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Lesbian Adagio Dazzle

British accents make everything 20% eviller~


It's no secret that Adagio is a huge fan of Sunset Shimmer; the equivalent of a "belieber", in fact. When she's not boring her lackeys about Sunset's greatness for the billionth time, or searching the poor girl's garbage, Adagio can be found constantly stalking her obsession, like a true fan-girl.

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. . .

The siren leader carefully climbed out of the bin, dusting herself off and removing the many banana skins, plastic cups and pieces of sandwich lodged into her puffy orange hair.

In my day of trash-can-hiding, there was always at least seven and a half used condoms in a trash can. This brought me back to the good ol' days.:pinkiesad2:

Have my fave, will you?

9.5/10 "Needs more fire~"
-Goblin warchief.


"Hey! Why you gotta be so rude, Ari? Don't you know I'm a siren too?"

correction: darude

"Okie lokie dokie!" The Dazzlings watched the girl skip off until she was out of sight

switch lokie and dokie.

"Oh! Sorry! The elder siren released the other girl before she passed out from a lack of oxygen.

you forgot to end quote. sooo i guess adagio just said the whole story out loud to sunset

A surge of fiery power coursed through Sunset and an aura of raw, unrefined energy swirled and spiralled around her. Eyes glowed teal and hair now spiked and flaming; Sunset Shimmer jumped high into the air and sprouted burning pegasus wings, she soared through the sky towards her enemy. Adagio could only watch the fight take place from a safe distance.

confirmed sunset is a nightmare.

10/10 "blazing eyes and fiery girls? perfection."
-Goblin arsonist

That's weird.
Btw Garbagio or whatever it called is not cool.

In a weird, perverse way, this is almost half related to something similar to a story that someone else wrote mentioning a word used in a website I happened to be on while typing my own story about Sunset Shimmer.
All in all, it's .3% similar to my story.
Which you should totally go read, because putting advertisements on FimFiction is what good people who believe in the magic of friendship do.

:facehoof: Sometimes I wonder if I'm infected with something, and that's where all the stuff I write comes from.

So cliche I have to like this! Also, SunDagio! :rainbowlaugh:

Strange things happen when I type at 4 in the morning~

Why aren't you my proof reader again?
(Fixed it)

I don't know. you're just speciesist against goblins.

Wanna be my future proof reader? :pinkiecrazy:

*quickly checks* uuuhm i'm not...

Do you have a PS3?
I'm literally playing GTAV while we're typing.
Wanna join? ¦>

I don't have a ps3 or GTA V. also it's 02:10 here.
*walks off to shame cave*

Still don't have a ps 3

What the fuck... I don't even know anymore.

That is a very common reaction.

Posting a fanfic that mentions your fanfic. Clever adagio , very clever

Wit is essential, without it, I would've never been the leader of The Dazzlings.

5804150 Wit is good but there's no way you wouldn't have been the leader. Sonata isn't the brightest knife in the crayon box and Aria just seems unwilling to do much so you seem to be the only one capable of leading. Even if you weren't quite so clever you're the only one that takes control

My not so little siren: initiative is Magic!

Freakin troll fic. LUV!

"What. The. Fuck."
-Desmond Miles at the end of AC 2

"Sunset x Adagio is love. Sunset x Adagio is life. 11/10"

Wow, I haven't played ACII since I platinumed it...

I remember when I would roam the streets of Italy and get into brawls with random old women by stealing their money , or climb a viewpoint and synchronise, only to miss the haystack and desynchronise. Does anyone know of the Easter egg in the last assassin tomb? It was quite a surprise for me... (Fuck that giant squid) And let us not forget the greatest quote in the entire game:
"Ma cosa!? Shoot! Shoot the flying demon!" - Venice Guard #216942

"What I meant to say, was that we're doing this wrong"

I don't think that comma should be there.

Sunset Shimmer quietly spectated from
under an oak tree.

I don't think I need to tell you what's wrong here.

fan-girl squeal after hearing her idols words nor control her actions as she assaulted her obsession with a crushing bear-hug.

Idol's... missing the '.

Now that that's done...

"I'll go get a crowbar."

I remember saying that a lot when I was in highschool. And about shovels too. Oh, memories...

That was a fun read. And that short description is what made me read it.
Much giggles. Very laughs. Don't even know if I got the meme right.

Browsing youtube when suddenly
(skip towards the end)

.......Okay, what is in the food I've been eating?

dang it. i know it's mostly burned off but still it's there. i'm stil a guy...

It's actually the charred remains of Flash Sentry's face.

Why are they down there?

you want it?

5818521 *Puts the remains in a taco*
Sonata you fgt git ur skinny blu3 butt over here m8!!

but what does this make me?! *decends into identity crisis*

5818543 Omg you're right

That's why the bronies choose me over you :twilightblush:

5818559 fkn bich ill skul fuk u den shit on ur corpse!!11

U wot m8? *eat charred Flash taco* I'll shrek you 'n Aria with 1 whip of me ponytail and I'll fek ur girlfriend.

(i like this thread of logic goblin with identity crisis IS sonata)

5818579 2 l8 bich i alrdy REKT her pu$$y wit a chainsaw dildo!1
Art thou provoked? :ajsmug:

She only let u use a dildo chainsaw. i have her firsthand! m80

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