorry it was something I noticed that bothered me lol

The story is great, keep up the great work! Spike showed lots of maturity and intellect in his words. The dialogue is really good and I love being able to imagine Spike confessing with such a passionate speech. I'm not usually a fan of Rarity X Spike stories, but I enjoyed this one quite a bit! Thanks for posting this lovely story!

Yay! Spikey!:raritywink::moustache:

lol keep em comin

encore encore sequel sequel
:moustache::raritystarry: gotta love dat shio

Short but sweet.

Kinda reminds me of Just One Chance.

A nice little story. It had a tiny build up; a major part of this is caused by Spike's monologue dominating a lot of the story. Just something to think about in the future.

D'aaaaww, this is nice! Well done, short but sweet.

Awww. This was sweet and cute.

good story, found a couple of typos I know would not want to leave

I will feel an ache in my heart for awhile but it will come to pass. not sure but I think you might have meant [it will pass]

I'll be their to shake their hoof." [there]

Honestly there is no need for a sequel. It'd be like icing, on a sweet lil spongy angel cake. Delicious.

I liked this, it has my thumbs up. Thank you for writing it!

So cute ghnnn

A little editing and this would really shine.

Short and cute. Just the way it should be :) I LOVE IT!

"So want do you say?"


I'm going to be honest... the plot seemed... forced. There were spelling errors, and the sentence flow was pretty bad.

However... Just like the gems spike compared Rarity to, the rough edges did not manage to detract from the emotions the story conveyed.
It was a very nice story. Good job.
I liked it.

6191281 thank you for the advice.
I will try to improve.

6193918 oh! A response! @///@ y-yeah... s-sure... no problem.:twilightblush:

"How to do Sparity as one-shot."

that shined more


...hm, personally i would have left it at

"So, what do you say?"

But i enjoyed it nonetheless.

Thanks for sharing.

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