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When Sonata ends up getting a message from a wrong number on her phone, she decides this to be an opportunity to make friends.

Entry for the Everfree Northwest Pre-Con Contest, where the prompt revolves around making friends.

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Comments ( 42 )

Cute and well-written. I like it.

Cute, fun and all around enjoyable! :twilightsmile: Good job!

Wow, this was pretty good. I hope it places in the contest. I really liked it.

TMZ or something."

Where they love Ponywood but just have a funny way of showing it!

Only in mlp could this happen and sonata wouldn't be raped

Wonder how long till Sonata starts "bucking the Trend?"

...But maybe.

5770612 I know humans can be pretty evil

No, I mean... That's extremely inappropriate. Like, yeah, I understand in some cases that would the be the case, but oh my god, that was just so blatant and random to say. I mean... It just caught me off guard I guess, but still.

5770700 Oh sorry I have a dark mind filled with extremely colorful ponies:pinkiehappy:

Mr Sombra teaches chemistry? Headcanon accepted!

"Adding the seed to the supersaturated solution will trigger the precipitation of crystalssss..."

First Applejack now Sonata Dusk? Rarity batting low on this.

I think this has a real chance of placing in the contest. Iiked your creative take on wrong number friendship (even if the only time it happened to me was when some new mother texted me with details about her child's birth, trust me. Awkward.) Anyways, good luck with the contest, and I look forward to the next story.

Cute! Sonata is adorable! Am I the only one that wants a story about Sunset and her male models?

Love it! I love Sonata she is my favourite Equestria girl other than Twilight. :pinkiesmile:

huh. wasn't expecting that

This is all I could think of reading this. I am sorry and may God have mercy on my soul.


Was not expecting him! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, one of my stories is in the "Also Liked" column. I'm always astounded when that happens. :0

...Somehow, that works perfectly :rainbowlaugh:

"Three. Wanna make it four?"

Dash bit her lip. "No."

"Alright, four it is."

:rainbowdetermined2: *grumbles*

Sombra: That's another. I'm gonna have you for the rest of your natural born life. You though?

:rainbowlaugh: Not even close, Bud.

Sombra: That's another.

:rainbowderp: You really think I give a crap?

Sombra: One more right there.

:rainbowkiss: How many is that?

Sonata: That's Seven, including the first one where--

Sombra: You stay out of this!

This is sooo cute!


YOU GOTTA SPOILER THAT. Sorry, but I don't want people having the surprise spoiled...

I had no idea I'm so sorry! I feel stupid now :facehoof:

It's cool! You're not the first to do it, and I understand.

I like the way you write Sonata. And Dash. :rainbowlaugh: I would absolutely believe that Dash's time in High School would be a blur of desk-drool and detention.

Good job with this story, and thanks for writing! It was a fun read.

I wrote a review of this story. It can be found here.

Sombra is best teacher LOL. Makes sense that they would hate home and feel like slaves.

Very cute, I was actually thinking the texted would be Bon Bon, since she apparently has a talent of candy making....... oh well!:rainbowkiss:

Heh. Random, but cute. Very nice idea executed well.

UGH YOU'VE MADE ME SHIP THEM :facehoof: But it was still really good!

What that's it :( wish it was longer

This was really cute and well done! Great idea, and I rather like your style - I think I'll check out some of your other stories :twilightsmile:

Sunset fidgeted under their gazes. "Models. Male... Models. Males who model."

Smooth Sunset, real smooth...:rainbowlaugh:

He nodded. "I take the mundane, the simple, the unappreciated, and I make it relatable. I've submitted a couple of my works into magazines, but other than that, I have no real recognition."

Oh my shit it's Trenderhoof.

Sonata's eyes widened and then she squinted at him. "Wait a second..." She snapped her fingers. "You're Trenderhoof! Rarity talks about your columns for the Canterlot Inquiry all the time!"

Oh. Guess I didn't even NEED an "aha" moment. Story did it for me.

Good work on this.

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