• Published 8th Sep 2016
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Playing With Broken Strings - Arian Blaze

After a long night of recording with Neon Lights, Vinyl Scratch comes home to find that there has been a break in.

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Broken Pieces

Through the sound of ponies stomping their hooves and the forever lasting wubs being emitted through the amplifier, a name echoed across the stage. Ponies, Griffons, and any other creature alike came to see this mare perform. Tonight was the night she'd be put on the wall of fame, like the many DJs that had come before her. Tonight would be the night she would become Equestria's ultimate wub master.

Vinyl Scratch.


Vinyl Scratch.


The cheering grew louder and louder as Vinyl cranked up the volume on her Pioneer 2000, causing anypony to go near the amplifier possible permanent deafness. The ground shook in a violent, rhythmic way, while ceiling lights illuminated vibrant colours too complicated to describe. Adrenaline flowed through her blood at near impossible speeds, making her heart to simultaneously match each and every beat.

Vinyl Scratch!


Vinyl Scratch!

Vinyl Scratch!

"Vinyl Jessica Scratch! Oh, for Celestia's sake. Can you hear me?!" Neon Lights shouted through the recording studio, his hoof banging fiercely on the thick, solid glass. His opalish grey hoof had looked as though it had gone sore and tender; probably he had been trying to get Vinyl's attention for quite a while.

The white mare shook her head, sending a wave of electric blue mane to dance around her warm magenta eyes, changing the colour of the world before her. "Huh? Oh, sorry, Neon," Vinyl said, smiling sheepishly. "I was just having this awesome daydream that I was performing this amazing show in Manehattan. I mean, wouldn't it just be awesome if you and I went on a giant DJ tour around Equestria, huh?"

Neon loosened his long white tie around his neck and sighed heavily. "Hmm, that doesn't sound too bad of an idea, but you wanna know what would be even better right now?" He let loose a large yawn and then continued. "We get some sleep. Seriously, Vinyl, it's almost midnight. I'm not gonna be able to stay awake for another hour if we keep this up."

Once she had put away her equipment, Vinyl walked into the same room as her friend and spoke. "Pfft, awh c'mon, Neon! How tired could you possibly be?" Just as the words had passed Vinyl's lips, Neon took off his shades, revealing two heavy black bags, hanging limply under his eyes. Vinyl's smile formed into a frown. "Oh. Since when did you turn into a softy, anyway?"

"Ha, bite me, Vinyl!" Neon huffed.

A sharp pain was felt in the stallion's right foreleg. When he looked, he noticed that Vinyl had bit him. He looked back up and saw Vinyl holding a cheery smug look. "Vinyl, you bitch."

"Hey, language!" Vinyl barked. "Besides, I'm pretty sure I've woken you up now, haven't I?" Neon shook his head slowly. "Hmm, well I guess we could call it a night. Heh, I mean, how late could it be?" She took a quick glance up to the clock on the wall, the time read 00:16. "Oh, crap! Tavi must be wondering where I am!" She threw on her winter jacket and her knitted woolly hat.

"Language!" Neon said sarcastically. "You do realise I've been trying to tell you this for the past half hour, had you not been in your 'awesome daydream.'"

"Shut it," she spoke in a calmer voice. "I've gotta go, I'll see you soon, kay?" She quickly ran up to her friend, giving him a big hug and ruffling his dark grey mane. Neon returned the hug a little tighter and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

He chuckled softly. "See you soon, kid." His smile was warm on that mid-winter's night. I hope she gets home safely, he thought cautiously to himself.

"Gonna see my marefriend and have some cocoa~" Vinyl sang aloud, a gleeful skip in her step. Oh, how wonderful it felt to go see her loved one after a long day of work. Could anypony ask for anything better? "I'm coming home, Tavi, and you're gonna be covered head to tail in kisses." Despite Vinyl being more of the masculine pony, she still couldn't help but admit that she lived on loads of cuddles and kisses.

"Brrr, it's getting cold," she said as snowflakes began to fall onto her white coat, leaving her shivering with her teeth chattering. "Ah well. Doesn't really matter if I'm almost home." After a while, she started to make a slow ascent up a hill that led to the house that she shared with Octavia. It was an unusual house for some, but if you're a pony who likes someone else that has completely different personality and tastes to yours, then that would be a place you'd call home.

"Oh, yes I love my mare. I know that she loves me. She acts like she doesn't care, but she know we're meant to be." Vinyl had finally made it to the top of the hill. She held her eyes closed as she continued to sing. "Oh, what a magical face, and I owe it all to her beautiful grace. If I knew her voice could be any sweeter, I'd have met her sooner and . . . err. I'm not good at rhyming." She giggled softly at her fault. "Anyway. Yes I love Octav-"


Vinyl Scratch was cut off when her hoof made contact with something sharp. She looked down and lifted up her leg. It was broken glass. Huh? What the heck? Why is there broken glass outside my house? she asked herself. Looking up, Vinyl's heart almost skipped a beat as she saw her house in an absolute wreck. The majority of the front windows had been smashed, and it looked like somepony tried to break down the door . . . from the inside? Why? Why would would anypony do this? But that didn't matter. Only one thing was on Vinyl's mind, and that was--


She bolted towards the door, not caring if she was getting cut by the shards of broken glass. She stood at the foot of door, frozen with fear. Was this a good idea? It was possible that the intruder might have still been inside the house. No... Vinyl wouldn't care if somepony was in her house. If they were, she'd know she would have to protect Octavia, even if meant she would have to suffer the consequences herself. She slowly entered the house, making sure to watch her step and not make any noise for safety reasons.

Looking left and right, Vinyl saw that the floorboards were desecrated with somepony's blood, while furniture was discarded around the room—mainly upside down, or just fallen over. It made her sad thinking about how long it actually took for her and Octavia to build a house in their own unique way to fit their own characters, only for it to be ruined within a matter of hours. Forgetting about that, she went back on her search. Her love had to be here somewhere.

After what seemed like hours of searching, Vinyl finally came to the room where Octavia was. She was lying on the floor, hooves tucked tightly into her chest, tail tucked in between her legs like a guilt-filled dog, and finally, scattered broken pieces of her cello—some were also in her hooves. She was weeping loudly into a blood stained pillow as her whole fragile body shook violently. Her mane was a mess and was matted with blood and sweat; while her tail also had that, it seemed to have another substance there as well.

As quietly as possible, Vinyl slowly walked up to her marefriend, not wanting to spook her any more than she already had been. She used her magic to remove the hat and coat she was still wearing. Looking up, she could see that the room was dimly lit; several of the light bulbs had blown. She moved closer and closer to her until one of her forehooves lightly touched Octavia's back, causing her to jerk upwards and scream a deafening sound.

"NO! No, please don't hurt me anymore!" Octavia cried as she threw bits of her broken cello at the pony, her eyes were shut tightly as more tears streamed down her grey cheeks.

Not wanting to hurt her, Vinyl gently pushed the earth pony's front hooves to the floor, preventing her from throwing any more broken parts of her cello. She lowered her head to Octavia's level and spoke softly. "Octavia, it's me... Vinyl." She examined up and down her marefriend's body. Holy crap, what's happened to her?

Octavia stammered, "V-Vinyl? Vinyl, please... d-don't make me do things to him anymore! I-I don't want to." With that said, Vinyl threw her forelegs around her lover's torso as she began to sob quietly into her chest. Vinyl gently rested her chin on Octavia's head, stroking her damp, messy mane while trying to hold back her own tears.

Letting out a big breath and clearing her throat, Vinyl said: "Shhh, it's okay, Tavi. I'm here. I'm here." She sat with her for a few minutes until both of them were breathing steadily. "Now," she continued, "I know it's going to be difficult for you to tell me, but can you please explain what happened to you."

Octavia was currently twiddling with her hooves, using every ounce of willpower to avoid eye contact, but it made no avail to her. Groaning a sigh of defeat, she turned to look into those enchanting ruby orbs that always seemed to calm her even in the most strained moments. After swallowing through a dry throat, she began to tell Vinyl what had happened to her that night.

"Well, it all started when I was practicing my latest piece--"

"Blast!" Octaiva said in an agitated manor as she placed her cello back on its stand. The hair of her bow had snapped in half due to her growing frustration because her accompanist, Frederic Horseshoepin, had not shown up for practice. "I swear to Celestia, Frederic, when I get my hooves on you, you're going to have to use those piano keys of yours as teeth."

It was no surprise to Octavia that Frederic hadn't shown up; he always made up a lame excuse. His voiced echoed in her mind: Oh, terribly sorry, Octavia. I was caught up with redecorating my house. My sincerest apologies, Miss Melody, it appears that I have lost track of time, therefore I won't be able to make it. Groaning, Octavia pulled down on her cheeks. "Ugh, sometimes I really hate you, you stupid stallion."

Letting out a long, exasperated sigh, she got to her hooves and walked to the door. "Thanks to you, Frederic, I have to go out and buy another bow with bits I was saving for my trip to Canterlot with Vinyl!" She huffed. Adjusting the bowtie around her neck and placing a purple knitted hat on, Octavia walked out of the house and delicately closed the door. It may have been nine o'clock at night, but surely there had to be somepony out at this hour, anypony.

Soon enough, Octavia had managed to find a stall that was still open. A humorous laugh escaped her mouth as she galloped over to it. Unfortunately, her luck was short lived, for a white-maned, lime green unicorn was beginning to close the stall. "WAIT!" the grey earth pony ordered. As she drew closer, panting heavily, she spoke again. "Please, just let me buy a new a bow for my cello."

The unicorn gave her a blank, confused look, but soon wiped it off with a smile. "Why certainly, Miss Octavia," the stallion said to her. "Although, can I suggest that you just show me the bow, allowing me to fix it, so it can save you a few bits?"

Octavia couldn't believe her ears. This pony was offering to fix her bow instead of wasting most of her money. "Oh, that would be just splendid! Thank you, oh so much, Mr erm . . . forgive me, but what is your name?"

The older stallion released a heartfelt chuckle and said, "it's Semiquaver, Ma'am." He bowed his head before her.

"Oh, goodness. I am awfully sorry for not knowing your name. You'd think that after living in Ponyville for more than three years, I would learn everypony's name," she admitted sheepishly.

"Miss Melody, there really is no need to fret. I shouldn't expect a pony like you to know a pony who has just moved here a week ago," Semiquaver reassured her.

"Very well. Here's my bow . . ." Octavia scanned around her to look for her saddlebag. Oh, bloody hell! She cursed to herself. I forgot the fucking thing! As she sucked in a sharp breath through clenched teeth, she spoke, "I'm very sorry, Semiquaver, but I must get back to my house. I have forgotten my bow."

"Allow me to walk you back, it's the least I could do."

"Would you? Oh, that would be so kind. Thank you."

"But, of course. You know, you can't just trust anypony you come across."

"Yes, quite. Well, we should be on our way. Follow me."

With that said, Octavia and Semiquaver left. The walk was mainly quiet due to stallion being . . . distracted. Whilst Octavia was looking up the hill as she made her way up, Semiquaver found himself look at a particular part of this petite mare's body. Her sexy little ass, to be more precise. It looked so delicious, so . . . dick hardening.

Understood, her rump looked good, but Semiquaver had bigger and better plans. He began to wonder what hid behind that dark grey tail. It made him shudder in bliss thinking about the young Octavia's wet, smooth marehood engulfing his shaft. Hmm, I hope she's a virgin, he thought to himself. Oh, you're a mare I've wanted to be inside for quite some time, Miss Melody.

As time progressed, Semiquaver became anxious and needed her badly, but he knew better than to have his fun out in the open; he'd just have to wait a little while longer. It'd be worth it in the end, even if she didn't want it.

"Here we are." Octavia pointed to the front door of her house. She bent over and grabbed a key from under the welcome mat, giving the lime green stallion a better view of her rump. After unlocking the door, both ponies entered the house.

"My word, Octavia, your house is truly remarkable!" Semiquaver exclaimed, examining the hallway.

"Yes, well, thank you. How about I give you a quick guided tour?"

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to impose." That couldn't be farther from the truth for Semiquaver.

"Of course I'm sure! You seem like somepony I can trust." Octavia reassured, a small smile breaking across her face.

"Very well, lead the way."

With that said, Octavia lead her guest into the living room. It wasn't your regular living room, of course; it was unique. The walls were white and light grey, covered with vinyl records and photo frames. Two lamp shades were seen on both sides of the navy blue two seater sofa; one in the shape of a double note, and the other a treble clef. Next was the mantelpiece. Yet again, this was another unique thing; it was an anniversary gift carved by Octavia to celebrate her first year being her lover's, Vinyl Scratch's, marefriend.

Octavia smiled at the fond memory. It had been such a long time ago. She turned around to face Semiquaver, who was currently looking at a picture of her and Vinyl in their Grand Galloping Gala dresses. Ah, it looks like Semiquaver found me in that ghastly dress, Octavia giggled to herself. She blushed and walked over to him.

"A friend?" Semiquaver asked, turning to face the young mare.

"Well, you could say that. She's actually my marefriend. I've been with her for almost four years; time surely does fly," she finished with a semi-heartfelt sigh.

"Depending on the circumstances, my dear," Semiquaver huffed under his breath.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Octavia inquired, cocking her head to the side.

Semiquaver cursed at himself for being so loud. "Oh, um . . . nothing, Ma'am."

"Right . . . well, let's carry on with the tour." Wiping her skeptical look away, Octavia turned her back to Semiquaver and began to walk towards the staircase. She glanced back at the stallion, who appeared to be mesmerized by the young mare. "Aren't you coming, Semi? I do hope I'm not boring you."

"What? Oh, no! No, of course you're not, my dear! I was just... so entranced by your sheer beauty," Semi finished with a warm, yet unsettling smile.

"Erm, o-okay. That's really sweet of you," Octavia said both stunned and embarrassed.

Silence swept over the room for a few seconds, and only the sounds of slow and heavy breathing could be heard.

Once again, Octavia broke the silence and returned to facing the stairs and began climbing up them, Semiquaver following shortly after. Unlike last time, he found the urge to look at the Octavia's rump too irresistible. More and more that dumb mare's body was calling to him, and he knew that he deserved it.

"So, your marefriend," Semiquaver began, reaching the top of the staircase with Octavia, "do I know her?"

Octavia smiled and walked into the bedroom, which happened to be filled with all sort of portraits of her and Vinyl. "I'd be surprised if you didn't. My marefriend is Vinyl Scratch; one of Equestria's finest DJs, or what she calls... ugh, the 'wub master'." She groaned and leaned her body against the side of the bed. Seriously, Vinyl, the name is just ridiculous.

Semiquaver tapped at his chin for a moment as he stared at the somewhat frustrated mare, confused. Why would anypony be annoyed with someone they loved? He shrugged and leaned against the bed himself. "Might I ask... is there much conflict between you and Vinyl? I'm sorry if this is too personal of a question," said Semiquaver sincerely.

The pony looked up at Semiquaver for a moment before looking back down in shame. Octavia wanted to believe that she and Vinyl didn't have arguments, but she knew that she'd only be telling herself lies. "Yes," she said just above a whisper, raising her head back up to look into Semiquaver's eyes. "Yes, we do have our arguments. More than what I'd like to admit, really."

"I'm not surprised… I mean… what do you two really have in common? You… you're a musician… an artist. Vinyl Scratch doesn't play any instruments… she's just a glorified button pusher."

"I guess that is true, but I—she plays with all her heart, like I do."

Uninvited, Semiquaver took a seat on the edge of the bed. "Look, let's face it… I know you're an artist, and artists have their… unconventional lifestyle choices… but do you really think it's meant to be?"

Octavia was astounded. "What the kind of question is that? Of course it is; our love is unconditional!" she bellowed. "I-I mean, yeah, she misses some of my concerts... she can be pretty busy with her own work sometimes..." She looked down before shaking her head. "B-But that doesn't mean that doesn't love me any less!"

"What I mean is… I know being with another mare is fashionable in your social circles, but don't you think you might be better off with a stallion in your life? Someone who can love you, take care of you, maybe one day be the father of lots of little Melodies." Semiquaver turned to face her, and suddenly taken in by her beauty, couldn't resist leaning in to kiss her on the lips.

Caught by surprise, Octavia's pupils constricted, leaving her with nearly pure white eyes. She rose up on her hind legs, and pushed off the stallion with her fore hooves as fast as she could. She backed up quickly, gasping for air from the shock. "Semiquaver, I have no idea what the hell that was, but that was beyond uncalled for. Who the hell do you think you are to kiss and to-be-wed mare like that?!"

Semiquaver rolled his eyes. "Come on, Miss Melody… it's okay… nobody would blame you for wanting to have a real stallion in your life. I'm sure Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights are like this all the time."

"W-What?" Octavia stammered in suspicion. "How do you know about Neon Lights when I've only just told you about Vinyl...?" Her heart began to race quickly, along with feeling her body grow cold in shock.

"I…" Semiquaver's mind whirred. "You mentioned him earlier… on the walk here."

Octavia shook her head slowly. "No, I-I didn't. If I had told you about Neon, then it's obvious I'd tell you about my marefriend."

Semiquaver hung his head. "Look… I… I'm sorry, Miss Melody. I've been a very big fan of yours for years, and… well… I happen to have found out certain things about you… in passing… over time. I don't mean to be nosey… one just learns these things in conversation. I'm sorry for trying to mislead you about how I knew of Mr Lights — I just didn't want to raise unwarranted concerns."

She sighed heavily and took a step closer to Semiquaver. "Look, it's really nice meeting a fan, but behaviour such as yours is most inappropriate."

Semiquaver smiled slightly again. "Please understand… I'm not just any fan… I'm your biggest fan. Miss Melody… this isn't easy to say, but… I love you."

Octavia's ears fell back as she looked at Semiquaver with sadness in her eyes. "Semi... I'm really flattered, but... you... me... it could never work. I'm sorry." She walked back over to the pony and placed a hoof on his shoulder, trying to force the best smile she could. "I-I hope you can understand."

Semiquaver reciprocated, putting his hoof on her shoulder too. "You just don't understand, Octavia, how happy you would be with a real stallion in your life. Let me show you." He turned around, pushing her back on her bed and leaned in to kiss her.

Filling with anger, she quickly pushed her hooves up into Semiquaver's torso and stomach, shouting, "What the hell are you doing?! Get off of me!"

"Ooof!" Semiquaver stumbled backwards as Octavia's hooves made impact. He tried to answer her question, but could only gasp for air.

Octavia scrambled backwards to the top of the bed, shaking with fear. Semiquaver managed to regain enough control to take a couple of steps towards her. "S-Stay back," she stuttered. "Leave immediately, or I'll see that you're dealt with by the sheriff." Quickly climbing off the bed, she tried to make a run for the door.

Semiquaver chased after her. If I could just make her see…

Octavia exited the bedroom and began galloping towards the stairs, her heart pounding against her chest; Semiquaver pursued her out of the room, chasing her along the hallway towards the top of the stairs. I've got to get away from him. I've got to get to Vinyl, she panicked to herself. With the front door now in her vision, Octavia began to trot downstairs as quickly as she could. Bad luck struck her hard as she missed a step halfway, and began to tumble to the ground. Landing heavily on her foreleg, she yelped out in pain.

Semiquaver dashed to the top of the stairs and saw Octavia crumpled at the bottom. He quickly trotted down the flight — though it was unfortunate that Octavia had been injured, this was his opportunity to show her how he could make her happy, take care of her like only a stallion could.

The mare clambered up to her hooves and limped over to the door, only to see and blue aura engulf the keyhole, locking it. She looked back at Semiquaver, then left and right, searching for an alternative exit. She turned right, running into her and Vinyl's play room.

Semiquaver followed the limping mare, no longer needing to run to keep up with her. He followed her through a doorway into a music room with no other exit. As he closed the door, he felt adreneline pumping through his veins — he didn't know what would happen next, but the possibilities were exciting him.

Octavia crouched down and hid behind Vinyl's amplifier, searching for any possible object to break the window so she could escape. There was nothing. She gulped, faced away from the window and raised her hind legs, balancing the best she could on her foreleg despite one being injured. Exhaling slowly, Octavia then quickly bucked her legs backwards, breaking the glasses immediately; shards covered the lawn outside. This was her chance! As she was about to jump out, strangely, she felt weightless.

Semiquaver enveloped Octavia in his magic, lifting her away from the window. Though he'd never call her fat, she was heavier than the usual small objects he lifted, so he could not carry her far before having to put her down. As Octavia saw Semi move her closer to him, she thought it the perfect opportunity to strike him. "I'm not letting you lay one hoof on me, you bastard!" She threw back her hoof before slamming it down onto Semiquaver's head, breaking his magic, and sending her falling to the floor.

The grey mare got back up and ran past him while she still had the chance. Semiquaver was determined that Octavia not get away. As she half-limped, half-ran for the door, he used his remaining magical strength to lift the cello in the corner, bringing it down hard on the back of her head. The instrument broke into several pieces; he hadn't anticipated hitting her quite so hard.

Octavia screamed in pain as she felt some of the wooden shards pierce her skin. She fell to the floor, her body crying out in pain. Blood seeped out of every cut, covering the floor and staining her fur. Semiquaver walked over to the injured mare. She was hurt, but it didn't look like anything serious. He'd make her feel good again; make her feel looked after; tonight he was going to make her his.

She groaned, feeling sick to her stomach, as she tried to crawl away. Her body ached too much to go much further. Resting her head back on the floorboards, sobbing at what was about to come, she looked back to the pony towering over and croaked out, "Please... don't..."

"I can understand why you're nervous, but please relax. You're going to enjoy this." Semiquaver lowered himself onto Octavia. "We both are."

Octavia sniffled and shut her eyes, whimpering, "I'm so sorry, Vinyl..."

Author's Note:

It begins...

Wow! that literally took over a year to make! :pinkiegasp:

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this, and look forward to Tavi and Vinyl's descent into their nightmare. Hopefully it won't take as long, but I will still warn you in advance if it does take forever, I'm sooo sowwy.

Also, I'd like to say a big thank you to VitalSpark for helping me finish this. You're awesome, and I can't thank you enough! :rainbowkiss:

Hope you're all having an amazing day, I love you all. :heart:

~Arian Blaze, out. :twilightsmile:

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