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Brought together under mysterious circumstances, thirteen guests find themselves trapped in a manor with no way out. Little do they realize that amongst their numbers lurks a killer with a lethal agenda. Could it be the ever-elusive Time Turner? Or the meek animal lover Fluttershy? Most importantly, can they find them out before they've all dropped dead?

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I was hoping for a Agatha Christie novel spin off, but a co-lab works just as fine

Hmmm so far I'm counting two ponies to keep my eye on

5199215 You may be right, you may be wrong. I'm not telling, and just presume that no matter what I say in the comments, I'm screwing with you.

it's simple, the murderer is the most unexpected person

boom solved

5201709 that ease enough to say but they could easily make it the most obvious person to play off of that thought process. Or alternatively it could start out as one person who ends up replaced by another.

But I'm really crossing my fingers in the hopes that we move on from secret agent type murders into good old fashioned gore :pinkiecrazy:

The rope bridge breaking really isn't a big deal. Thunderlane, Bulk Biceps and Twilight can just fly for help.

I feel that there should be a crossover here. I haven't read it but the story seems really similar to "Ten Little Indians" by Agatha Christie

5279527 In all honesty, I only derived the title from the book. Mainly because if I did much more, the whole plot would be given away. (And I also haven't read the actual book:twilightsheepish:)

As soon as I saw the title, my first thought was a game my mom played on pc in the 90's when I was little called the 13th. guest. IS this anything like that?

Its definitely worth the read. One of my favorite books ever. Although, any Agatha Christie book is fantastic.

5279614 Not as far as I know. You do realize I wasn't even born until 1998?

5279630 Well, honestly, no. I just saw the title and asked the question. But it is also a game that is really not as old as one might think. But it was slightly less popular than the Myst games. IF you still don't know what I am speaking of... Well the game is about 13 people who arrive at a mansion off in the woods. The only thing is, the last guest is late. arriving at like midnight. You play the game as the last guest and decide how everyone else died, while trying to stay alive yourself. You have puzzles to go through, one of which I recall the most is a graveyard cake that is you eat the wrong slices after going through a small story you are poisoned and die. The man who invited all 13 people was some rich dude who used to be a bum, then turned insane, and yea... everything I can't recall from then as its a bit hazy. Haven't seen the game since. Google it and see what its about.

Well pinks is dead....soooo. No cupcakes? :applecry: but I liked cupcakes...

Extra crispy anyone? :pinkiecrazy: i like to eat the thighs

5372366 I dunno. Do you have any of the muscles, instead? FULL of protein. :pinkiesmile:

A murder has already happened so soon? I can't help but add this theme/noise

I'm liking this story so far

Noooooo you killed her. Poor lyra had she lived she could have had the entire mystery well in hand.

I may read this latter. Sounds interesting.

Ooh...this just got interesting.

What dastardly devil has committed such dark and deadly actions? I look forward to finding out.:moustache:

Hehe, finishing off my chapter of this story right now!

Well shit. You know I can't help but wonder if thunderlane getting hit by lightning was planned. I mean that's just way to unlucky. If it was planed then we know that the killer (or one of the killers) is a Pegasus.

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5773527 mkay, I'll delete my comment

Man I really need to step up my game if I can't finish rewriting chapter 6!

Nice job, Nuke! Love ya dude :D

Noticing your own errors after the fact...sigh. :ajsleepy:

Twilight didn’t look to good

Filthy’s eyes darted back and forth.” The shadows! The shadows kill!”

I thought I fixed this one.

as Filthy tried more and more fervently to grab ahold of onto something

Parts in bold added.

Pink or purple... *gasp!* the culprit is obviously sweetie belle! Murdering ponies so there are more jobs open for more cutie mark chances! The fiend! The adorable, adorable fiend!!!!

Don't worry guys he's a timelord. He'll be fine. I'm lying. He's probably dead.

I'm hooked on this story. This deserves to be published into an actual book.

6070001 in not going to trust that fully. I've seen a lot of mystery shows and horror thrillers and they've taught me 1 thing. Even if it's a foolproof deathtrap and they are only seconds from death don't believe they are dead until you see the corpse. And even then keep an eye on it.

It feels very weird to have the audience surrogate die before the murderer is revealed. It feels weird in general.

This story is so amazing! I am so glad I found it. I think I may know who is behind everything, but I'm not sure! PLEASE update soon!. I saw a few errors, but nothing that can't be fixed. I wanted to cry so hard as characters were killed off.


6162679 Don't worry, the next chapter is on the way. Glad you like it.

Oooo great Job Ginger, one of my fav chapters :)

She walked over to Cheerilee and kissed her on the cheek.

Whoooaaaaa. Random shipping? Or what? This kinda threw me for a loop because this is the first I've seen of this in this story.

please can time be alive

Did Time Turner just accidentally kill Granny Smith? (the lever dropping the chandelier maybe?) :pinkiegasp:

Daz all? Did they die? DId Twilight get out after? Nurrrrr. Not this type of cliffhanger. :applecry: :fluttercry:

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