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Not sure what to put here so I'm not gonna put anything important.


Rarity has found that she's fallen in love with one of her best friends. Well, there a few things that can be done in a situation like this: Try and push the feelings aside for the sake of your friendship, or you just tell them how you feel and hope for the best. In Rarity's case, she decides to go with the latter. After considering the ways AJ could react, or the way it could affect their friendship, she decides she wants to let her feelings be known regardless if they're returned or not.

Though, she'd prefer that they were returned.

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The name of this story though...

Well this is really good and relatable.


I prefer things to end well, but I'm just going to let you know that you're doing an alright job so far. Just be careful with Applejack, or you might end up writing her way out of character.

Most people just throw the ship out there with no build-up or explanation. Good job.

Make the ship happen, but do not make it easy, certainly I like that bit of rejection from AJ, that's a good start

Yeah, I'm bad about messing up tenses. Haha, I thought I'd noticed them all this time. Anywho, I fixed it up a little, and I might work on the back story some too.

I was worried I wrote her out of character in this chapter actually :twilightsheepish: Thanks for the tip, though~ I'm going to be really careful in the next few chapters.

wow this was so sad. i hope this continues. maybe with the others noticing how, distant rarity and AJ are being. now that AJ is uncomfortable around rarity. and they might want to find out why AppleJack is so against it. maybe delve more into why, she was so adamant, yet wouldn't look at rarity while telling her no.

It's going well. Has a nice tension, though since readers don't know why AJ reacted like that, it feels like she over did it or was way too harsh. But again, we don't know what she's thinking. We may fully never know, if you keep the focus on Rarity, which could work just as well as having a chapter from AJ's view.

Good luck with school. Try to write a few words/sentences each day, that may help with how long it seems to take you to write for the story. Not that I'm saying really push for it or anything :pinkiecrazy: :twilightsmile:

wow this is awesome. i hope more comes out soon.

good luck to you too, for school. i have school too. college is going to kill me. :pinkiecrazy:

Interesting way to handle the interation between the 6. I wonder why Sunset was the only one to notice Rarity's feeings for the farmer. One would think that Fluttershy or PinkiePie would pick that up as well.(just thinking out loud does not need an answer)

6342957 I'm gonna answer anyways just in case other people are wondering too. Sunset is the only one that's mentioned it. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie noticed, just never said anything about it. :derpytongue2:

Sorry if I've misunderstood, but I was under the impression that Applejack coldly rejecting Rarity in the first chapter was supposed to be Rarity imagining how a worst-case scenario would play out, due to the fact that it was all italicised. So, did that actually happen, seeing as this chapter starts with Rarity crying on her own (haven't read past the first little paragraph of Chapter 2 yet)?

Ohmigosh, so sorry! I edited the first chapter earlier today and forgot to close the italics right after the flash back. The rejection was real, sorry for the sloppy editing :twilightsheepish:

Again, this is going well. Nice tension build up with teasing moments of potential explanation. (it's so fun to tease readers isn't it? :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:)

But see, now I reeeeaaally want to know what is going to happen. Because gosh darn it AJ, not having a clean cut or explanation is killing me and I want moar. :flutterrage: Please :twilightsmile:

i like the tension, and the bit with sunset knowing something is wrong, but waiting for either of them to go to her for help. or letting them handle it.
and i like the little addition of sunset dating adagio.

dang i feel bad for both of them. AJ cause it's hard when you've thought one way your whole life, but then weird feelings that contradict that, just come you of no where? yeah i can see why she's having such a hard time.
and rarity, for not knowing why AJ is being some what cold to her now. instead of talking it out, and finding out why.

nice story so far. keep up the good work.

Hmmm. I was liking how we had no idea what AJ was thinking (it was a nice build up of tension), though it was also driving me nuts because of that tension. This particular chapter felt a little bit weaker because we had a lot of tension from Rarity's side, though I do still like it. Maybe had it been planned out/explained different way it would been 'stronger'.

But it's still nice. I'm enjoying the story, just can't help analyzing things anymore. :twilightsmile:

Pretty good! Need to put spaces between toor and toshe

Loved this AJ POV chapter, can't wait for more !:pinkiehappy:

I liked the chapter,keep it up.

Nice to see you back. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome fic. Can't wait to see more! :twilightsmile:

i liked this chapter. it was very good to see applejack's side for a while.

Lovely cliffhanger!!!

That is NOT okay. Horribly not okay.

Edit: Oh thank christ it isn't done yet.

I really do like it. It's different from the other stories. I hardly read stories where Rarity is the one admitting her feelings, and it isn't all flowers and sunshine. I also think that the weather you chose really set the mood. I could feel Rarity's sadness and Applejack's feelings and confusion throughout the story. It's sorta like a bitter feeling that flows throughout the chapters, and I kinda like it. :raritywink:

For this chapter, the only thing that bothered me was that you left space between Applejack's name. It's just one word. You don't need to change it, but it does look a little weird.

6552780 I ended up fixing it anyways :twilightsheepish: I knew it was one word, I've been writing it as one word. I have no idea what happened, haha I guess I got confused with the addition of Rainbow Dash's name. Thanks for pointing it out :twilightsmile:

Ok I'm fine with this. Actually I'm not, I'm suffering right now :raritycry: But seriously, nice chapter. I like fluffly and happy stories as anybody, but sad ones are great too! :twilightsmile:

"Ohmigosh, I had detention once because I was late to her class. It wasn't even my fault, I started talking to Mr. Donkey, the janitor, and totally lost track of time," Pinkie Pie said.

Is that Cranky? Wasn't he stablished as a teacher? Ok, I'm nitpicking over stupid details, this fic overall is pretty good.

6719282 Yeah, that's Cranky. He is a teacher, but I wrote that before I noticed he was a teacher.

I WANT MORE OMFG. :pinkiehappy: This honestly could be an ok ending if we didn't have Applejack's feelings to consider. She obviously feels something for Rarity and it's KILLING ME that her reasoning not to is only, 'girls don't like girls'. FUUUUUUUCK THAT. You like her. Get over it. :ajsmug:
I know it's been a year, but you should finish this or give us some closure.

Other than that, this is a wonderfully written story!! The descriptions are beautiful and I love the small little conversation add ins between characters, like AJ and her sister in the morning. It's what fills in the character and makes them real. Also, personal note, I LOVE THAT SUNSET WAS THE FIRST TO ASK AND NOTICE LIKE YES. :twilightsmile: She is so observant, she would SO be the one to know something was up.
At first when it was only in Rarity's pov, I was very much pissed off at AJ, wanting nothing more than for Rarity to tell her off for being such a shit friend. (Glad Rainbow told her at least). But then when you added in Applejack's pov I FREAKED!!! I was SO glad to be able to see what she was thinking during everything. It made me hate her a lot less and want her to figure things out. (Which still needs to happen :raritywink:)

I would love more!! ...you know, if that would be ok.... :fluttershyouch:

So, I don't suppose it's going to be ever finished, huh? I mean, it's been quite some time with no updates...

Okay guys, I'm back. I'm out of my slump and ready to continue. Be on the look out! :pinkiehappy:

I hope this gets finished....

Aaaawwwwwweeee, but I needs moooaaaaarreeee!!:raritydespair:

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