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Aria Blaze is history's most prolific composer. Writing music constantly for upwards of a thousand years will earn you that title. Now, after a defeat which robbed the three sirens of a magic they've known their entire lives, she relies more than ever on her passion to carry her through an uncertain time. Whatever form fate thrusts upon her, she will never stop making music, and that's all that matters...or it would be, if she could get one roommate to stop pestering her, and the other to stop a downward spiral of self-destruction.

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I'm all about seeing Aria get more positive attention in fiction and art. Added to read-later for tonight. ;)

I've seen more than a few post-RR Siren stories floating around, but you've got enough of a twist on it to be interesting, and this looks quite promising. Aria Blaze deserves more love, after all! I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Nice to see Aria getting some attention, and I like your twist on the Siren's origins. I'll be keeping my eyes open for more :twilightsmile:

Just from reading this one chapter this story has become my favorite Aria fic. I was actually really surprised with how you handled her, very well done.

Omg! Wonderful! Deserves fave

Based DWK
you deserve this


Thanks guys, your support is all I could ask for. The next two chapters are already written and being edited, so you won't have to wait long for more

Heyo! That was pretty good. Definitely looking forward to more!

A couple things:
Holy wall of text, Batman! You should split that opening paragraph up into two or three smaller ones.

that way you can still work on your music an Addy can

Sidenote: I do think I like Addy more than the apparently-more-common Dagie.


Thanks for catching the spelling fuckup, I corrected it. Also good call on the first paragraph. I thought about it, but kinda brushed the idea off. Having someone point it out made me realize it was necessary.

This was rather suitably sentimental and of excellent delicacy. Well done.:twilightsmile:

You never lost sight
of the wonderful dream,
despairing through this night,
always within that embrace.
You may deny,
trick and delude;
yet you were never as near
as when the light flickered away silent,
leaving you in beloved black.

You may have lost, but you have also gained,
the bonds tying you together have been tested,
and through it, you two remain.
As despair consumes the dazzlings' guide,
escape this nothingness
and rest blissfully within a dream free from dread and from pain.

Awaiting further releases. :fluttershysad:
The restlessness is delightful.

Dude, you can make this into a novel and I will still read it.

Why thank you very much, dearest Author.:raritywink:


Oh, I intend to.

I'm a poet myself, so the idea that this story inspired someone to write a poem makes me giddy.

Adagio is such a butt. Good stuff.

How fitting. I'm glad we could please you~ :derpytongue2:

They're making small, but resolute progress. Now, if only Adagio too would break free.:duck:

Spiraling away,
fading into a reality void of purpose,
finding rest within that pain.
To indolently dream a nightmare this cold night;
then surely,
the blackness shall consume them.
Let it clamour,
the music within your soul,
and seek warmth in companionship,
until the end of this despair.

Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

This is one of those stories that really hits you hard. You can feel the time and effort that's been devoted to it. I was never much of a fan of the 'sirens go into a downward spiral after being beaten' story line, but I realise now it was because I hadn't found a story that channelled as much care and complexity into exploring the notion. I tend not to read many stories about these characters, but I'll definitely keep tabs on this one.

Hm, a story based on Esidesei instead of Wamuu for once.

This ought to be good.

Wow I haven't seen Rainbow Rocks yet, but I'm invested.

I just hope that Adagio gets her life straightened out. I hate seeing characters burn out in such a horrible way.

This is really really good.

I don't really know what to say... This is just so sad. I feel so sorry for all three of them, but especially sorry for Adagio. :applecry:


This is defiantly a new type of story, but I love it. (oh and I also love your profile pic)

Really good, looking forward to more!
One thing I noticed though was this following sentence:

three-siren power trio

I think it is a bit repetitive, maybe just "siren power trio."

wait a minute,



That's...a fucking good point. This is what I get for chugging a few brewskis while I write.


Yeah man, the third chapter's already written, I'm just editing it.

I hope for Adagio's sake that the Siren's immortality extends to their livers :unsuresweetie:
This has quickly become on of my favourite ongoing stories. I look forward to more :rainbowdetermined2:

That was pretty great, the movie on the other hand.... I haven't seen the movie yet

This story is so good! I love it. When will chapter 3 be available? (I'm not even done with Chapter 2 but I want more so much!!!!)


If you can't wait for chapter 3, there's an unpolished version in my pastebin, which is linked on my profile.

There has been a flood of siren stories lately, but this one stands out enough to earn a spot in my favorites list. It's well written with decent pacing and the characters actually feel like reel people. I could go on, but i'm lazy. All in all I greatly enjoyed what I've read so far and look forward to more. I also feel that there should be more Aria centric stories on this site, ever since Rainbow rocks came out I've developed a minor girl crush on her. Keep up the good work.

I can't help but imagine Aria playing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEknPFB-7PY
It is absolutely beautiful. As is the song.

It's nice to see a really serious, "adult" take on the failed sirens. I wish there were more.

I have to wonder, though, where Adagio, a now powerless teenage girl, is getting all that vodka. Isn't that expensive and aren't they broke?

A great origin story for the sirens! (I've seen one story where they started out as sea ponies.) I really enjoy stories with this much thought put behind them and that respect the characters (and the readers) as this one does. Also, Aria's hungover brain has a wicked sense of humor.

Just one question: did Adagio also start out as a pony, or is she the Original Siren? I would say in which case where did she come from, but that way lies madness.

It was low and raspy like her speaking voice, and it took an almost painful effort to keep it melodic and to reign it in when it threatened to drift off-key.

"Reign it in" should probably be "rein it in", as detailed here.

“I’ve given her more than I owed her Sonata. We both have. Why can’t you see that?”

"Sonata" is being used as an interjection, so it should have a comma in front of it.

“Oh, I would Aria,” Adagio intoned innocently, “but I don’t like to drink alone. Besides, what’s an example if it’s not laid out for all to see?”

Same here with "Aria".


Thanks bro, I'll get those.
>tfw no editor

Direct address is the term you're looking for.

I love it... But I hate the swears in there.:ajbemused:

because you can’t write what is already wrote,

I feel as though wrote should be replaced by written.

I love how well you've brought us in terms of Aria's mental state. We've gone from a well interpreted canon form to a more personable character who I can really see as a sympathetic protagonist, which can be difficult to pull off when dealing with nominally "bad" characters.

I am loving the progression of this story thus far, both because of the consistency of characters and because, coincidentally enough, your portrayals of the Dazzlings align very well with what I had of them in my mind. Definitely looking forward to seeing things continue, and surprisingly, optimistic about Adagio. She's very goal-oriented, after all.

This chapter is really well done. The way how the flashback was written, it was just amazing :D
I'll be following this story till the end :pinkiehappy:

This chapter, along with those previous, was great. I look forward to what's next.

We really need the ability to give chapters more thumbs-up. Only having one per story just doesn't convey properly how good this one is.

That breakdown was delightful. Character development! It's happening, sometimes in undertones, sometimes clearly— either way, this is proving very interesting. Hmhmhm~

You remain no less dear
to a person who has lost and faded into that blackness.
There is no further bittersweet
than testing that which is loved.
You cannot cast away that taste of blissfulness,
you cannot scurry away from that embrace.
Through this cold darkness
gather by this light,
you touched by despair,
and live again amoungst dreams and unrest.

Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

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