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So fucking sexy I came 300 times :')

I cry every fucking time. fuk mi lief

I cum 300 times every fucking time.

(First the worst, second the best, third the one with the hairy chest.)

I can't believe it's passed moderation! w00t!

Best story ever 11/10 equestrian pendants

Majin Syeekoh

...I can't believe you fucking published this.

6021279 We did tell you it was going to be LSD's first fic, didn't we?

6021347 Did you cry evry time?

Majin Syeekoh

6021583 I guess you did, yeah.

What the fuck did I just read....

6021714 Fuck the read I did just what?

But this isn't even funny. It's just random humor and memes.

6021855 I don't think Miss Spectrum's comment was aimed at you, dear.

You didn't even laugh at the bit where Octavia was pegging Samuel L Jackson?

my reaction

6022036 Well, to begin with, she didn't press the "»" button to reply to your comment.

Also, she's my friend, and I know her style, and that ain't it.


Why do people have to take things so literally.

420/69 best fanfic 2013 would cry again dat sad ending

Genius. Naan bread is best bread. And that ending.... ISWYDT (left it open for a sequel).

I am currently constructing a reading video of this for my youtube channel.
I will post it here when I am done.

6021855 Uh... I was talking about the story :ajbemused:

well that wasn't intentional really. we were just messing around.

I can't believe it passed moderation.

well she wanted to get naan bread. possibly for lunch.

It's funny you'd say that. xD Adagio is making one as well.

Would you like to work together on a reading?
Skype: removed because bots

My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPHrYjbDZFkijI5k6Nm7Xw

OMG now every time I see a skeleton I think of this story.

6040365 It's something!

6040374 It is, it's good, I like it a lot.

6040377 thank you! don't forget to give the co-authors a visit too!

Hey everyone! There's now an official reading of this story from Lesbian Adagio Dazzle herself. Here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM-416DPw_Y

That was terrible, awful, disgusting, fucking stupid, …and hilarious. +1

6068827 As intended. And thanks :D

6075599 hope you enjoy your stay ^^

Majin sent me here.

6075612 welp. please enjoy your stay.

6075619 Well given what we did last night I would say you maybe got a spoonful at most.

6087218 Thanks! did (s)he post a blog about it or something because i can't find it.


Nope, he just mentioned it on Skype!

6087967 oh. oke then! have a nice day!

Beautiful 11/10 will record me reading it and it's sequel.

6138257 be prepared. for a third and final part is on its way

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