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"I should stuff your face in cookie dough and make cute cookies!"


Meh, not really thrilled about this this story. Its just our three lovely girls hanging out with the some of the girls from the Human Seven. I hope you enjoy this, thank you for the support!

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If the author isn't interested enough in the story to give it a description less laconic than that, why should anyone be interested in reading it?

Which Twilight?

6545030 Its funny, at first there was something else I wanted to do with this story, but then I quickly forgot it on account of writer's block, I'm sorry if the A/N came as a turn down for you. But thats just the kind of Brony writer that I am, I'll always be real with my readers. And on that note sorry for the late reply. Work and school really puts a guy down -.-

6544465 thanks for the correction.

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