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Adagio and The Dazzlings lost more than just their singing voices at The Battle of the Bands. Their whole lives were destroyed. The only thing they have left now is each other, but with her two companions sharing such a strong bond with each other, Adagio feels alone even in their company. She has no one else left to relate to, considering she's a giant seahorse from another world. No one, but Sunset Shimmer.

Rated Teen for sexual references and some strong language.

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please continue:pinkiehappy:

Hm, cool! I'd like to see where this goes.

I like it. Please continue.

I loved! :heart:
I hope you continue soon :pinkiehappy:
You are a good writer :twilightsmile:

I wonder what happened to the other two??

I like a lot! :pinkiehappy: I like a lot! :rainbowkiss:
please continue... :raritystarry: please continue... :fluttercry:

I am enjoying this, yes. I know what you mean about things moving along quickly, but it's not beyond reasonable for it to happen that way. I like seeing stories that cover the different approaches.

One thing I'm noticing too, as a bit of technical critique, is referring to the two of them frequently by hair and eye color, rather than just using their names. Used sparingly it can be a nice touch, but doing so too often can break immersion. The writer's guide on site here (up in the FAQ menu) has a section called "lavender unicorn syndrome" that goes into more detail on what I'm getting at.

6650849 Ah yeah, I was afraid of that. See, I didn't want to be too repetitive with things. Thank you a ton for pointing it out though, so that I can go through and touch it up a bit!

beautiful :raritystarry:
I hope to see the continuation soon :rainbowkiss:
very good work friend :twilightsmile:

Usually I fave when I'm hooked and more of the story develops... but hell, this is amazing! :pinkiehappy:
Poor Sunny and Dagi :fluttercry:

It's 1am in my time and I have to be up at 6am, what am I doing here

"Uh, hey," the fluffy haired girl finally spoke, drawing in Sunset's attention, "I'm sorry. When the girls and I circled you like sharks in the dim-lit hallway, I mean."

All the things you guys do in that movie and that's what you apologize for?

Hey just curious, I was wondering when "I Don't Want to be Alone" is going to be updated. I just read it and it was a really good read

7133097 I'm back and starting on the new chapters again. :pinkiehappy:

I would love to help you with your story :twilightsmile:

This is really good! I hope that you finish this!

I hope you will continue this amazing story :D

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