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Something, something, something, dark side. Something, something, something, complete.


The Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures gives Fluttershy a rare opportunity to study a fascinating little sea creature, and she can't wait to introduce it to Discord. This can only end well.

This story is a birthday present for Fluttercordforever. Happy birthday, sweetie! (It's also an entry for Weekly Contest #26.)

Featured Box, 4 Aug 2015!
I won second prize in a beauty contest!

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Dat ending doh.

That ending! So appropriate, and also kind of beautiful, if you think about it. :yay:

"It is King Sombra bathed in marshmallow milkshake."

Someone make fan art of that, I need to see it!

But… but… you have no pic either! :raritydespair:

EDIT: okay, you added a pic. :pinkiehappy:

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! This is my kinda fic.

I write Fluttershy as a total zoology nerd as well. XD

That was a cute short. Iloved the pony vision references. heh that air-boxing Fluttershy moment xD

Oh my god yes. Mantis shrimp FTW! My favorite animal ever.
Watch. Laugh. Enjoy.

The comic that this story is inspired by compares mantis shrimp vision to canine vision, so I needed to do a bit of research for this story about equine vision to make a more appropriate comparison. I read a rather fascinating paper on it, but have sadly lost the link. But the gist was that horses can't see red, and not much orange or yellow either, so I tried to take that into account in Fluttershy's description of rainbows.

6277236 familiar with the old comic. there is actually a youtube video that goes deeper to compare it to a horse as well. Ithought maybe you got the three colors fact from that one. But yeah, cute story picturing her being such a cheery goof. The ending was sweet. I can only imagine her frozen expression xD

Hah, great fic.:yay:

I was scuba diving this morning. Saw one of those little buggers scittering into a hole in the coral. Then I come in, lie down, pick up my iPad, and what do I see? :rainbowhuh: :pinkiegasp: :twilightsmile:

That mantis shrimp you saw wasn't actually a mantis shrimp. It was just me in my mantis shrimp form. Doing some more shameless self-promotion.

A story about the harbinger of blood-soaked rainbows! Well, I know what I'm reading next.

...Oh. It's pretty much Fluttershy reciting the Oatmeal comic. Hmm. Well, still fun, especially the bit at the end. That said, I know it's how horse eyes work, but I'm not a fan of the idea of ponies having worse color vision than humans. It makes manufactured rainbows seem very odd. After all, why would they mix in two vats of grey?

Eh, I'm probably overthinking this. Thank you for a story about one of my favorite creatures.


Ponies are color blind?

In real life they have similar colour perception to dogs. They perceive some colours, but not as many as humans.

I'm slowly noticing more and more videos and written material concerning mantis shrimps are appearing, I wonder why

There was a popular comic about them on a site called The Oatmeal. (Link is in author notes.) Also, they were featured on an episode of QI.

:heart: Love this short but I can't seem to upvote it :fluttershysad:

You pre-read it a couple of weeks ago, I think. Maybe you upvoted it then, so it won't let you upvote again?


Ah! I did up vote it then! I would upvote it again if I could!

I do love it!

The mantis shrimp has been my favorite animal for a while.

They are pretty awesome, though I personally prefer penguins.

6277223 If you hadn't posted this, I would have! :pinkiehappy:

love, love , love love.

The addition of Fluttershy and Discord somehow makes up for the lack of visuals.

Not the most creative fic ever.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.:yay:

As a kid, I used to wonder if there are any colors in this expansive universe of ours that are yet to be discovered before our very eyes.

Sigh... I guess we may never that ourselves.

LOL at Discord at the end XD

And so Discord reveals the truth, for as the mantis shrimp possesses a deceptively beautiful appearance belying its deadly nature, so it is with Discord that beneath his comical appearance and silly pranks lurks a vicious predator who will one day show his true colors and devour ponies by the thousands, delighting in their screams and futile struggles as he devours them alive!!!! :fluttershbad::raritydespair::pinkiesick::twilightoops:

It shall be a horrible day of despair, indeed.


6279762 We can't see radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, or gamma rays.

We also can't see zectronic waves, which are particularly useful to Daleks who modify the Master with superior Dalek technology!



He he he...

So everypony sees Big Macintosh as a drab grey stallion?

Only Discord could be behind such a chaotic and dangerous yet beautiful creature as The Mantis Shrimp in Equestria. Haha! That little factoid about the various number of cones in animal's eyes wasquite informative. It does however beg the question of why ponies are so dang colorful though...eh whatever. Great short little ficlet here.

Try and find one of those tulips that only reflect ultraviolet light. In real life, like--pictures don't convey its bizarreness very well. It's a trip.

I don't know why people have been thumbs-downing this comment. It's true. Those wavelengths are just as plausibly visible as the ones we can see. Our eyes only pick up a very narrow spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

Bees can see ultraviolet light, and that's why many flowers have patterns on them which are invisible to human eyes, but visible to bees.

I don't know. Maybe. That was an idea I decided to include in this story, but I don't think it's really my head canon. In the show the ponies are portrayed as having abilities that go way beyond what real horses can do in our world. Perhaps the ability to see red is one of them?

I bet Discord can see the full electromagnetic spectrum when he wishes. I also bet he changes what he can see at any given moment, because if you could see it all at once you wouldn't be able to see anything because of how bright it would be... but then again, Discord's brain most likely would be build to process it, or he modified it to be able to make sense of nonsense.

6280969 I wonder why as well. Maybe people just like thinking color is this mystical thing that defies expectation, has no explanation, and we just cannot know if other colors existed! Color is just our brains making sense of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see, so people need to realize that if we could see more of the spectrum, then our brains would just make up the colors anyways. Still, it's fascinating to think about.

This was hilarious :rainbowlaugh: thank you!! :D

No problem. Anything for you, dear. :heart:

10/10 Would read again.

I liked the bit where you compared pony vision and human vision from a pony's perspective.

There should be more stories about this; just Fluttershy gushing about an especially awesome animal. Or even Twilight Sparkle talking about science.

You might like Zeno's Paradox which is Twilight and mathematics/philosophy.

I kind of just see Zeno's Paradox as a silly mind game meant to make overtaking someone sound impossible. I kind of see any paradox as just a sign that you have a flaw in your logic you haven't found yet. It's just not as interesting and awesome as, well, mantis shrimp.

Though it is an interesting demonstration that you can't prove what's true or false in practice by using theory. And I did read and enjoy the story. It's just not quite what I had in mind with my suggestion.

Check out the word count on Zeno's Paradox and Fluttershy Meets a Mantis Shrimp though. Exact. :moustache:

Also, yes, there are massive flaws in the logic behind Zeno's Paradox, but a couple of thousand years ago, philosophers really did see it as a big unanswered question.

6280969 They're biased against Daleks, I suspect!

And superior Dalek technology! Which I now possess as well!

*passing pony shouts out* NICE TITS!!


6284264 Daleks do look like someone who was very confused (or very Japanese) tried to make a sex machine. You got the plunger thing for breast milking and the vibrator thing opposite it. Oh and lets not forget the tentacle monster inside (definitely Japanese).


6279938 You forgot Applejack's orange coat and Applebloom's red mane. Pink is a shade of red so Pinkie is actually the drab-est Pie. Poor Sweetie Belle is the only crusader with decent color, what with Scootaloo's burnt orange coat. I wonder why Sweet Apple Acre's drab gray apples are so popular?


I wonder why Sweet Apple Acre's drab gray apples are so popular?

Chocolate's quite a dull colour, but it tastes good, so we forgive it.

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