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Greetings fellow Decepticon.
This will be a group for discussions of unity, tyranny, domination or anything that can take your fancy. Just pray it appeases me.
If you wish to join the Decepticon army, repeat the pledge of obedience after me:

I pledge my undying loyalty to Lord Megatron and the Decepticon Cause.
I will dedicate my very life force to the goal of a decepticon/brony controlled Hasbro, by any means necessary
And annihilate all who have driven us form our rightful place as masters of the universe.
Surrender is not an option, all autobots shall be crushed under our superior might.
All hail Megatron!

Rise, my decepticon! Now we shall rule this universe together!


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A place where I can openly worship Our Lord and Saviour, Grand Leader of the Decepticons, Megatron of Tarn?! :pinkiegasp:

Attention all Decepticons, I am attempting my first story, it is about a Decepticon invasion of Equestria. The only Transformers in it will be Decepticons. If anyone has Ideas, please reply. Shockwave out, All Hail Megatron

359183 The only Decepticons that are "Cool" as the humans would put it, are you, Soundwave, Myself, Bruticus, Thundercracker, and Lord Megatron

Greetings Fellow Decepticons, with some time, and maybe a decision for a crossover. Hasbro, you'd better, perhaps we could create a secret stronghold in Equestria.

Never try to wrestle power from me whelp.
It will not end well for your worthless spark.
Megatron out.

Do any of the leaders of this group crave power? If so swear this groups allegiance to me and I shall introduce you to an empire more powerful than you can imagine. I'm not demanding control over the group, I just require your allegiance before sharing this power I have discovered.

359140 .... Never mention those two words in the same sentence

359116 meh. I put fire bombs in starscreams optics!

359112 I have the nemesis rigged. Galvatron comes. I jump. I try and catch his head. Put them somewhere.

359074 yeah well. My back hurts. His ass is getting too heavy. he gets me to do everything. Hell when He wants energon he makes me spoonfeed him it.

359060 or a sword. Oooh yes a sword and when I'm done I can strap Megatron's head to the hilt! :D

358939 well the best I could use him for now is to make some form of crown

358762 rumble lazerbeak fix it.! are you useful? Your rumble except instead of the arm earthquakes you have a crappy gun. Rumble, lazerbeak. Kill him then return. We have work to do.

358315 shit rumble frenzy laserbeak go *they reattach my arms* return

358277 *bits dissapear* *emerges from shadows* I don't have time for you.?? *blasts off his arms with a fusion cannon*

358158 *rush cannon appears on top of the fusion cannon as armour covers me* checkmate

358030 the former. Did I mention I got backups of every decepticon and downloaded them onto me *points my arm at him as a fusion cannon assembles on it with a null ray on either side*

357701 well I was thinking about joining the Autobots.....

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