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I've never seen a place that's quite like this. Everything is turned around; this crazy world is upside down.


In the midst of a Hearth's Warming crisis, Rarity steals Spike away from Twilight to help resolve her dilemma. One lesson and two happenstances later, the situation leaves them somewhere neither of them could have predicted.

The first story in The Twelve Days of Ficmas. You can read the second one here. Happy holidays!

Thanks to Pinkie Pie for the stellar reading of this story!

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D'aaaw, that's cute.

This seemed a very internetty shot somehow. A lot of the little bits, like the holly-mistletoe confusion and some other scenes reminded me a lot of memes and snippets of things I've stumbled across the last few weeks. Not that I'm complaining, this was fun. Great physical comedy and your Rarity in particular is hilariously over the top. As she should be, that drama queen.

Huh. Interesting observation. I can tell you that the holly-mistletoe confusion bit was inspired directly by this blog post, but otherwise I didn't intentionally reference anything. At any rate, glad you liked it!

This is just a terrific story for the holidays. As always, your portrayal of Spike is top-notch, and just like with The Firework Lotus, this does feel like an actual episode from the show. In fact, I'm surprised they haven't made an episode about finding someone the right gift yet. It would be perfect for something like MLP. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, nice job, my friend. :moustache:

I enjoyed it, it is how a story should be; drawing the reader in quickly, and not letting go.

The interactions between Spike and Rarity were wonderfully written, and everything Rarity said, I imagined 'Tabitha St Germain' actually saying.

My reaction to this story:

Go to 3:24 to find out my reaction

Short and fluffy, just as advertised. I could complain about a few nits here and there, but i'd rather just say thanks for the quick and enjoyable read :raritywink:

“See?! I told you! You’re selling holly, not mistletoe! Mistletoe has white berries and round leaves, not—”

You keep on fighting the good fight Twilight! :pinkiehappy:

I was about to blow a gasket when I saw the picture, Arg, but then I realized you were too smart to do that and assumed that the story itself would rectify the situation. I was not disappointed, and the story was cute. Thanks for sharing it with us!:twilightsmile:

My heart

Once more, 5385265 recommends a fic, and I love it! Really like how you wove your incredible Fire Lotus fic into the narrative. Fantastic work, dude. :ajsmug:

Aww, cute fic! It makes me cringe when people can't tell the difference between holly and mistletoe :facehoof: you tell 'em Twi! :twilightsmile:

I would be so down with an actual episode doing this concept. They'd definitely have to expand it beyond what I have here, but it's a no-brainer! At any rate, glad you found this story charming, Met. :twilightsmile:

I'm happy you liked it! Nailing characters is always my number one priority when writing stories, so it always fills me with satisfaction when I hear things like this.

That is the cutest gosh darn squee I've ever heard.

'Tis the season!

Hope that whatever nitpicks you had weren't too detrimental. Very glad you liked it in spite of them. Happy holidays!

It's truly the greatest battle of our time. #ProtectMistletoe!

Heh, I had a feeling you'd get a kick out of that! Happy you found the story cute. It was a ton of fun to write it.

Defibrillator, stat!

Thank ya kindly, Jake! The bit about the Firework Lotus was a last-minute thing, but I think it works well in the narrative. And this also might not be the last we hear of that celebration in these Twelve Days of Ficmas. :raritywink:

Glad you enjoyed it! The holly-mistletoe thing is a pet peeve of mine too. But Twilight's way too smart to fall into that trap! :twilightsheepish:

Adorable and well-written. What else can I even say about it. :raritywink: :moustache:

You characterized Twilight and Rarity quite well there, chap. It's nice to see their little quirks undiluted - it helps their genuine personalities shine. That and I am a big fan of the "young but wise" version of Spike.

Bravo, good sir!

That's all I was striving for! Glad you liked it.

Characterizations are pretty much the most important things for me to get right when writing a story, so I'm happy you found them accurate. Thanks for reading!

That was just lovely. I'll have to read more of your Ficmas stories.

That was short but sweet.

Like, fav and added to my recommendation group.

Well done!
It may just be how I interpreted the character, but I found Blitzen's parts to be hilarious.

Merry Christmas! Time to unwrap your present!

:pinkiegasp: It's a reading!

I wrote a review of this story here.


This is such a sweet, adorable and ridiculous story. I loved it.

Rarity is outrageously amusing with her it dilemma and I thoroughly enjoyed the Sparity bits mixed in, when Spike brought her out of her holiday slump, like only he could, when Rarity finished his sentence about loving her and when his words came back to greet him warmly with a kiss on the cheek from his lovely fashionista and drama queen.

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